Travel Meditation to Malkuth's Towers of Light & Dark; getting nonphysical gifts
October 4, 2007 (workshop log file)

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<Hermes> howdy
<C4RB0N> Greetings.
<attuned> hi Hermes
<Hermes> ok iris won't be here today but I will take the workshop instead
<Hermes> hi attuned, c4rbon
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<C4RB0N> I've never done anything like this before, but attuned has given me some advice. :)
<Hermes> ah its lots of fun
<Hermes> and fairly easy
<Hermes> Malkuth is so close to the earth
<Hermes> that just a simple relaxation of the mind can propel you there
<attuned> what do you say to this: Malkuth is the goal that God had in mind when He created the world.
<Hermes> yea, I can go with that
<Hermes> you know, there is a region in Malkuth where the worlds religions were said to be born
<Hermes> Malkuth is an idyllic place
<Hermes> full of love and harmony
<Hermes> and very earth like
<Hermes> when ancient prophets would meditate and travel, it is said they went to Malkuth
<C4RB0N> How does Malkuth relate to the Earth location-wise?
<Hermes> it is larger than the earth
<Hermes> it encompasses the earth
<Hermes> it is said to extend beyond the moon
<Hermes> however that only gets you so far
<Hermes> it exists in another dimension
<Hermes> so there is no outer space in malkuth
<Hermes> it just occupies the same space as the earth and moon
<Hermes> it is like two radio stations broadcasting at the same time
<Hermes> it is the radio receiver that decides where you will focus or listen too
<Hermes> in this case there is the physical channel of the earth
<Hermes> and the nonphysical channel of malkuth
<Hermes> In the center of Malkuth you have the garden
<Hermes> and is very fairytale like
<Hermes> there are castles and motes and everything you would expect in a nice fairy tale land
<Hermes> there is the Christmas village, as I call it some where near the center
<Hermes> it is always christmas there
<attuned> so all that comes from Malkuth
<Hermes> yes, it is quite large
<Hermes> in the south are beaches
<Hermes> the north are the mountains
<Hermes> the dragon that showed himself last travel meditation was not always there. He showed up several years ago and is a new edition. He is a kind of protector now.
<Hermes> well we see him as a dragon, his real form I am sure is something else entirely
<C4RB0N> ...protector? What does he protect from?
<Hermes> he keeps the negative energies out of Malkuth
<Hermes> those energies that would seek to disrupt the harmony there
<C4RB0N> Would that be related to Gehenna?
<Hermes> no
<Hermes> there is no hell in malkuth
<Hermes> physical reality is made up of good and evil
<Hermes> the dragon just keeps the evil energies from disrupting things
<Hermes> he can also be a good friend that you can call upon
<Hermes> for personal protection
<Hermes> if you need it
<attuned> what about Qelippot?
<Hermes> the dark tree of life
<Hermes> Yea that is actually a strange thing
<Hermes> the tree of life is said to exist and then the also the tree of death
<Hermes> these are two different places
<C4RB0N> That's good to know.
<Hermes> we will be traveling to the tree of life Malkuth
<Hermes> personally
<Hermes> i have never encountered the tree of death
<Hermes> i believe mystics have mistaken it for RII and TEX in the Aethyrs
<Hermes> which is a more advanced nonphysical training system
<attuned> so the tree of life is in balance without there having to be this dark tree?
<Hermes> yes
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<Hermes> the tree of life was originally set up as a place where consciousness could be trained
<Hermes> it was a training ground, a place for the spiritual seeker to travel to to meet with archangels and teachers
<Randomish> Weird... it disconnected me, yet I can see my original nick.
<Hermes> where someone got in there head there was this tree of death is beyond me
<Hermes> i have never found a tree of death and i have done lots of OBE's
<Hermes> but there are demons in the Aethyrs
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<Hermes> The tree of life and Aethyrs are like two cities next to each other
<Hermes> you can visit whatever one you want
<Hermes> for beginners the tree of life is much easier to deal with
<Hermes> later as you get more advanced then you may way to travel the Aethyrs for more advanced training
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<Hermes> hi darlok and daniel
<Darlok> hey whatsup Hermes
<Daniel958> Hi Hermes :)
<Darlok> hey Hermes.. who rules our uNiverse?
<Hermes> today i was hoping to head all of us in meditation to the towers of light and dark in Malkuth
<Hermes> its a place where you can experience a bit of duality
<Daniel958> cool
<Hermes> not as much good an evil, as much as known and unknown
<Darlok> i'm bad at meditation.. have ADD and rarely if ever meditate. except when i'm in bed
<Hermes> well you should try it with us Darlok
<Daniel958> I haven't meditated for a week
<Darlok> okay
<Darlok> just tell me what to do and i'll try it
<Hermes> no meditation for a week
<attuned> you ever use mantras for meditation?
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> use them often to focus on doing something or getting some where
<Daniel958> no I had no feeling for meditation don't know why
<Hermes> well it can happen, you take a break from it
<Hermes> of course you will join us today right?
<Daniel958> yes
<Daniel958> I like this group meditations
<Hermes> yes they are lots of fun
<Daniel958> :)
<Daniel958> but since I read your book in the dream state I got allot of symbols
<Darlok> so how do we begin this meditation.. how and when?
<Hermes> we will start right now
<Hermes> this is what you want to do
<Hermes> sit down someplace comfortable
<Hermes> run your hands in a circle and say, I seal this circle with light and love so only the best influences can enter. Please balance my body, mind, and spirit
<Hermes> then say
<Hermes> this is a travel meditation to Malkuth
<Hermes> or travel meditation to Malkuth's towers of light and dark
<Hermes> then clear your mind
<Hermes> and relax, breath slowly
<Darlok> that's it?
<Hermes> yes, you want to keep an eye out for images
<Hermes> feelings
<Hermes> but do not focus on them
<Hermes> just note them and let them pass
<Darlok> okay
<Hermes> later we will reconstruct them
<Darlok> okay i'm gonna go sit away from my computer when we meditate
<Hermes> after the meditation you say: I release any left over energy to do some good (state where you want it to go, friend relative, the earth)
<Hermes> yes try to go away from the computer
<Darlok> okay .. when do we start it ?
<Hermes> we want to set up some new psychological framework for it
<Darlok> when should i begin?
<Hermes> yes let's start
<Hermes> everyone
<Hermes> return in 15 minutes
<Darlok> okay bb in 15
<Hermes> just say when you are back
<Hermes> happy meditating
<Hermes> hermes gone to meditate -->
<Daniel958> i am back
<Darlok> back too
<Daniel958> :)
<Darlok> too many distractions in my house and I didn't see anything
<Darlok> had my eyes closed and all i saw was darkness
<Darlok> i'm really bad at meditating... never understood it and don't think i ever meditated
<Daniel958> Yes at first I saw nothing to
<Daniel958> It was all dark
<Daniel958> Didn't you see anything?
<Daniel958> I am also not sure what I saw
<Daniel958> When it was dark I asked to go to a lighter place in Malkuth
<Darlok> nope
<Darlok> saw absolutely nothing
<C4RB0N> Back as well... saw a triangle thing, with a trail of triangles... and a spade-like tail of something.
<Daniel958> cool
<Darlok> Hermes probably ob'ed and talked to some angels
<attuned> back
<Hermes> back
<Darlok> okay we're all back then
<Hermes> ok so nothing noteworthy
<Darlok> not for me
<Hermes> there was a princes and she was holding this triangle thing in her hand
<Darlok> how about you Hermes?
<Hermes> it looked like one of those things you use to plot the night sky with
<Darlok> Daniel saw triangles also
<Hermes> yes, that is why i mentioned it
<Hermes> i saw it at the end
<Darlok> I see
<Hermes> I saw each of you
<Hermes> you were given a book
<Hermes> by the princess
<Hermes> she told you to pick a tower and go into it and get it signed
<C4RB0N> Do you recollect anything about our appearances?
<Hermes> no, I did not see that much detail
<Darlok> that's cool
<Hermes> in these short meditations I get flashes of things
<Darlok> Hermes does meditation improve with practice?
<Hermes> yes it does
<Hermes> and these travel meditations get better as well with practice
<Darlok> okay
<Hermes> there was a small bridge too at the beginning
<Hermes> that is where the princess was
<Hermes> the birdman from last meditation was there as well, but he stayed off to the side just out of sight
<Hermes> any of this help with those of you that do not remember anything
<Hermes> everyone was there
<Hermes> you all traveled
<C4RB0N> Well that's good to know. ^_^
<Hermes> you just are not recollecting the images
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Session Start: Thu Oct 04 17:44:32 2007
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<Hermes> yea thunderstorms here now
<Hermes> they kick me off the DSL line
<Daniel958> okay did you read my text?
<Hermes> no
<Hermes> resend it
<C4RB0N> I had trouble after a few minutes, my mind wandered to ideas based off Hermes' descriptions rather than looking.
<Hermes> well what did you see
<Hermes> in those descriptions
<Daniel958> In the beginning I saw the moon shining bright in the dark and a birth flying towards me
<Daniel958> when I looked around I stood very high
<Daniel958> I saw the birth many times like he was guiding me or something
<Daniel958> the princes I saw her to but thought it was my own imagination
<Hermes> ah so you saw the birdman and the princess
<Hermes> see it is never imagination
<Hermes> the moon
<Hermes> sits over the dark tower
<Hermes> the sun sits over the light tower
<Daniel958> Later on I saw someone with something round and shiny thing in his hand and watched me but didn't see his face because it was covered
<Daniel958> Yes then I asked to go to the light side
<Daniel958> there were many colors
<Daniel958> and a big garden
<Daniel958> I walked down some stairs and saw something like a fountain or something I don't know
<Daniel958> There was also a book
<Daniel958> I watched in it
<Hermes> that was the book you were given
<Hermes> that i saw
<Daniel958> But the birdman was totally different than the last time, it was now a birth like a falcon or something
<Daniel958> cool
<Daniel958> and the man with the round thing?
<Daniel958> he had himself covered
<Hermes> yea I do not remember that
<Hermes> the man
<Hermes> maybe someone else saw the man
<Hermes> the birdman had a head of bird
<Hermes> just the head
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Session Start: Thu Oct 04 17:53:29 2007
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* Set by Hermes! on Thu Oct 04 16:34:37
<Hermes> ok back
<Hermes> i am connected with my cell phone
<Hermes> hopefully it will hold
<Hermes> did i miss anything
<attuned> [23:53] <C4RB0N> Borderline mind-wander, I saw a dragon (european type) flying around breathing fire on a few things, it tried leading me. Mind-wandering, it seemed to lead to two (comparatively) small pillars that were white & black, there was another dragon type thing with headphones, no wings, chinese type. I tried going towards the pillars but couldn't seem to approach. Then there was another bout of the first dragon fire-breathing on thing.
<attuned> [23:53] <Daniel958> But he garden had beautiful colors
<attuned> [23:53] <C4RB0N> And my old printer was following me at one point. >_>
<attuned> [23:54] <Daniel958> I also saw some fire
<Darlok> brb.. i'm off to meditate
<Hermes> there is another place in malkuth
<Hermes> the pillars of light and dark
<Hermes> it is the place of justice
<Hermes> i was going to do that next time
<Hermes> the towers is the place of the known and unknown
<Daniel958> Saw anyone a white tiger?
<Hermes> not me, but that does not mean it was not there
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<Hermes> i could not see what happened when you all entered the towers
<attuned> for me it was very busy, many things happening, but all fuzzy, even hearing someone singing. only clearly remember a man with a long white beard
<Hermes> you all --- yea . i mean all of you
<Daniel958> Maybe It was the same man I saw because he shifted in looks,
<Daniel958> Very fast
<Hermes> spirit guides have animal forms they sometimes use
<Hermes> that tiger could have been you spirit guides animal form. Just a thought
<Daniel958> But
<C4RB0N> I vaguely recall snow all over the place, anyone else?
<Daniel958> It could be right because 2 weeks ago I was going in meditation with a woman who does shamanistic things to find your animal and it was a tiger
<Hermes> if you go up the road from the pillars of light and dark you get to the north part of Malkuth,there can be snow there
<Daniel958> But I have one 1 question what is malkuth exactly
<Hermes> Malkuth is the dimension around the earth and moon
<Daniel958> Because I don't know how to explain others
<Hermes> it is an alternate dimension
<Hermes> on the etheric plane
<Daniel958> okay
<Hermes> the etheric plane is just above the physical plane
<Hermes> Malkuth is part of the Tree of Life learning system
<Daniel958> because not many people I know are familiar with this they just talk over dimensions of light or something
<Daniel958> Okay
<C4RB0N> Like if 4D was another space, not time, there could be [layers] of thin 3D strata?
<Hermes> the reason your trips to malkuth are important is it opens up the rest of the tree of life to you
<Hermes> malkuth exists at a higher frequency than physical reality
<Daniel958> okay
<Hermes> you could look at it as stacked realities one on top of the other
<Daniel958> okay
<C4RB0N> So... 4D would be Height, Width, Depth, & Frequency?
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> in a way
<Hermes> the fourth dimension in the etheric plane is really time
<Hermes> you can travel forward and backward in time
<Hermes> but from a physical point of view time is a frequency
<Daniel958> But what did the book say why they handed it to me
<Hermes> you were all supposed to pick a tower and get it signed
<Hermes> one of the things students do is visit each tower
<Hermes> it gives them new energy
<Hermes> and opens your awareness to other things
<Daniel958> okay cool
<Hermes> in Malkuth the places you visit give you a certain kind of energy
<C4RB0N> How do we know if we did it... or not?
<Hermes> this energy helps you in your daily life
<Hermes> well I would say you were close C4rbon
<Hermes> you did go to the pillars
<Daniel958> what kind of energy
<Hermes> it is okay if you did not make it there today
<Hermes> next meditation you may make it
<Hermes> it was a goal
<Hermes> typically on your first visit to malkuth you just look around
<Hermes> on other visits to malkuth you visit the towers and the pillars
<Hermes> so we kind or rushed you in this one
<Hermes> the energy of the towers of light and dark is discernment, illumination, and secrets
<Hermes> it is about making the unknown known and not fearing what you do not know
<Hermes> it helps propel you to other spheres in the tree of life
<C4RB0N> Heheheheh. Is there a place that helps you not fear what you DO know?
<Hermes> at the pillars of light and dark, you get the energy of justice, balance, correct action
<Hermes> yea good one C4RBon
<Hermes> attuned, did you get anything
<attuned> for me it was very busy, many things happening, but all fuzzy, even hearing someone singing. only clearly remember a man with a long white beard
<Hermes> Sandalphon can look like that
<attuned> it felt very reassuring
<Daniel958> I asked for sandalphon but couldn't remember his looks and after that the images came
<attuned> that was at the beginning
<Hermes> so you did get a little something then attuned
<Hermes> good
<Hermes> i realize it is not easy to relax in 15 minutes
<Hermes> in real sessions this can last 45 minutes
<Hermes> but because of time constraints I keep it short
<Hermes> so just getting bits and pieces is very very good
<Hermes> talking about it like this afterward always helps you to remember more
<Daniel958> Interesting that you saw us, how do you see us? like energy?
<Hermes> you looked like school children
<Hermes> running and playing
<Daniel958> hehehehe
<Daniel958> :)
<Daniel958> cool!
<Hermes> at first there was only 3 then later there was a fourth
<Hermes> one of you visited two towers
<Daniel958> 4 children hehe
<Hermes> the others i do not know
<Hermes> some went into one tower or the other
<Daniel958> I know I visited two towers
<Hermes> but it could be some of you did not go in either
<C4RB0N> Hmmm. Looking back, I could have been the faceless person, I tried to visualize 3 light spheres at one point.
<Hermes> yes that could be
<Hermes> i was extra long in meditation because i thought one of you was still in one of the towers
<Hermes> so I was waiting to see if you came out
<Hermes> when it started going on 20 minutes, I just ended the meditation
<C4RB0N> Hmm, but we all typed in before you did.
<Daniel958> It's fun to do in a group we can tell each other our experiences and it helps me to get familiar to the energies of this kind of meditations
<Hermes> yes i know, so i guess no one was stuck in there
<Hermes> good thing I did not wait any longer
<Hermes> yes sharing the experiences in this way really moves you along fast with travel meditations
<Hermes> i find it a great tool to get started
<Hermes> and get people going on the tree
<C4RB0N> Do you ever see yourself in 3rd person in these sorts of trips?
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> you can
<Hermes> you can observe and also be the observer
<Hermes> at the same time
<C4RB0N> So you could have seen yourself, maybe, going in?
<Hermes> yes, could be
<Hermes> i could be the one that got stuck, hehe
<Daniel958> hehe
<Hermes> well great session
<Hermes> any other questions before we end this
<Daniel958> Not about this
<Hermes> about anything else
<C4RB0N> How easy is it to travel to Malkuth via astral/lucid dream?
<Hermes> it should be just as easy
<Daniel958> after reading the some chapters about the reality creator books I saw in the dreamstate symbols
<Hermes> you can do the same we did today with your dreams. Just focus on it as you go to sleep
<Daniel958> And when I read further I saw that it is possible to get information from the nonphysical in a deeper way that's a cool thing
<Daniel958> to get used to the nonphysical
<C4RB0N> What chapter?
<Daniel958> I don't know exactly I think after consciousness and ego
<Daniel958> in reality creator 2
<Hermes> yes dreams are a great way to get into malkuth
<Hermes> there is no fear or anything standing in your way
<Daniel958> I saw a planet flowing by with a crystal pyramid on it and it flowed next to me and I took a tool from it and it flew away
<Hermes> this was in your dream
<Daniel958> yes
<Hermes> some kind of gift
<Hermes> do you remember what the tool was
<Hermes> you will often get gifts from your nonphysical trips
<Daniel958> I thought of an animal from the see or something
<Hermes> well you will have to be on the look out for that tool next time you travel
<Daniel958> okay :)
<Hermes> it could be something useful to use on your adventures
<Daniel958> The next day I dreamed that i was giving away a necklace with a pentagram on it
<Hermes> or it can just be a symbol of some energy you were given
<Daniel958> another symbol
<Hermes> pentagram is a positive symbol
<Hermes> it often means power of the earth
<Daniel958> I didn't know that
<Daniel958> This were all my questions for today
<Hermes> great
<Hermes> i have to go
<Hermes> good session
<Daniel958> I have allot to read in your book, but reading it slowly because its allot of information
<Daniel958> okay
<Hermes> i will see everyone next week
<Daniel958> till next week
<Daniel958> Thanks for everything
<Hermes> yes good job everyone
<Hermes> glad to help
<Daniel958> Bye!
<Daniel958> ;)
<C4RB0N> Yeah. ^_^
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