Travel Meditation to Malkuth's Crystal Cave/Palace with experiences; Energy Vampires; Tree of Life cardinal directions; ungrounding yourself; making nonphysical gifts physical
October 25, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 25 15:43:58 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Today Workshop with Iris, Travel Meditation to Malkuth's Crystal Cave'
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<C4RB0N-2> Hi!
<shrishti> hey!
<shrishti> How are you?
<C4RB0N-2> Can't complain. You?
<shrishti> I have complaints but I am working on it
<shrishti> :)
<C4RB0N-2> heh
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<shrishti> .
<C4RB0N-2> 7 minutes and counting...
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<shrishti> hey electra!!
<electra192> Hi everyone!
<electra192> hi Shrishti - how's you
<shrishti> not bad
<shrishti> you?
<C4RB0N-2> Hi!
<electra192> great!
<electra192> hi carbon
<electra192> sorry C4rbon-2
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<electra192> hahaha
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<electra192> well we all need some sunshine LOl!
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<sunshine652> Thanks glad to provide it from smoky san diego
<electra192> oh you come from there
<electra192> I'm from England
<Iris> Hi everyone!
<electra192> hi attuned
<sunshine652> Yes I'm in California and just joined this group last week
<C4RB0N> Alright! Another west-coaster!
<electra192> hello iris
<shrishti> Hi Iris!
<sunshine652> greetings to everyone
<Iris> how's everyone doing today?
<electra192> I'm doing good thanks
<shrishti> not bad
<shrishti> How are you doing?
<Iris> good thanks
<sunshine652> I'm ready to create some fun new things and doing well
<C4RB0N> Ditto.
<electra192> yes - fun new things!
<electra192> fab!
<Iris> that's what it should always be
<sunshine652> I really enjoyed last week's psychic exercises
<electra192> me too but you'll love this as well I'm sure
<shrishti> What do you do when you feel like you are running out of energy to create?
<sunshine652> I had car sales listed and didn't notice it until we logged off :)
<electra192> oh bummer!
<electra192> LOL!
<electra192> yea - what do you do - good ?
<electra192> that happens to me a lot!
<Iris> take a step back - relax and draw energy into you
<Iris> ask your guides
<shrishti> okay
<Iris> do energy exercises
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<sunshine652> What is zapping your energy?
<Iris> and try to figure what's draining you
<shrishti> Nothing is zapping it- I'm just tired
<Iris> people can drain you
<sunshine652> I have a few attention vampires masquerading as friends, he he he
<shrishti> How do you protect against that?
<sunshine652> Stop letting them feed off of you
<Iris> if you think someone is draining and they need the energy,
<Iris> then make a little energy ball and send it off to them
<Iris> and try to redirect yourself away from them
<Iris> try doodling while you talk
<shrishti> but then how does that help my energy?
<shrishti> If i am giving it away
<Iris> limit eye contact
<Iris> giving away an energy ball allows you draw energy into yourself
<Iris> concentrate it and send it off
<Iris> it doesn't tap your reserves
<shrishti> oh
<shrishti> ok
<shrishti> I will do that next time
<electra192> and me;)
<shrishti> I tried the brick wall method but that didn't really work
<C4RB0N> Sometimes vamps are just people with blockages that need to be cleared out to restore their natural flow. Sucking others energy gives a "quick" fix to the problem.
<electra192> ;)
<shrishti> Yeah but sucking energy is just not fair
<Iris> brick wall?
<sunshine652> Yes we learned that in the celestial worlds ages ago
<shrishti> yeah- i see them taking my energy and then I build a wall in the way so they cant
<Iris> like putting yourself in a bubble
<shrishti> imagining the wall building up and blocking them
<shrishti> yeah kind of like that
<sunshine652> You can also pay attention to what you're giving your attention to
<Iris> absolutely
<sunshine652> and notice if that is adding to your energy or draining it
<shrishti> except for because the person was withdrawing my energy I couldn't do it as well
<Iris> you have to do before you're in that place
<Iris> realize it sooner
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> otherwise you may just have to withdraw to recoup
<shrishti> recoup?
<Iris> recover - recuperate
<shrishti> ok
<shrishti> So why did you choose the crystal cave
<shrishti> I've never heard of it- so I'm excited
<Iris> it's the last big place in Malkuth
<shrishti> what's the first?
<Iris> a place to get energy!
<shrishti> yay!
<sunshine652> Buckle your seat belts we're about to have an exhilarating ride
<Iris> well, there's the towers of light and dark and the pillars of light and dark
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> towers of dark and light
<shrishti> ok
<C4RB0N> oh! have any tips for travel meditating?
<Iris> and I think most of us have been to these
<Iris> ok who wants to give a quick how to
<shrishti> I can try
<Iris> great
<shrishti> Relax your mind and body. And gently focus on the crystal cave
<shrishti> and then let go
<shrishti> don't think too hard about it
<shrishti> just focus on your want to go and then let go
<shrishti> how did I do?
<shrishti> :)
<electra192> :D
<electra192> sorry
<Iris> good!
<shrishti> hehe
<electra192> I meant :)
<sunshine652> Sounds good to me
<shrishti> i like :D too
<electra192> oh - ok!
<shrishti> esp cuz it has a blue face!
<electra192> you could have taken it the wrong way LOL!
<shrishti> :)
<electra192> like cheesy or something!
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<sunshine652> Do we have a host for the day?
<Iris> to relax, you can try to feel yourself getting lighter or visualize a boat sailing off into the distance
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<Iris> try to empty your head of words
<electra192> host?
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<Iris> and note what you "see" as you enjoy the adventure
<Iris> usually when we are ready we just say we are going
<Iris> don't sign off - just go and meditate
<shrishti> so we can go now if we want to?
<Iris> try to take about 15 minutes
<Iris> and let us know when you return
<shrishti> so come back after 15 mins then?
<Iris> then we'll talk about it for a while
<Iris> or however long you take
<Iris> are there any other questions or concerns?
<shrishti> nope
<orph> where was the cave again?
<electra192> not from me thanks Iris!
<orph> north, south?
<Iris> the cave is in the north
<orph> oki
<Iris> it may also appear as a palace
<shrishti> so just say malkuth's crystal cave during meditation?
<Iris> that's fine - or even just Malkuth
<shrishti> oh
<shrishti> ok
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<Iris> you'll be taken where you need to be
<shrishti> alright
<Iris> so if you don't make it to the cave or palace it's ok too
<shrishti> okay
<electra192> ok I'm ready to go now
<orph> ready
<shrishti> I'm ready to go to
<shrishti> o
<electra192> I'm gone
<Iris> great so let's do it!
<Iris> anyone not meditating we'll be back in 15 minutes or so
<Iris> so join us then!
<Iris> I'm going
<Iris> off to meditate
<Iris> sunshine are you with us?
<Iris> ok - I'm off to meditate
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<orph> back
<electra192> me too!
<sunshine652> I'm back
<C4RB0N> back
<Iris> I'm back
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<Iris> shrishti only one out yet?
<electra192> I think my cat has gone to the crystal cave as well!
<C4RB0N> wow
<electra192> well that was different - that's for sure!
<orph> In the cave I saw four people sitting around a round table and a fifth person standing, like making a toast. Above the table there was a star hovering, maybe a small moon as well. Behind the cave was a bluish white church surrounded by snow.
<Iris> who wants to share their adventure?
<electra192> well seems like orph made a great start!
<C4RB0N> I saw some sort of large clear crystal, surrounded by a few others, but couldn't get a fix beyond that.
<electra192> I had a lot of things going on, very inter-dimensional
<sunshine652> My most vivid impression was a blue glow emanating from the entrance
<electra192> but I didn't feel I was or could participate in the meditation fully - like I was one stage removed
<electra192> I'll have to repeat this meditation a few times to see what's going on here
<sunshine652> Then a large crystal rotating and bathed in a violet color
<electra192> yes - the entrance is a big thing!
<electra192> yes - I got violet as well
<orph> sunshine, was your crystal standing on the ground or hovering?
<orph> sunshine*
<sunshine652> Hovering in the air
<electra192> can the crystal cave be the beginning of the path to yesod Iris?
<Iris> I saw it in the center above us
<sunshine652> And it kept turning and rotating and some pinkish rays also
<sunshine652> I didn't sense anyone around but kept looking for you all
<Iris> like a star shining through a circular ceiling
<Iris> yes it can lead to yesod
<electra192> ok :)
<Iris> someone was at the entrance welcoming us
<Iris> then it was like a tour in the beginning before we each went off to investigate on our own for a while
<Iris> does anyone remember getting a gift
<orph> nope
<C4RB0N> not I.
<sunshine652> I sensed a table also as was mentioned
<Iris> table also
<electra192> I sensed someone wanting to relate to me
<sunshine652> No gift in my hand but I sensed a gift of the experience
<electra192> that's a kind of gift
<Iris> the best kind
<electra192> yes -gifts don't have to be physical
<Iris> did anyone see it as a cave?
<sunshine652> Yes, it touched my heart
<electra192> yes - I did
<C4RB0N> Yeah.
<electra192> but it could also be a palace as well
<sunshine652> Yes, I spent more time on the outside watching the entrance
<Iris> that's how i see it - somewhat a little of both
<electra192> I have a crystal where something very similar occurred and I was very aware of a crystal palace
<electra192> I think you can access these places through crystals sometimes? Is that right?
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<Iris> sunshine, i saw you on the outside - you were lighthearted - someone gave you a flower
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<sunshine652> Cool
<Iris> yes, electra
<electra192> I asked about yesod because I feel that maybe this place is the least stable of all the places on Malkuth - like it's a gateway to many dimensions and states of mind and consciousness
<Iris> yes
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<shrishti> back
<electra192> with crystals I think it's a case of being able to recognize where you are -
<Iris> partly inward
<electra192> like that experience was some time before I knew about the TOL
<electra192> and I did wonder how that meditation came out quite differently
<shrishti> I don't think I got anywhere
<orph> the imagery of a gateway crossed my mind during the meditation, like an arch to another place with a swirling path leading away from the cave
<electra192> because it was a definite place, not just a state of mind or some kind of insight
<shrishti> I kept seeing beaches and felt bright sunlight
<Iris> sometimes it helps to recognize where you are to help understand what you are there to learn
<shrishti> I kept seeing mountains
<electra192> I think there is a lot of that sunlight kind of energy in this place and it's a place of contrast between light and dark as well
<shrishti> and somewhere like in africa and I saw a lion
<Iris> shrishti, you were in Malkuth
<shrishti> oh?
<shrishti> oh...
<Iris> you were in the south
<shrishti> that must be why I felt like electrified-unable to move- like in an energy lock
<Iris> the beaches are there but you can see the mountains from there
<shrishti> well talk about being in the wrong place!
<shrishti> I was supposed to be in the north!
<electra192> I think it happens sometimes -
<Iris> it happens - like I said, you were where you were meant to be!
<shrishti> I saw clouds and then a golden man grabbed my hand and took me into this white thing that felt like a very big place
<shrishti> like those white ancient castles
<Iris> electra, Malkuth is full of the light and dark - it helps us to discern
<electra192> :)
<shrishti> white ancient castle
<Iris> golden man - sandalphon
<shrishti> oh
<electra192> I met someone as well but not sure it was Sandalphon
<shrishti> :( how was I supposed to know!
<Iris> part of the crystal palace can appear as a museum
<electra192> more like Pan or some kind of spirit guide or guardian
<Iris> was he thin and tall
<electra192> oh Shrishti :(
<Iris> wearing long white garbs
<Iris> electra?
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<electra192> well I'm not sure the person I met was wearing anything at all LOL!
<Iris> LOL
<C4RB0N> heheh
<electra192> I don't know - I was only looking at his face!
<electra192> but that was my impression
<shrishti> I feel so weird right now
<electra192> it was a very personal kind of contact
<Iris> shrishti you don't need to know - just experience it!
<shrishti> ok I will try that next time
<shrishti> I just felt so agitated during the whole time- i felt that my mind was playing around
<shrishti> and so I didn't really trust anything I was experiencing
<Iris> this is a personal experience - the palace awakens that which sleeps within us
<shrishti> so it awakened doubt for me?
<electra192> the thing I found strange was that the cave or palace was in me, outside me and all around me
<C4RB0N> Well, that would explain that bizarre feeling of guilt that popped outa nowhere...
<electra192> but I was still in my own reality
<Iris> maybe an aspect within yourself that needs to be looked at?
<electra192> guilt - where , who?
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> shrishti do you remember doing anything with the "golden man"
<C4RB0N> electra- Guilt, a feeling of regret sometimes tinged with self-disgust; here; and me.
<shrishti> He took my hand and we went inside this white fog
<shrishti> and then I was in some dark place
<Iris> once inside?
<electra192> I didn't feel that anywhere
<electra192> actually I thought you were talking to me which is why I queried it
<Iris> each of us would feel what we need to
<shrishti> I ran out of the dark place once I got inside because he left me there all alone
<Iris> it would not be the same
<electra192> just the way the screen came out I guess
<Iris> :)
<Iris> i think he was taking you to the crystal cave
<Iris> and there you faced being alone
<shrishti> which means?
<orph> I'm off for the night, thanks for the meditation everyone ( : good night
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<Iris> well, traveling the Tree of Life is a discovery
<Iris> bye orph - thanks
<Iris> each step along the way we find out more about ourselves
<Iris> not only in this reality but more about us - the bigger picture
<Iris> so we learn and come face to face with issues we may have
<Iris> things that lay dormant awaken in us
<electra192> It's a great way to do it I think
<shrishti> okay
<sunshine652> and thank you iris for the intro to the cave and expanding my awareness of it :)
<shrishti> I just have severe trust issues that i thought I had worked out
<Iris> that can be fears, strengths, weaknesses, talents
<electra192> yea - it's given me a lot to think about
<shrishti> but obviously not
<electra192> I'll definitely be repeating this session a few times
<shrishti> I am feeling so off balance
<Iris> yeah, try to go there again
<electra192> I just remembered that I saw the Fool from the Tarot
<electra192> I completely forgot
<sunshine652> Maybe that's the reason for your feeling tired?
<Iris> each time you do things will become a little clearer
<electra192> a very significant character for me
<sunshine652> For me too, the Fool was my soul card
<electra192> yes it's a great card
<Iris> see, that means something significant for you
<electra192> hang on - I've got a problem here
<Iris> ok
<electra192> I get confused with direction on the TOL
<electra192> and I'm wondering just how the directions go in Malkuth
<electra192> because the TOL points East
<Iris> you mean what is where?
<electra192> so if we are in the North of Malkuth how can the crystal cave lead to Yesod
<electra192> if you see what I mean
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<electra192> maybe this doesn't matter
<electra192> but on the TOL everything seems so precise when you see the diagrams
<electra192> so I assumed that Malkuth pointed the same way as the TOL
<C4RB0N> I thought the directions were more of an excuse to let the rational mind think it knew where to go, rather than actual directions.
<Iris> well, I say north meaning in the "upper" region of Malkuth
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<electra192> so that would mean that the north of Malkuth is actually pointing East in relation to the TOL
<Iris> central upper
<Iris> yes, in your perspective
<electra192> you mean as it looks on paper
<Iris> more of how it looks when you're standing in it
<Iris> looks
<electra192> ummm!!!
<electra192> I'll have to go figure!
<shrishti> Is it normal to feel lightheaded after meditation?
<Iris> very normal
<Iris> your energy is "lifted"
<shrishti> oh
<shrishti> I see
<shrishti> I need to work on my patience
<shrishti> and trust
<shrishti> *trust
<electra192> LOO#!
<Iris> remember we have to give up our "grounding" to travel
<electra192> LOLO I mean
<electra192> no i DON'T
<Iris> takes a little time
<electra192> :)
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<shrishti> true- but i've just been having trouble differentiating between dream scenes and meditation travel
<Iris> we each have to work on things - and traveling the tree helps us to recognize what they are
<shrishti> So who lifts our energies during meditation?
<shrishti> okay
<Iris> they can be the same
<C4RB0N> Wait... give up grounding? I knew there had to be something I was doing wrong!
<Iris> we travel in dreams and travel in meditation
<sunshine652> C4RBON you are funny
<shrishti> but dreams are different than actual places right?
<shrishti> by actual places i mean actual non physical places
<Iris> when we go to meditate we sit quietly and envision ourselves getting "lighter"
<C4RB0N> That explains a lot, I learned that grounding was a key part of meditation at one point.
<electra192> ok - that's me done for the evening - I'm getting heavier by the minute
<electra192> Goodnight everyone - thanks Iris and see everyone next week - I hope!
<Iris> for me grounding is a hindrance
<shrishti> goodnight electra!
<electra192> NIght! all
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<Iris> goodnight electra - thanks
<sunshine652> bye
<Iris> grounding is good for centering on the earth plane
<Iris> not so good if you want to get off it!
<C4RB0N> That makes so much sense! I've always split my attention between "look" & "ground". ROTFL
<Iris> just go!
<Iris> or rather let go!
<shrishti> that's what I try to do
<Iris> when you come back it can take a little bit to reground yourself here
<Iris> and that's fine
<C4RB0N> I guess it's true that it's "better to practice perfect, than to perfect practice".
<Iris> :)
<shrishti> should I focus on any particular place in TOL during my meditations from now on?
<Iris> it helps to "perfect" your travel skills but
<Iris> many times I simply ask to be taken where i need to go
<shrishti> (tree of life)
<Iris> let my guides decide
<C4RB0N> ^_^; right.
<shrishti> and any tips for perfecting travel skills?
<Iris> you're doing fine!
<shrishti> :) I don't know
<Iris> the more you meditate the easier it is to travel
<shrishti> I'll keep trying though
<Iris> and don't "work"at it
<Iris> just experience it
<shrishti> okay
<Iris> many times we don't remember traveling at all
<Iris> doesn't mean we didn't
<Iris> just means we didn't bring it back
<Iris> and sometimes it's difficult to bring back
<shrishti> okay
<shrishti> I will keep that in mind
<Iris> many lessons don't translate well in the physical
<shrishti> oh
<Iris> like "dreams"
<Iris> we learn things on many levels
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<Iris> sometimes we may just "fee" differently
<Iris> feel
<Iris> without any visuals
<shrishti> I want to do that more
<shrishti> That is how It has always been unconsciously
<shrishti> without visual
<shrishti> and now when I see visual I don't trust
<shrishti> I want to do it more on feeling base
<shrishti> but i find its hard to try and feel during meditation while traveling
<shrishti> any suggestions on that?
<Iris> and that will happen the more you do it
<Iris> do you pay attention to how you feel in this reality in the course of a day?
<Iris> like "feel" the warmth of the sun
<Iris> feel the wetness or coldness of rain
<Iris> sometimes practicing here during the day helps
<shrishti> i do that all the time
<Iris> then let the feeling fill you
<shrishti> not just that - but also feeling emotions and all that too
<shrishti> okay
<shrishti> I will
<C4RB0N> I read something about how it helps to "intensify" any senses on the other end, like adjusting the balance on speakers from one side to the other.
<Iris> yes, exactly
<Iris> it's ok to feel things - anger, hurt, happiness ...
<shrishti> I guess I felt a lot of anxiety this time
<Iris> it's not ok to hold on to them
<Iris> at least the negative ones
<shrishti> which is okay cuz now i can work on it
<shrishti> I have to leave though- cant be late for the study session!
<Iris> and that's what it's all about
<shrishti> Thank you so much Iris
<shrishti> I will see you next time
<Iris> thank you too
<shrishti> Goodbye everyone!
<Iris> goodbye
* shrishti has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<sunshine652> So what is next week's topic?
<Iris> next week should be questions and answers with hermes
<sunshine652> Thank you
<Iris> then the following week we have meditation
<Iris> we alternate weeks
<Iris> thank you for joining us - you are new to the workshop?
<sunshine652> Yes last Thursday was my first visit
<Iris> we are happy to have you with us - hope it is helping you
<Iris> it's great to share ideas and experiences like this
<sunshine652> Yes, I been wanting to expand my inner direction and travels
<Iris> not something most people talk about in the office
<sunshine652> and how I find my way here last week I can't remember but it was perfect
<C4RB0N> It helps a LOT when you see really bizarre things (that you'd normally ignore), like giant pink rabbits, when someone else says "Whoa! Did anyone else see giant pink rabbits?"
<Iris> LOL - exactly!
<Iris> it's something you have to be ready for
<sunshine652> I have expansive friends in many ways but not in this direction
<Iris> most people don't
<sunshine652> so this is helpful. time to stop limiting myself.
<Iris> yes!
<Iris> you must be ready or you wouldn't have found us!
<sunshine652> yes
<sunshine652> This is exciting
<Iris> and it really helps in everyday life
<Iris> it makes every moment we live exciting
<Iris> and it doesn't take a lot of time
<Iris> try to practice meditating even a few minutes several times a week
<Iris> have you meditated before
<sunshine652> Yes
<sunshine652> Lucid dreaming
<sunshine652> also
<Iris> great
<sunshine652> Years ago, took Drunvalo's class among others
<sunshine652> Still haven't achieved the level of inner travel I'd like
<sunshine652> I want more !!!!
<Iris> stick with this - you will
<C4RB0N> I'm just hoping I get to the point where I can bring back physical souvenirs.
<Iris> it does happen!
<Iris> but the nonphysical ones are allot more valuable
<C4RB0N> Well, yeah, but they're harder to point at and say things like "guess what THAT is". Do you have any personal examples of it happening?
<sunshine652> I've read and heard and now want to experience it myself.
<Iris> I have had a few things just "appear" so to speak
<Iris> not sitting in front of me when I came out of meditation
<Iris> but put in my path in the course of the day
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<Iris> just be aware - we must recognize the gift
<Iris> as a gift
<Iris> and if your 're not thinking that way it can be overlooked
<C4RB0N> Of course, that can happen with nonphysical gifts too, right?
<Iris> of course!
<Iris> let me share this one with you
<Iris> there is someone I have met in meditation who is very close to me
<Iris> I meet this person in a "camelot" setting - and he is a knight
<Iris> one day I opened the box where I keep my jewelry
<Iris> in the middle was a gold ring -
<Iris> the ring was imprinted with the picture of a knight on it
<Iris> I asked everyone in my family if it was theirs or if they found it
<Iris> no one had ever seen it before
<Iris> that gift is very special to me
<Iris> a gift from a friend on the other side!
* daniel891 has joined #energyworks
<Iris> hi daniel
<C4RB0N> Wow & Hi!
<daniel891> Hi Iris and C4rbon
<daniel891> I have a question it's full moon now and I've heard it is a good time to meditate...
<Iris> yes it can be
<daniel891> On what kind of thing do I have to meditate?
<daniel891> or can it be all kind of things
<daniel891> Because most of the time I am very tired when it is full moon
<Iris> you don't have to meditate on anything in particular
<daniel891> okay
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<Iris> when you're tired you may fall asleep during the meditation
<Iris> but that's ok
<daniel891> :)
<Iris> meditating is revitalizing
<Iris> just sit quietly and relax
<Iris> envision yourself getting lighter and lighter
<Iris> then enjoy the adventure
<daniel891> okay
<daniel891> But last week I've meditated allot and sometimes it is a strong one with all kind of images and sometimes it seems nothing had happen
<Iris> you can leave it up to your guides to take you where you need to go
<Iris> that's the way it is for all of us
<daniel891> Do you know what the reason is?
<Iris> some adventures don't translate well
<Iris> and it seems we didn't do anything
<Iris> what we did just doesn't have an equivalent in physical reality
<Iris> so it seems nothing happened
<daniel891> okay thanks
<Iris> but don't assume nothing happened because it probably did
<Iris> and every now and then we hit those real vivid ones
<daniel891> Yes yesterday I had one, but when I came out I remember not much
<daniel891> :)
<Iris> but try to do it on a regular basis regardless
<Iris> that's practice also
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<daniel891> that's right
<Iris> the more you do the easier it will be to recall
<Iris> try to "tag" it as you go
<daniel891> I don't understand what is tag? I am not very good in english
<Iris> like trying to associate a word or image with each scene in the adventure
<Iris> for example, today we meditated...
<Iris> first I saw a man at a door
<Iris> i try to note "man"
<daniel891> just keywords
<daniel891> I remembered yesterday I received a key in meditation hehe
<Iris> yes - put a keyword or image on each different scene
<Iris> great!
<Iris> see :)
<daniel891> :)
<Iris> you answered it yourself!
<daniel891> hehe :)
<Iris> being here helps with it too
<daniel891> I know it helps to talk about it
<Iris> when someone remembers something it can help others to remember
<Iris> that's why we share our experiences
<Iris> and it's fun!
<Iris> well, I have to get going
<daniel891> okay
<daniel891> Thanks
<daniel891> Till next time maybe :)
<C4RB0N> Bye!
<Iris> keep at it - don't expect anything just enjoy what happens!
<daniel891> ;)
<daniel891> bye
<Iris> hope you both join us for the next meditation!
<daniel891> yes when I got time I will be there
<Iris> great!
<Iris> bye C4RBON
<Iris> bye daniel
<daniel891> bye
<C4RB0N> What he said.
<Iris> thanks for being here!
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<sunshine652> Bye to all
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