Travel Meditation to Malkuth's Pillars of Light & Dark
October 11, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 11 16:10:47 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Workshop today with Iris, Travel Meditation to Malkuth's Pillars of Light and Dark'
* Set by attuned! on Thu Oct 11 14:48:24
<attuned> do you go to the tree of life?
<Electra> not as often as I should do
<Electra> I'm hoping to do a lot more work on it but recently I spent a lot of time on the first 12 chapters of RC2
<Electra> and that did preoccupy me somewhat.
<attuned> Ic..
<Electra> There's certainly a lot to do
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<electra52> me/away
<electra52> me\away
<attuned> it's: /me away
* electra52 away
<electra52> many thanks
* electra52 back
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<electra52> gotta go unfortunately
<attuned> hi beginner
<electra52> see you all next week
<attuned> oh, ok. see you!
<Beginner> hi there
<electra52> hi and bye!
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<Beginner> as my nickname states, I'm just a beginner in this, and I have several questions. I'm not sure this would be the right place or time to make them.
<attuned> good
<attuned> find out if it is the right place/time
<Beginner> I read the levels of spiritual growth, if that is the correct way to name them, and I was wondering if those should be pursued
<Beginner> in meditation
<Beginner> also read the Malkuth's explanation and the TEX one
<Beginner> any thoughts?
<Beginner> anybody there???
<attuned> yes
<attuned> resend your first line
<Beginner> I read the different level of spiritual growth, if that is the name they have, read TEX and the info about Malkuth
<Beginner> should those level be reached in meditation?
<Beginner> or would you rather go on with the workshop?
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<attuned> yes they should be pursued
<Beginner> how?
<attuned> hi Iris
<Iris> Hi attuned
<Iris> Hi all!
<Beginner> Hi Iris
<Iris> Hi Beginner!
<attuned> you can join us in the travel meditation today here where we go to
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<attuned> Malkuth
<Iris> sorry I'm late - we're in the middle of a really big rain storm here
<shrishti> I love rain storms
<shrishti> hi!
<Beginner> ok
<Iris> Hi!
<Beginner> hi shrishti!
<shrishti> hi beginner
<shrishti> .
<Iris> any questions today?
<shrishti> yeah
<Iris> ok, before we meditate we can chat a bit
<shrishti> is there anything we can do to help improve our memories of the non physical experiences?
<Iris> old experiences?
<shrishti> no
<shrishti> during meditation
<shrishti> after I return I don't always remember what all I saw
<Iris> ah ok
<Iris> at lot of that is practice - I try to string my experiences with some key word or visual
<shrishti> oh
<Iris> it's not easy because you just want to let yourself go
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> but I try to keep enough of my consciousness focused on mentally recording something that will help me remember when I get back
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> so I might be in the meadow of Malkuth first - I try to record "green" or "grass"
<Iris> then I might move to the ocean - so I record "water"
<shrishti> do you go to malkuth often?
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<Iris> later, if I can recall the string of pictures or words it helps to recall what happened there
<shrishti> I have a certain way of remembering dreams- maybe i'll try that during meditation
<Iris> I usually stop in Malkuth first in my meditation although not for long
<Iris> I like to "check in" and see what's happening
<shrishti> during my crystal meditation, the deeper i get the more i don't remember anything
<Iris> this recall comes with practice - it also helps when you do it with others because when you share experiences it helps to bring back you own
<shrishti> like last night, I set up the crystals and asked for a travel meditation to sandalphon, but i don't remember anything at all
<shrishti> its all blank
<Iris> sometimes we don't remember anything - and that's ok
<shrishti> okay
<shrishti> I want to learn to meditate better
<shrishti> we can start now- that was all i wanted to ask\
<Iris> you may be doing something that doesn't translate well
<shrishti> oh
<Iris> it doesn't mean nothing is happening - lots of nonphysical stuff doesn't have a visual here
<Iris> just keep doing it
<shrishti> so no sight but instinct?
<Iris> and every now and then you will have a vivid meditation
<Iris> yes
<shrishti> oh
<Iris> remember we have other senses too
<shrishti> so in today's meditation will you be guiding us?
<Iris> you may feel, hear, or somehow just know
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> yes,
<Iris> plus the group energy helps to get a little boost
<shrishti> are we meditating towards something specific?
<shrishti> ok
<Iris> sometimes enough to help you recall
<Iris> today we were going to try to reach the pillars of light and dark
<shrishti> okay
<Beginner> ok
<Iris> they are in the north east but you don't have to know direction to get there
<Iris> just ask your guides to take to Malkuth to the pillars - if it is in your best interest to do so
<shrishti> alright
<Iris> then relax and try to let go
<Iris> imagine yourself getting lighter and lighter
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<shrishti> do we start now?
<Iris> or imagine you're on a sailboat that gently moves across the water to Malkuth
<Iris> and enjoy the ride
<Iris> if you try to think it, it's harder
<Iris> hi orph and daniel
<orph> hi :)
<Beginner> visualizing works?
<Iris> oh yes
<Beginner> hi orph!
<Iris> I find visualizing helps me get rid of the words in my head
<Iris> the words just get in the way!
<Iris> we communicate there mostly by just knowing
<Iris> it's weird - but real nice
<Iris> so trust your senses
<Iris> try to "see" with your third eye
<Iris> when you close your eyes at first you see the crazy colors and stuff behind your lids - push out a little and you soon should begin to see images - keep at it and all of a sudden they turn to adventures!
<Iris> but always - RELAX!
<Iris> just let it happen
<Iris> and it will!
<Iris> if not this time, then the next!
<Iris> are there other questions before we begin
<Beginner> nope
<orph> none here
<shrishti> nope
<Iris> ok then
<Iris> whoever is meditating today will just say when they are going - take about 15 minutes and let us know when you return
<Iris> who's joining the meditation for the first time today?
<Beginner> me
<Iris> ok - we just say when we're going without signing off
<Iris> then sit quietly wherever you meditate
<orph> *starting
<Iris> close your circle, imagine a bubble of energy surrounding you
<Iris> and relax - ask to go to Malkuth
<Iris> and enjoy
<Iris> when you are finished come back and tell us you have returned
<Iris> good?
<Beginner> ok
<Iris> that's the abbreviated version :)
<Iris> so orph is gone so let's get moving!
<Iris> I'm going - see you in 15
<attuned> ok
<orph> *back
<shrishti> *back too
<Iris> back
<orph> hands and feet got very warm towards the end
<Daniel890> back but I didn't join the meditation
<Iris> that's good - it's the energy
<shrishti> I don't know about feet but my hands were hot all throughout
<shrishti> i could feel the energy
<Iris> ;)
<shrishti> :)
<shrishti> i asked to go to malkuth and after a while found myself in this orange bubble
<Iris> good
<shrishti> it was so warm and nice and pure
<shrishti> that i just stayed there for a while
<shrishti> then there was this yellow and green stuff mixing together
<shrishti> don't know what
<Beginner> saw a vessel taking me but didn't get to the pillars, nonetheless saw them
<shrishti> and a whole lot of stuff before that
<shrishti> that i cant remember
<shrishti> but one thing happened that was so weird
<shrishti> i was in the warm bubble thing and then it almost felt like a smack
<attuned> back
<shrishti> as if someone smacked me and i hit the floor
<shrishti> except the floor was this energy ripple
<shrishti> with concentric circles
<shrishti> and then there was a light
<shrishti> i tried to go toward it but couldn't really- the light was there every time though
<Iris> color?
<shrishti> no idea what any of that meant
<shrishti> white- golden white
<shrishti> can you tell iris?
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<Iris> you may have gone beyond Malkuth to Hod - that's orange
<Iris> the tunnels connecting the Sephira sometimes appear as concentric circles that you travel through
<Iris> did you feel like you were going through them?
<shrishti> yeah
<shrishti> i did feel like I was traveling
<shrishti> more like someone was pushing me through them
<Iris> like through space at warp speeds
<Iris> yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<shrishti> :)
<shrishti> oh wow does that mean i traveled to malkuth?
<shrishti> sort of
<shrishti> *sort
<Iris> sounds like you were propelled from Hod (the smack) to Tiphareth and Netzach
<Iris> Tiphareth Yellow - and the Christ energy (whit light) and Netzach Green
<shrishti> what are those places exactly?
<Iris> they are other Sephira above Malkuth
<shrishti> (shoot I have to leave in 5 minutes)
<Iris> each has lessons
<shrishti> everything is just so fast
<Iris> there's a blurb in the library - check it out!
<Iris> VERY fast
<shrishti> I will check the blurb out
<shrishti> i know
<shrishti> all events are SO fast
<Iris> incredible feeling
<shrishti> yes that is
<shrishti> why was I taken to hod when i asked to go to pillars of light/
<shrishti> and dark
<Iris> I love it!
<shrishti> I love it too
<Iris> do you remember going to Malkuth before?
<shrishti> I know i have been there a lot
<shrishti> but i never realized it was malkuth and now i am trying it consciously
<shrishti> and that doesn't work always
<Iris> then you have learned the lessons there and earned the right to move on
<shrishti> but today it worked!
<shrishti> anyway
<shrishti> i have to go
<shrishti> thank you so much
<shrishti> see you soon
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<Iris> ok, anyone else want to share?
<orph> Nearing the end, there was one interesting thing I saw
<Iris> ok
<orph> I walked around on the ground level of a white tower,
<orph> it seemed to be a post office
<orph> and two employees were talking about their jobs
<orph> they looked casual, but I believe they mentioned being angels
<orph> and they were talking about being promoted or demoted
<orph> if that's a word
<orph> earning or loosing "wings" they said
<orph> that's it ^^
<Beginner> Saw myself traveling in a vessel on a kind of river, protected by the bubble, forced myself to the land
<Iris> well, in the towers you have to complete a task to "earn" the right to move on
<Iris> usually to get something from one tower and bring it to the other
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<orph> a river often represents the veil (between here and malkuth) in stories from greece and egypt
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<Iris> succeed and you are granted admittance to the other sephira
<Iris> there is a river between these towers
<Iris> now the pillars are similar
<Iris> here you get judged to be worthy to travel the rest of the tree
<Iris> so, did you see a river?
<orph> just to make sure, saying pillars you can also mean towers?
<Iris> they are similar but both exist
<orph> just depends on how you perceive the same place?
<Iris> pillars of light and dark in the NW and towers of light and dark in the ne
<orph> ah
<orph> oki
<Iris> I may have confused you before - I think I said the pillars were in the NE - sorry if i did
<Iris> but they both exist
<orph> well pillar or tower, I assumed you could see this big cylinder and call it either of those
<Iris> sounds like pillars
<Iris> and the two beings were most probably angels
<Iris> how did you feel there?
<orph> I had to fight off the stuff that was on my mind ^^ so just breezing through
<orph> a spectator
<orph> never got very rooted in the experience
<orph> the atmosphere was casual
<orph> like in an office
<orph> lots of light
<orph> and, well, pillars ^^ supporting the ceiling rather then walls
<Iris> sounds like you're getting ready to move on up through the tree
<orph> all white
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<Iris> you don't necessarily spend a lot of time in a place
<Iris> if you got the ok it's in and out!
<orph> ^^
<orph> In dreams I get around :) but meditations are harder
<Iris> it's only when there's something that you need to learn there that you may spend time
<Iris> we all have a preferred "mode" - one that seems easier than the others
<Iris> doesn't matter how as long as you do
<orph> when I read the Kabalah book, I'll be dreaming of being in classes about the matter all night
<orph> heh, speaking of dreams, I better head to bed ^^
<Iris> that's how it works
<orph> meditation was fun, but I was a bit tired today
<Iris> ok good job today!
<orph> next time it'll hopefully be more vivid
<orph> see you later :)
<orph> good night
<Iris> seemed like you brought back the important stuff!
<Iris> Good night!
<orph> :)
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<Iris> attuned, how are you?
<attuned> I remember only a few images in this meditations
<attuned> at the beginning
<Iris> ok
<Iris> any you want to share?
<attuned> first there was water, waves
<attuned> then the white pillars (are they white?)
<attuned> moon above
<Iris> someone arrived by boat - perhaps it was you
<Iris> with the water and waves
<attuned> then some cartoon like bird. and then some weird things hard to fallow, like a lot happening
<attuned> or it was Beginner
<Iris> the bird?
<attuned> Beginner said he came from the river
<Iris> ah
<Iris> Hermes sometimes appears as a "bird" - egyptian like
<Iris> he sometimes makes the recommendations to Sandalphon
<Iris> allowing someone the right to move on
<Iris> and there was a lot going on
<attuned> the bird was like from a child's book
<attuned> what did you see?
<Iris> I went to the pillars and it was quiet at first
<Iris> then 3 people showed up (i think 3)
<Iris> they each went on to do their own adventure there
<Iris> I went back to help someone else and show them a little of Malkuth
<Iris> when I got back to the pillars there was a group of many advanced beings who had come together in a circle
<Iris> bowed like in prayer
<Iris> they wore golden robes
<Iris> then I saw Hermes and he gave each of us a blessing
<Iris> so I knew we did good and people would be moving on
<attuned> nice
<Iris> oh, and at the pillars at least 1 someone came by boat
<Iris> and there was a room with 2 guys in it talking
<Iris> yeah, it was really nice
<Iris> it's just nice to share these experiences
<Iris> when the rest of the world would call us crazy
<Iris> have you traveled beyond Malkuth to the other sephira
<Iris> because you can, you know
<attuned> I don't know.. can it look there like some place on earth you know? because one day in a lucid dream I flew up and then appeared at a familiar place, but a person approached me and said now there'll be a lesson for me here
<Iris> yes, that's it
<attuned> and then there was some training
<Iris> there are lessons in all the sephira
<Iris> and lots of training - all the time
<Iris> you are a very pure refreshing energy - and sometimes I sense you're the only one who doesn't see it!
<Iris> trust those experiences more
<Iris> you are worthy to travel the sephira and more!
<attuned> yes, I believe that
<Iris> and I know that!
<Iris> you've earned lots of merit just for hanging in here with us for so long!
<Iris> so thank you for always being here!
<Iris> shall we call it a night and wrap this up?
<attuned> well thanks for telling me this
<Iris> when there are many people on I don't often have the chance
<attuned> so think next time we try get beyond Malkuth?
<Iris> I would say yes to that!
<Iris> I think we're ready!
<Iris> It's been a good day :)
<Iris> if hermes agrees, I'll have him post it for week after next since I guess next week will be question and answer
<attuned> ok
<Iris> in the meantime - pay attention to those "dreams" and take a few moments here and there to meditate!
<Iris> and I will do the same :)
<attuned> yes, I will
<Iris> and to Gamble: you do make it all possible - so thanks to you too!
<Iris> ok then goodnight attuned
<Iris> goodnight Gamble
<attuned> bye and thanks again
<Iris> and thank you!
<Iris> bye
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Session Close: Thu Oct 11 19:22:40 2007

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