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The Garden of NEMO lies in the 12th Aethyr*, ZIM. The word NEMO breaks down in Gemantria to mean "a treasure" and "divine government" and "to reign" and "stability through change." The lessons and initiations from POP to LOA are designed to elevate you to the awareness level of "Adeptus Exemptus". You must be at least a Adeptus Exemptus, or equivalent, to enter ZIM or any of the Aethyrs above ZIM to correctly perceive and understand what is seen and heard while there. If you enter any of these Aethyrs before you are ready then what you bring back may be distorted and will probably result in false interpretations of that Aethyr.

ZIM is a golden place with a tremendous and beautiful garden. NEMO is the title of the angel here whose task it is to tend the garden. Because it is a title, NEMO is therefore not only a person but a magical grade in the Great White Brotherhood. A NEMO is also one who has had the knowledge and conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel (ZIP) and is now actively trying to help others do the same. He asks for no reward nor does he request any payment. His goal is to grow and cultivate another NEMO; therefor he tends the garden (a symbol of Earth) without trying to single out any special plant (candidate).

So when you arrive in ZIM, you will be greeted by NEMO. While here NEMO will tend to your spiritual needs and suggest to you some things that can help you to better grow in spirit. He will also show you your own progress and where you are headed, as well as where you have been. NEMO will also comfort you and encourage you to strive forward so that you too can become a NEMO.

NEMO is surrounded by lush and golden surroundings because of the training he has undergone. He has learned well from the lessons and is only able to create peace, harmony, and wealth in his life. He wants the same for you, and he stands here as a testament to what you can achieve, and achieve that in less time than you think. The Garden of NEMO is also a place to rest from all the trials and initiations you've encountered along the way. It is the important lesson to stop and look back, take stock of what you've accomplished, and to rest for what still awaits you.

To continue the journey in your spiritual evolution and to eventually become a NEMO* yourself, you will have to walk one of three roads:

  • The Adherent. One who does his/her best to live on the Earth, applying all he has learned in his spiritual quest, and putting those lofty principles into daily practice in  life. The Adherent is like many members of secret occult organizations; outwardly just like anybody else, but keeping his/her knowledge and understanding a private matter.
  • The Lover. One who is compelled to help others. He freely gives up his personal life for his fellow man by daily teaching and setting examples for others to follow. The Lover is like many spiritual teachers that go out and tell others and help them to understand the mysteries of the self and the universe.
  • The Hermit. One who gives his understanding and knowledge to others but keeps his personal life to himself. The Hermit is like Lao Tze or even like a poet who gives his wisdom to the world in the form of prose and then disappears from history.


  • ZIM and LOA are by tradition reversed in their locations on the Aethyr map from what I have laid out here. I have found in my teaching of students over the years that the lessons of VTA are immediately followed up by the lessons of LOA. This has led me to the conclusion that ZIM was misplaced. I have made the correction on my charts here. The placement is intentional and not a mechanical error.
  • You complete your journey to become a NEMO in the Aethyr ZID

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie