I Am Spirit, Let Me Pass!

Hermes' Blog: October 26, 2017 (revised 1.10.2020)

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RC Radio: I Am Spirit, Let Me Pass, additional comments

Your ability to cross the Abyss and into the plane of spirit is a product of your virtue, karma, polarity, and the relationship between you and the spiritual energies within the Tree of Life Sephira of Binah.

The entire human journey can be summed up in that one sentence. In fact the entire website, my books and my personal journey has been to realize that task.

There is a barrier that keeps human consciousness from passing into the spiritual plane and remaining there. This barrier is designed to keep consciousness, which has not yet learned control, from reaching a level of reality it could not handle.

Consciousness yearns to be free and to be able to roam the unlimitedness of E-Space. It wants to immerse itself in experience and wonder. You are a creator in training and one day you will own the stars!

About this picture: Two Guardian Totems stand along side a light bridge leading to the plane of spirit. The totems represent KHRONOZON who blocks entry to the spiritual plane unless your spirit is pure. 1.10.2020 - This picture has been updated from an older one. The older picture is here.

Light, Peace

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