Aethyr RII-East, Blue Lagoon

a pathworking quest location

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RC Radio: RII East, the Blue Lagoon, reward and punsihsment

About the Quest

Hermes Astral Shop

Go through HAS to get to RII-East. See Extended Introduction for more on getting there.

In TEX-East we explored the emotions that drive you forward in creating your reality. Here we explore how your idea of reward and punishment drives you forward.

Rewards give you incentive to complete tasks or obtain goals. The human psyche loves rewards and it is a powerful motivator to creating your reality. Obtaining a cherished or wanted reward generates feelings of well being and accomplishment. Consciousness for the most part craves experience and the powerful emotions that the human DNA supports. Getting a reward for accomplishing some task goes a long way to motivate you to move forward to reach a final goal.

Punishment is another value system that moves your reality creating forward as well. But punishment involves the fear of failure and what repercussions will occur if you do not carry out some task properly or even fail at completing a task. Here it is the reverse of reward where the reward becomes avoiding being punished. However consciousness still is satisfied with this system because it gets to experience the emotions behind punishment. Consciousness on its own does not care if something is positive or negative, it only craves experience. You are the one that can choose what kinds of experience to send to consciousness. Hopefully it is more of the reward flavor than the punishment kind.

In RII-East your ideas of these two things will be explored. The energy here may send you into the past to experience your past reactions to obtaining rewards and how you handle punishments. Try to see which side your life has favored. Do you create more reward based situations or more punishment based situations. If your life has been slanted toward the punishment angle, it may be time to change your thought processes and try to create a more reward based reality.

Grab the gold key by the dock. It will help you to unlock your experiences so your motivations behind them will be clear to you. Then get in the boat and take it to the center of the water-clock and walk down the spiral stairs downward deeper and deeper into your psyche, where all your experiences can be found. You will explore the past, present and even the future in a new way to help you understand how reward and punishment is tied to your reality creating. The spirit guide here is a Hawk and he will guide you in your experiences.

The goal here is to learn how rewards and punishments factor into your past, present, future and daily life. If you do not like what you find it may be time to change it. Either way you will be very enlightened on what you discover here about yourself.

Other Gifts and things to do, useful information

  • This place may unlock past lives, probable lives, and even future lives.
  • RII is broken up into four regions and we will cover each one in a separate article.
  • Hermes recommended "Isochronic Tones Binaural Beats" to help unlock this level. Binaural Beats by Vortex Success
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, by Billy Joel.