Aethyr TEX-East, The Jetty

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RC Radio: TEX East, controlling emotional energy

About the Quest

Hermes Astral Shop

Go through HAS to get to TEX-East. See Extended Introduction for more on getting there.

Emotions, feelings, desires, are very powerful motivators. In many ways they are primitive in how they pass through the human psyche. They often come from some unknown source and leave to some unknown destination. While they are with you, they wash over you, carrying with them crystallized energy. It is what makes human DNA unique. Emotions take stagnant energy and remove it from the energy field. This energy if left there on its own can often be the cause of problems, as well as tying up vital reality creating energy.

Human DNA carries very high levels of emotional energy. One of the things that must be mastered is the understanding of emotions and how to channel them into their most positive incarnation. Here in TEX-East you will be shown the emotions that are driving you forward. You may not be aware of them. Emotions are mysteries of a sort. Here you can learn where these emotions come from and how to use them properly. An advanced human being is one that can propel his or her emotions in positive and empowering ways in the creation of their daily life. But to get to that point, you have to understand what these emotions are and what things in your life trigger those emotions.

After you arrive at TEX-East grab the staff of illusion and walk the jetty toward the entrance to the water-pyramid. Once you are inside the pyramid, you will begin to experience the emotions and feeling that are very important to you. On subsequent visits you can learn how to best use these emotions in your daily life. The staff of illusion can be used to dispel or transform any emotions that seem to be overwhelming in your life. While you are here the staff will always keep you balanced and focused so that you can understand the complicated emotional components in your life. The totem on the path to the water-pyramid is actually a spirit guide that you talk to, to help with your emotional energy. This spirit guide represents the raw and often primitive nature of emotions, so do not be surprised if what he says seems a bit simple. Emotions are best understood when you distill them down to their most basic form.

The goal in TEX-East is to master your emotions in that you understand how they drive you forward in your reality and to use them as positively as possible. Revisit here anytime you feel emotionally unbalanced.

Other Gifts and things to do, useful information

  • Staff of Illusion. To bring balance back to uncontrolled emotions.
  • TEX is broken up into four regions and we will cover each one in a separate article.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Superman, by Kinks.

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