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Shaping your world into what you want can be tricky, especially if its something you want badly. Sometimes your creations fall apart in a glorious mess, because the foundations it was built on were bad or the assumptions you made about what was achievable was built upon conflicting life goals. These sorts of things can exert tremendous force on your reality creating and bring it down to a pile of rubble in an instant. What is left from that rubble can often tell you what went wrong and why. “Resolution Point” is a place you can go to understand why some of your creations failed and even what you may be able to do to rebuild from what is left. It is a place of finding peace, but not from the loss you felt, but from what can be done to move forward. Unlike the tarot card of the tower, “Resolution Point” is not a place to go to be foretold of some future disaster, but instead is best used for shedding illumination on things in your life that have been or are difficult to bare. In many respects this place can help you gather strength and courage to face the sometimes unpleasant nature of reality creating.

“Resolution Point” is located between Hod and Netzach. At the center of “Resolution Point”, on the hilltop, you will see *"NIAKOD Tower". At the back of "NIAKOD Tower" is "Desolation Field". A field of what is left from the implosion of various aspects in your life that did not work out the way you wanted them. Underneath the tower are the catacombs. Inside the catacombs you will find your ancestral energies, which are part of your body’s genetic memory. At the top of the tower you will find a small telescope. Unlike the telescope that the Observatory holds, which looks outward into space, this small telescope looks inward into your soul. It can reveal inner truths that you yourself were unaware of.

The Quest & Gifts

This place has multiple quests. The main quest is to walk through "Desolation Field". You will find the charred remains of desires, fears, and wishes that are left from the collapse of a reality you were trying to create. Pick up these nuggets and take them with you into "NIAKOD Tower" and a guide there will help you to understand why these things are left and why they are a key to understanding what happened. A secondary quest is to go into the catacombs and confront your genetic memory. Your realty creating can be colored by the information contained in your genetic memory. This quest will help you to discover what that is. The other important quest here is to look into the telescope at the top of the tower and see what is inside your soul. This will often reveal to you what drives you forward in your reality creating.

Any quest you get here is designed to help you understand your motivations for your reality creating. Understanding what your deep, inner motivations are can help you to avoid having something you want fall apart, as does happen at times.

Proper completion of the “Resolution Point” will reveal to you your life’s purpose. This is a precious gift to all those who have not discovered it. Once you understand the primary reason for your incarnation into form, your future reality creating can be shifted to fit into this framework, instead of the other way around, fitting your life’s purpose into a reality it does not fit into. Again this will make your life much easier. It is like swimming with the current of the universe as oppose to swimming against it.

“Resolution Point” can be difficult place to master, so take your time with subsequent re-visits to the place to complete the quests and receive the various gifts. Spirit guides here can be past relatives if you are dealing with the catacombs. If you are dealing with the beings inside "NIAKOD Tower," they will usually be higher level guides and deities that you value.

*NIAKOD (pronounced --> nee-kay-oh-da): Enochian protection key, means “A sword for the cursed!”

Other Gifts
  • Nanites: Tiny spiritual robots that can help you to rebuild your life after a colapse.
  • Ghost: Ancestor from your past that you can call to your side for help and guidance.
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  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Hotel California, by The Eagles

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