Yesod (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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SEPHIRA YESOD (Foundation)
GOD FORCE SHA-DAI EL CHAI (Almighty Living God)

Yesod is the level of consciousness associated with the moon. It is the place of the unconscious mind. It is the place of pre-thought forms. These pre-thought forms are the energy currents that come just before an idea or a thing manifests. It is the spark of manifestation and of ideas. As such visiting this place will stir your unconscious mind with all sorts of things that could be manifested or wait to be manifested. Yesod is good place to visit if you are bored or lack direction in life. The energy here will stir your unconscious energies that then could mysteriously propel you into something new.

Yesod is also the place where you can observe the cycle of things. Like life and death, summer and winter, beginnings and endings. It is a place to learn that with life comes change and that change takes you to new changes.

Here you can also become aware of the cyclic nature of the Universe itself. You can sense and touch to a point the energy that there is a plan and you and the universe are a part of this plan. This is a comforting feeling because it helps unite you with the one power for force that drives everything that exists.

Because Yesod is a sphere of the unconscious mind, it also is the place of psychic talents and skills. Psychic ability is the function of the subconscious mind. By visiting Yesod you can stimulate these latent abilities and bring them more to the forefront of your consciousness, where you can use them more directly.

The trap with Yesod is becoming too content with yourself and your life to the point that you feel no more learning or changing is needed. You become too idle. Contentment is a powerful place to be when you can use this feeling level and propel yourself forward to greater heights in your evolvement. So if you find yourself becoming idle with your life or because of your visits to Yesod, plan to drop by the sphere of Kether where you can touch the energy of unrestrained manifestation power and help to convert stagnant contentment to dynamic contentment.

The Cherubim work in Yesod. They are the angels of Light and Glory and they also are the keepers of the Akashic records. The Akashic records are the complete human record of the past, present, and future. Now it is important to note that while the Cherubim are most often found here in Yesod and they are the keepers of the Akashic records, the Akashic records are not normally kept in this sphere. However through your contact with the Cherubim you can gain access to the Akashic records if the need is worthy and great enough.

Archangel Gabriel appears here as a tall thin male (or sometimes female) wearing a robe. He is compassionate, gentle and loving. He has a strong mind and intellect. He is a good source to seek out to understand why something is happening in your life, when the source of the problem is still hidden from you or lodged in your unconscious mind. He is a master teacher of advanced out of body travel to places like out of the solar system, time travel, and into other realities and probabilities. Also he is an excellent dream counselor and can often help you to understand what your dreams mean. Seek Gabriel out when your needs are personal and specific. Otherwise you may not notice Gabriel in this place, as it is filled with lots of strong imagery and the unconscious elements of your own mind.