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There may come a time in your path, be it spiritual or mundane, where energy-in does not equal your progress-out. Some part of your creation process is failing. The friction could be due to conflicts, expectations, or just trying to do too much at one time. It is often at these “ah-ha” moments in life that the realization that the path you have traveled needs to be reevaluated. Here at Hangman’s Peak, you can get help and guidance on how to fix a broken reality.

Hangman’s Peak is located between Geburah and Hod on the Tree of Life. This is a place of quiet contemplation. It can take time to come to the realization about a challenge in your life that needs attention and perhaps a new direction. If one such situation exists, then you will feel the urge to sit here for awhile to soak up the energies and gain new insight. This place is not a comfortable place to be for very long. The air is cold and dry, but it does offer some shelter from the elements. The energy here is designed to refresh you in a new way.

The difference between Hangman’s Peak and the Diabolical Triangle (Resolution Point, the Plantation, and the Tomb) is that this place is tied much more to your emotions and feelings. Something that you want is at a standstill and you realize that some other way of approaching it is needed. The Hanged Man’s energy is often about a reversal of your emotions and feelings, so that your reality can shift or move forward. If you are pushing a situation then stop and take some energy out of it. This place is about doing the opposite of what you are currently trying, so that you can accomplish what you want. I know it sounds obscure, but at times we push in the wrong direction to get what we want.

The Quest & Gifts

The main spirit guide here is Sacajawea. Sacajawea is most known for accompanying Lewis and Clark during their exploration of Western United States. She knows well about hardship and plans gone wrong and can help you to gain the courage and strength to move forward on your path, turn back, or take a different road. Other Indian spirit guides can show up here as well. Red Bull (amalgum of Red Cloud and Sitting Bull) may show up if your course involves strength or courage. You may want to smoke the peace pipe here and gain clarity and focus by freeing your conscious mind for a spell. Sometimes the unconscious mind can find solutions the conscious mind cannot. Have a drink of clear mountain water to clear your mind of distractions, and finally take an eagle feather with you for a old fashion Indian spirit blessing.

The one time gift here is a permanent spiritual vibrational upgrade. The energy in Hangman’s Peak vibrates very high because it is isolated from everything else. This vibration will transfer into you on your first few visits here. A vibrational upgrade is different than an energy upgrade. An energy upgrade gives you more energy of what you have to spend on your reality. A vibrational upgrade means you are now operating on a higher level of reality, closer to the spirits. It means an increase in the effectiveness of all your spiritual tools and gifts. The guide Red Bull can also offer you the peace pipe as a gift if your journey takes you on a path where you may need to quell the chaotic mind of others.

Gifts & other things to do!

  • Dream Catcher: helps you to catch the essense of what you came to physical reality to experience.
  • Peace Pipe: help to smooth a rough road or blocked path by adversaries.
  • Hermes Blog: Diabolical Triangle.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Wide Awake, by Katy Perry

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