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Healing is very important. Let’s face it! Our physical body needs repair at times. Taking care of your physical body is an important lesson. The body is your temple, and it is your responsibility to keep it running well. The Healing Center @HAS can help you with this job. From helpful advice, to getting that body tune-up that you always wanted, you can get it done here at the Healing Center.

The Healing Center is very modern, clean, and white. White is the predominate color in this space. The space reminds me of a clean-room that you see in today's modern electronic manufacturing facilities. The atmosphere has an energizing feel to it, and you can't but help to wonder if you have stepped into something special.

Great care is taken when you come here to be healed, and you often feel at peace knowing that your needs are being taken care of. Physical reality can often make you feel isolated and alone, and this can amplify when you are not feeling well. Do not fret, come here and you will get the healing attention your body, mind, and spirit need.

The main attraction is the healing machines that you place yourself in. These devices infuse your body with energy and help speed repair and even can transform parts of your body to a higher level. Just come by and climb in one of them. Are you a healer and want to lend a hand? Then spend some of your nonphysical time at the HAS Healing Center helping others.

The HAS Healing Center is open to everyone that can make it there. Time to hone your nonphysical travel skills! You can't walk to this healing center. I have seen people come in with one body and leave with a completely different one. When that happens it usually means your body is going to change dramatically over the next few months, as these changes make their way to your physical body.

This place is very physical like. Most people see themselves being healed by healers or sitting in the high-tech healing equipment. Because HAS is located in Malkuth, the healing work takes on an almost physical quality. Later, when you get to the more advanced healing center in Tiphareth, you will see that healing work there is done using light and energy waves. Tiphareth is located much higher in vibration and is not as earth bound as the things you see in Malkuth. Still, the healing received here can be remarkable and feels very natural as it mirrors a physical experience.

Gifts and other info and things to do

  • Healbot: These tiny nonphysical healing devices are downloaded into you when you go into the healing machines. They are amazing devices that can repair the body on a nonphysical level. Then the repairs are transferred over to the physical plane. You can direct these gems with your will, but it will take time and meditation to make the connection to them. They do not stay in the body forever, so you will have to go back to HAS Healing center every 4 months or so to get another infusion of them.

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