Out of Body Travel: (Part 2) The Final Countdown

Out of Body Preflight Procedures

  • Belief
  • Set Aside Place
  • Set Aside time(s) and day(s)
  • Request out of body Spirit Guide

You should have most of your preflight stuff taken care of. So let's move-on and investigate the basics of the out-of-body procedure.

First, you need to lie down, preferably on your back, with your hands at your side. We recommend this body-position for out-of-body travel, but it is not necessary. Some people may find this position uncomfortable and will be unable to relax. For those people, you need to experiment to find the most comfortable but uncumbersome position. Also, it will help if you can orient yourself so that you are lying in a North-South or South-North arrangement. This body orientation will enable your consciousness to use the magnetic energy from the Northern and Southern poles, as an aid in energizing your astral body.

Now as far as body-positioning goes, your normal sleeping position is not desirable. This position tells your body that it is time to sleep. Sleep is not your objective here. By setting up a special out-of-body resting position, you will begin to establish a set of conditions which, in time, will become as automatic as sleeping, eating, or walking.

To begin, take some deep breaths to relax, and say this phrase three times: "I will out-of-body travel and remain fully conscious." This phrase will load itself into your unconscious mind and, like our dream suggestions, cause the necessary changes, so you will release from your body. Also, this phrase alerts your spirit-guide that you are now ready for an out-of-body adventure.

Next, energize your body centers by pulling a stream of energy, from above your head, to the balls of your feet. Try to feel this energy as it passes through each energy-center (see diagram below). Do not circulate the energy, as you do in other exercises. In this energy-exercise, you want to leave your energy-centers pumped up, rather than have them pump-up your physical body. The increased energy, within your energy-centers, will go to help activate your nonphysical body's awareness on the astral plane.

Now you want to become relaxed and fall into a light trance. When we say a light trance, we mean a semi-detached state of awareness where your body falls asleep but your mind remains awake. This state is quite different from a normal sleeping condition, where your body and mind both go off to sleep together. Here, you will be letting your body go to sleep, while keeping your consciousness awake and active. Now, to give you some kind-of idea of what you're looking for, we will describe the typical sensations as they usually occur.

Your body becomes more and more relaxed. During this time, your mind should be looking inward, a sort of relaxed concentration toward your forehead. Your body may become itchy in spots. At first you will want to scratch. If you do, you will break the trance and have to start over; don't worry when this itching happens. Eventually you will become accustomed to the sensation, and it will no longer bother you. The itching is a sign that your physical body is becoming desensitized. You normally do not perceive this desensitizing because your mind is going to sleep at the same time that your body does. Take this itching as a sign that you are going in the right direction.

Next, after you pass the desensitizing stage, you will start to see or hear things. These flashes will be short and in bursts. Again, your concentration is liable to break when you try to cognate any one of these bursts of sight, sound, or color. Again, you must learn to perceive this stage and not try to mentalize any of what is going on. As you move closer to an out-of-body trance, these mental images and sounds will stay longer and will become brighter and clearer. When the bursts of sight, sound, and color become consistent, your consciousness is actually starting to move freely without your body.

Now, at this point, the mental bursts should be regularly occurring, your body should be relaxed, and you should begin to feel differently. This feeling differently stems from the fact that your ego has taken a back seat to your consciousness. You are feeling your consciousness as it truly is, without your ego and the limitations of a physical environment. When this new feeling descends upon you, the bursts of sight, sound, and color should cease, and you will be left with only this unique feeling. At this point, you are one step away from being able to leave your body.

The final step to leave your body involves your special spirit-guide. Your special spirit-guide must release that Mach1-B22 astral-travel vehicle (your consciousness). Once your spirit-guide release your astral body, you will receive a go-signal. This go-signal is different for many people, but the majority of the signals involve some kind of sensation, like your body becoming numb or vibrating, a ringing sound in your ear, or possibly some steady pulsations of light. These sensations of light, sound, and feeling come from the inner senses, not the outer and are a direct sign from your out-of-body spirit-guide that all systems are go. For the first several tries, when you reach this go-point, you will become so excited or fearful that you will break the trance. Again, in time, you will become accustomed to this stage of out-of-body travel and pass beyond it to the next and final stage.

Okay! It's now time for blast off! This is the moment you have been waiting for! What do you do? You are in a trance. Your spirit-guide just gave you the go-signal. Now, you must get out! This getting out involves utilizing your nonphysical body. Remember! This less-dense body has been consciously inactive for sometime; so, it may take some practice to become accustomed to the difference between physically and nonphysically moving your body-parts.

At this point, you should try to sit up; or, perhaps, you can push out of your physical body, by gently moving your astral arms against the bed. In the beginning, you will undoubtedly move your physical hand or begin physically to sit up. Unfortunately, once you physically move a limb, you will break the trance and have to begin again with step-1 of the procedure.

The best way to describe the difference, between the physical and the nonphysical bodies, is that the nonphysical body requires one-third less effort to move than it does to move your physical body. Now, if you find yourself using more than one-third the physical effort to leave your physical body something is not right. Either, you did not receive your go-signal; or, perhaps, a fear is keeping you in.

If it is your fear that is keeping you in, then ask your spirit-guide to give you a helping hand. You may, indeed, feel his hand grab yours and pull you out. However, your spirit-guide will not give you this helping hand unless you ask. Otherwise, he or she will wait for you to do it on your own.

Now, after several attempts at reaching step-5 in the process, your own curiosity will conqueror over your fears, and you will get out of your body. On your first leap out, it may require a great mental effort to get out and away. This mental effort is mainly due to your remaining fear. The act of getting out of your body is actually easy and requires little nonphysical effort; overcoming your fear is not. However, in time, even your fear will diminish to a point where you will be successful.

With this out-of-body method, you can be traveling nonphysically in as little as two to three months, from the day you start practicing. Mainly, the few-month wait is due to becoming accustomed to the various changes and feelings that occur prior to an out-of-body adventure. Eventually, once you become a seasoned out-of-body traveler, you will be able to go through these five steps in as little as three minutes.

Now, you may be wondering, what will happen when you are out for the first time? What you should expect? The best advice here, right now, is to expect everything and nothing!

A good point to remember is that your first several out-of-body adventures are carefully planned by your special spirit-guide. Your out-of-body guide has been watching and waiting for this day as much as you have. In fact, your guide has anticipated it. Your out-of-body spirit-guide has looked at your wants, needs, and expectations and has an out-of-body adventure planned just for you. Your first flight could be as simple as a walk around the room or as involved as a jaunt around the solar system. However, whatever happens on your first out-of-body adventure. Remember! There is nothing to fear. Your special spirit-guide is there, no matter where you go or what you do, even though you may not be consciously aware of his or her presence.

You will probably not see your special guide, especially in the beginning. These out-of-body guides like to take a back seat, so that you can enjoy the first experiences without any interference, even interference from them. Eventually, as you become more experienced and if you wish to meet your guide, he or she will show himself or herself to you. However, in the beginning, just know that your guide is there, and experience the thrill and adventure of being free of your physical body.

Now, I have purposefully not mentioned how to get back into your body, once you are out. That's because getting back into your body is not a concern; however, staying out of your body is a concern. Your first adventure will probably last less than five minuets and will take all the willpower you possess to maintain. When you do return -- and you will -- you will be disappointed that your out-of-body adventure ended so soon!

In the next chapter, we will deal with what to expect and not to expect on your first few journeys. Also, we will deal with the various new senses that are available to you in your astral body as well as some improvements on the old senses. We will also discuss astral body control and ways to extend the length of your trips.

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