Out of Body Travel: (Part 3) The Maiden Voyage

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Many limitations are only limitations because of the reality you inhabit.

This chapter will familiarize you with all those fancy gadgets that your Mach1-B22 consciousness possesses. That way, you can get to where you're going; and, once you're there, understand why things are the way they are and not the way you thought that they would be. Confused? Don't worry! You won't be for long. Read further, and things will clear up.

Once you step out of your physical body, your consciousness is in a new, vastly unexplored dimension -- unexplored, at least, from a corporal perspective. Furthermore, this "nonphysical stepping-out" applies, whether you stepped from your physical body and into another galaxy or from your physical body and into your own living room. The rules of a nonphysical domain are different, no matter where you may find yourself! So...

Expect nothing and everything!

Try to forget what you think you will find and how you think it will be. An open frame-of-mind will greatly assist you, because your beliefs of what you expect can color your experience. A true adventurer discards the rumors of what to expect -- even if it is from a reliable source -- and embarks on finding out for himself what the new world may hold.

Now, striping yourself of any preconceived notions, of what you think you will find, once you leave your body, is your first priority. Many out-of-body books give you a detailed road map of what you should do or where you should go. Other out-of-body travel books are a projection-by-projection account of what someone else did and saw. Those books are great, for the people that wrote them; however, you are not they, and you are not in their reality, nor should you be. You should forget what you have read in the past, concerning the realities of other people, and make it a priority to experience your own out-of-body reality.

In Hermes' Reality Cooker, we've tried to keep any reality-contamination down to a minimum, telling you only what you need to know, to get started quickly, easily, and safely. This way, you will possess the necessary tools and understanding that you need to explore the nonphysical realm and view this new dimension with wonder, excitement, and curiosity. Let's explore some of these tools, which you have at your disposal, so you can begin your wondrous, exciting, and curious exploration of the nonphysical, in that quick, easy, and safe manner.

One of the most important tools that your astral body possesses is its senses. These nonphysical senses are the lenses through which you can experience and interact with the nonphysical plane. Your astral body's senses fall into two categories, familiar and unfamiliar. The more familiar nonphysical attributes have similar physical counterparts. These senses are a good place to start; but, as you will soon find out, these more familiar perceptions are much more potent than you are probably used to!

Sight perception is the first thing that an out-of-body traveler will take notice to -- particularly since there is a marked increase in the power of astral sight, over its physical cousin. For example, you will be able to see light, where before, there was none perceived. It is not uncommon to go to bed in a completely dark room, leave your body, and find the room adequately lit. Furthermore, you will find that you can perceive a wider rang of shades and colors, like ultraviolet light. Sometimes, though, upon returning to your body, you may be unable to visualize these other colors. Many times there are no physical equivalents to compare these colors to. You will have to get accustomed to the idea that some of what you experience will be difficult to translate into physical terms; however, this fact does not diminish the experience -- because, in your mind, the endeavor will remain bright and clear.

Another point to mention about astral sight is that objects, at times, may appear distorted. There are many reasons for this oddity; but, the most frequent reason is that your astral sight can see around corners. Your astral sight has a wider scope than its physical counterpart. It is quite normal to view an object from the front, seeing the front of the object and both sides simultaneously, without having to move to another viewing angle. Also, you are apt to find that on some occasions the room will appear reversed. Objects and doors may seem to be opposite of their actual physical location. In addition, the size of the room may vary, appearing larger on one out-of-body travel and smaller on the next. The reasons for these visual distortions are complex and beyond the scope of this book. Nonetheless, you should be aware that sometimes things will appear normal, and at other times they may distort. These visual changes in the environment are just natural functions of this particular reality plane.


seeing in straight lines only see around corners and in straight lines
objects remain a fixed size  the size of objects changes
rooms remain unchanged room and objects reverse perspective
limited color perception expanded sight perceptions
limited sight intensity perception can view extremely bright and dim light sources

Sight, naturally, is not the only physically related sense that you will possess, nonphysically. The sense of sound will be present too; however, on the first few adventures, you may be completely unaware of the existence of sound. This absence, of the sense of sound, comes from a conflict with your astral sight. Usually, beginners get so caught up in what they are seeing that they inadvertently turn off their nonphysical ears. This inability to hear can be frustrating, especially if someone comes up to you and begins speaking. What you can do, to activate your ears, is to begin to speak to this person, while actively listening for your own voice. This simple trick will loosen your visual concentration enough to divert energy to your nonphysical hearing systems and reactivate them, so to speak.

When your astral ears begin to operate you may be startled as to the scope and power of them. On some occasions, physical sounds that are barely audible can blast loudly in your nonphysical ears. Also, your nonphysical ears can be someplace else, other than where you are. In other words, you can be listening to a conversation two people are having down the street, while you are standing in your home. Eventually you will come to understand that, when such a thing occurs, there is a connection between the conversation and what you are presently doing. We'll be covering the advanced topic of the relationship between you and your perceptions in the chapter titled, "Advanced Traveling and Learning." For now, be aware that many seemingly unconnected happenings, in the nonphysical, are all connected in some way.


limited distance of effectiveness unlimited distance of effectiveness
limited frequency range unlimited frequency range
limited loudness and softness threshold unlimited loudness threshold
bilocality of sound perception

The next two physically related senses -- the senses smell and touch -- while enhanced slightly, seem to be indistinguishable from their physical counterparts. Most likely, you will only be aware of your sense of smell when you are in a situation that requires you to use it, like when smelling a flower. Your sense of touch, on the other hand, will always be active. Except, on some occasions, you may reach to touch something and place your hand right through it!


limited distance of effectiveness unlimited distance of effectiveness
active all the time only active when needed


always active always active
objects are solid able to pass through objects when needed
rooms remain unchanged room and objects reverse perspective
limited color perception expanded senses perceptions
limited senses intensity perception can view extremely bright and dim light sources

Your ability to pass through objects brings us nicely to our next topic: the seeming supernatural abilities that your nonphysical body possesses. Things like sight, sound, touch, and smell are all familiar to you; they have similar equivalents within physical reality. However, the ability to pass through a wall is not so familiar. In fact, that ability is completely foreign to you. Let's spend some time introducing these other, foreign, supernatural abilities, because you are sure to encounter some of these in the beginning. In Part 4 of this series, we will explore, more deeply, many of these new abilities -- particularly when we cover the three types of astral bodies that you possess and what you can do with each one. For now, though, we would just like you to be aware of these abilities, so that their emergence does not send you into a frenzy. We'll begin our supernatural-ability familiarizing where we stopped: your ability to pass through objects and things.

Your astral body is quite capable of walking though walls, doors, tables, whatever. The molecular structure of your astral body is less dense than its physical counterpart and can pass, quite easily, through physical objects and structures. Also, your ability to pass through objects will not negate your sense of touch. For example, if you pass your hand through a wall, you will feel the wall as it surrounds your nonphysical hand and as your hand passes through the wall's molecular structure. This kind of sensation takes some getting used to -- particularly when you are passing through many objects very rapidly. At first, you are likely to perceive this act of "passing-through" objects as painful and uncomfortable. However, after walking through several walls and doors, you will get quite used to the sensation and will even enjoy it.

As you get yourself acquainted with passing through walls and doors, you are likely to find very quickly that your ability to pass through objects fluctuates. On some occasions, you will pass through objects quite easily. On other occasions, objects will appear solid and you will be unable to pass through them. This alternating of your ability to pass through objects has to do with the type of astral body you presently occupy and its present molecular density. Your spirit-guide will adjust your astral body according to the experience he or she has planned for you. Eventually, you will be required to make this body-change on your own, but that is an advanced technique. So, for now, if you wish to pass through a wall or door, just do it. If you can't, then -- just for now -- you can use the old fashion, physical-way of opening the door!

Another thing that you are liable to notice, on the first few out-of-body adventures, is that you can fly or float. Here, too, on some journeys, you will find that you have little trouble levitating to vast heights and speeds; and, on other journeys, you will find that you can barely float ten feet or travel any faster than a swift walk. This change in your capability to float, again, has to do with your present astral body and its present molecular density. For now, accept your present circumstances on faith. If you can travel faster than a speeding bullet, then do so. If not, then look for something else to do. It is quite possible that you are not supposed to travel at Mach-one, in this particular out-of-body adventure. Remember! The preparation for your first few out-of-body journeys will come from your spirit-guide. Enjoy, explore, and have fun -- and try not to concern yourself with what you can do on this projection that you couldn't do on the last!

Related to your sense of sound is a nonphysical capability called telepathy. A person, on the astral plane, can tell you one thing and be thinking another. You will receive both the words and the thoughts, simultaneously. However, this telepathic information does not come to you in the form that you would expect. Rather, it is a sense of knowing -- without question -- what the other person is thinking or trying to say. In essence, you don't hear this information; you know it! This knowing of information is similar to understanding a loved-one's request, when they only say one word to you.

Telepathy, flying, and passing through objects are ideas or abilities that you are aware of, at least from an imaginary standpoint. However, there is a perception, which your nonphysical body possesses, that you are completely unaware of. This perception we call the sight-feel sense. This perception is a combination of the senses of sight and touch. For example, you may find yourself in an out-of-body state where you have no physical sight; however, you will know, quite clearly, that there is a table in the room and, perhaps, an object resting on the table. This sight-feel sense is similar to feeling the objects that surround you -- without ever touching or seeing them. Some of the details picked up with this sense are quite remarkable. However, the images received are more in the flavor of feelings than of sight. This sense is most interesting and a sense that you must explore in the dark, so to speak. If you happen to find yourself on an out-of-body adventure, where there is no vision, your spirit-guide may be introducing you to this new sense. Take a moment and explore this new perception. The sight-feel sense will become important to you, later on, when you begin to travel to more uncommon dimensions and realities. (Please note: There is another nonphysical condition where you may, also, be under the impression that you have no astral sight. This condition may have to do with your present astral body. We'll be covering this topic in Part 4 of this series.)

Another seeming nonphysical ability, an ability that is a byproduct of the environment rather than an inner capability, is the instantaneous materialization of your thoughts. On the astral plane, your thoughts, feelings, and desires can materialize themselves into objects and things, as soon as you have these thoughts. However, this instantaneous materializing of your thoughts is not likely to occur on your first few out-of-body endeavors. Your special guide will see to it that these materializations do not interfere, by neutralizing these thought-projections. Most likely, later on, as you become accustomed to the new environment and the environment's oddities, this inhibiting of your thought-forms will decrease, and you will be required to learn how to deal with such images on your own.


objects are solid able to walk through objects
unable to levitate or float able to float or fly
limited telepathic abilities telepathic abilities
limited travel speed able to travel at great speeds
travel form place to place serially can instantly materialize someplace
thoughts take time to materialize unlimited sense of knowing
limited sense of knowing

After several out-of-body adventures, many of these strange new abilities will become apparent to you. Now, if your special guide plans your first journeys well -- and he will -- he will acquaint you with these new capabilities and senses gradually. On some out-of-body adventures, your guide may devote that particular adventure to one particular sense. As an example, you may find yourself in an enormous flower garden, where you can't help but to smell the flowers! Or, perhaps, you will find yourself staring at the brilliant corona of the sun, from the sun's surface! It is during out-of-body adventures, like the ones mentioned above, that you realize the scope and special quality of your consciousness and its senses and what that consciousness can do for you, once you learn how to use it.

Another thing that will be apparent to you, after several out-of-body adventures, is that your travels are all too short. Staying out and alert is not easy in this environment, particularly since your physical body is all too happy to yank you back when you least expect it and when you don't wish it. Let's switch gears a bit and explore three golden rules that will help you to prolong an out-of-body adventure.

Now, the first rule to secure a lengthy projection, one that lasts more than several seconds, is to put distance between you and your physical body. When you leave you body, get up, out, and away! Do not plan on investigating the room that your body is sleeping in. Otherwise your physical body will suck you back. As soon as you leave your body, go into the next room or outside. Don't worry! Your spirit-guide, most likely, has your out-of-body adventure planned away from your physical body. You see! Your out-of-body guide is, also, aware of your body's power to pull you back; so he or she is not going to plan too many adventures too close to your physical body.

The second rule, to secure a longer projection, is to forget your body. It is safe and protected. Your special guide is watching it. But wait! You may be wondering how your guide can watch your body and you at the same time? Well, out-of-body guides have many capabilities. One capability, which an out-of-body guide possesses, is the ability to be in two places at once. This bi-local capacity may not sound physically logical or possible; but, for the nonphysical, it is.

Now, by combining the first two rules, we arrive at the third and best rule for prolonging an out-of-body adventure: immersion! If you immerse yourself completely within your out-of-body adventure, you will stretch the length of your adventure to its natural conclusion or until you reach your body-tolerance. You are on an out-of-body adventure for learning, enjoyment, and experience. If you keep those three things in mind, and everything else out, you will experience the maximum from your out-of-body travels.

As you get used to out-of-body traveling, the length and intensity of your trips will increase, naturally. Also, it is normal, at times, to struggle to maintain an out-of-body projection. This struggling is part of the process to strengthen your astral and physical stamina. In addition, the struggle to prolong your out-of-body adventure encourages your consciousness and your physical body to be more independent of each other; so that both consciousness and body can benefit.

You see! Your body benefits too, by out-of-body traveling, because your vacant body can better rejuvenate itself. When separated from your consciousness, your body will seek to absorb an extra-potent charge from your energy source, more completely replenishing itself than it would had you been home. This charge, however, is not the kind of energy replenishment that you can use directly. This charge is directed at your body's physical system. We mention this fact because, when you return from a long out-of-body journey, you are likely to feel weak and sore. This soreness is due to the expenditure of your consciousness' energy and not because of tapping your physical resource, which, in actuality, was untouched. When you out-of body travel, you actually return to a body in better shape then when you left it!

Now, for those rare occasions, when you wish to terminate an out-of-body adventure, before it is naturally over, there are two methods that work well. The first method involves walking near your body. You can just sit next to it, and it will gladly pull you back. Another method to use -- for those times when you are on an extended trip, like visiting a neighboring galaxy -- is to think of returning and then letting go. In "letting go" we mean willpower! To stay out of your body takes determination and willpower. Remove the willpower, and back you will go -- faster than it took to get to where you were.

Using your willpower to stay out of your body is an important consideration. However, even your willpower will not be enough to keep you out of your body, if your body or your spirit-guide wants you back. This built in override, of your ability to out-of-body travel, should ease those of you that are of the doom & gloom flavor, who feel that you are going to miss some important physical event, while your consciousness is away. Frankly, your body is quite capable of pulling you back in a hurry, if needed. Furthermore, if a problem arises, where your body needs your physical presence, your out-of-body spirit-guide will send you back. So, you see! There is little to worry about while away. Relax! Have fun! And stay out for as long as you can.

The next chapter will deal with more advanced topics. We will discuss the three different astral bodies and what you can and cannot do with them. Also, we will discuss traveling within the solar system, traveling out of it, travel forward and backward in time, and dealing with thought forms. 

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