Protecting yourself from Negative energy Attacks

May 27, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
What can I do if someone close to me is hating on me. Also how much worse things are going to get before they get better. J.

Hi J!
If you are very sensitive to energy and thought you can feel when others direct negative energy toward you. You are not alone in this. Many spiritual people have this problem and are very sensitive to the thoughts of others. Here is what you can do to help this. When you feel this negative energy coming into you, send back the energy of love and peace. Use my energyball technique. This will cause this negative energy to bounce off of you as it will have no place to take hold within you. You have to be filled with negative energy, or have it, for this energy to latch on. So when you send back love this will disconnect you from the negative energy. Eventually whoever is sending you this negative energy will stop and not feel negativley toward you anymore because you will only be returning love to them in energy form. Like energy attracts like energy. It is the reality mirror effect.

If the attack is severe you can use some of my protective techniques in the library. The Merkabah and the psychic protection techniques work well to shield you from negative energies. I also suggest to to keep a candle lit all day long to help raise the vibration around you and keep negative energy away. The cure for keeping negative energy away is to fill yourself with lots of light and love. That prevents this energy from getting into your energy field.

Light, Peace

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