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March 1, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Recently and Astrologer whom I paid to read my future said that I will gain an enormous amount of money via Lotto or other sorts of gambling. What do you think about Astrologers readings as such... MA.

Hi MA!

I am not sure you meant to use the word Astrologer or Psychic. Sometimes people use them interchangeably. I will briefly cover them both.

A psychic reads the probabilities that are around you and tunes into them, telling you what they are. These are events you are forming in your reality. As they are still forming, they are not set in stone and can change as your choices change from the point after the reading. So in the case of these predictions they may or may not come true. A good psychic can make a good guess at the kind of person you are and how likely you are to manifest that probability and follow a consistent course of action to get you there. However any point along the line you can change whatever is predicted as it has not happened and it remains part of your probability pool of experiences that you can draw on.

Astrology is a different sort of prediction. It is based on reading the energies that are around you or are going to be around you. You are constantly flooded with various celestial energies as the solar system moves through the galaxy. Different people respond different ways to these energies. Some energies help make life easier and others harder. In RC1 and RC2 I do not talk about astrology as a tool as it just complicates the process too much and is really not needed to make Reality Creating work anyway. However in the case of your prediction of winning the lottery or coming into money via gambling, the astrologer is looking the energy of luck that will be around you. This is usually the energy of Jupiter. If you have lots of Jupiter energy it makes making decisions easier. You seem to have the right touch or just can choose the right things or be in the right place at the right time. You always have this quality in you. But these planetary energies can sometimes help give you more of what you already have (the luck energy in this case).

What do I think about your prediction of winning the lottery or at gambling? I never like to put my faith or future in anyone's best guess at what I am making. I prefer to set my sights on what I want and go about creating it. While these astrologers and psychics can be entertaining and tell you what you want to hear, they are far from accurate and are often wrong. You are the only one that can create these things in your life. If you want to create wealth or love then go to it. Keep in mind there are other ways of creating wealth than winning at lottery or gambling. For my taste I prefer a bit of work and focus on what I want and stay away from those games of chance, which in themselves are highly unpredictable. But of course that is up to you.

Light, Peace

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Dear Hermes
I have two different questions regarding the Crystal Aura. I seem to have this trait as I have always seemed to take on the characteristics of those around me, I can't see auras yet, including mine, but I am just assuming this is the case. 1) Can you tell me the history behind the Aura, why people are born with a certain aura, especially the context of the crystal Aura? I would greatly appreciate it. And 2) I have recently tried your exercises for opening the foot chakra and have tried to pass energies coming from others and stay centered on myself. Is there any other particular methods which would help a person with a crystal aura stay centered?, MH

Hi MH!
Your aura is a product of who you are and how your consciousness interacts with your reality. This energy field changes over time and certainly does change over the course of a single lifetime. No aura color is better or worse than another. It is just a reflection on how you are using your energy and how you approach your world. For the most part the aura is a multicolored thing that changes shape and hue depending on your mood and what you are experiencing. Your core color is the color you most like to express from yourself outwardly in the world. It is the color seen most often in your energy field but not the only color that is there.

Crystal aura people like to mimic what is around them. They do this so that they can become a part of what they are experiencing. It makes everything that happens to them much more real and vibrant. However, this puts them at risk of being too open to energies that may not be so good for them. Crystal aura people are often kind and generous but with the wrong crowd can be coerced into doing something the they would not normally do. The lesson that crystal aura people have to learn is to be themselves, to find who they are and to try to keep some kind of balance between that and what they are experiencing. All the auras have their lessons; they each have strengths and weaknesses that need to be overcome. If you believe in reincarnation than over many lifetimes you aura will change and grow to suit each lifetime and what you are here to learn. So in the end you will probably have experience all the auras in their most pure form.

Crystal aura people do well with carrying or wearing a clear quartz crystal to help filter the harsh energies they may encounter. Also you should do frequent mediations (several a week) to better purge yourself of any negative energies you may have absorbed. Crystal Aura people need to keep their aura as free as possible from these other lower energies so that their world stays in harmony. Epson salt baths are also very good for removing these energies from the body and spirit. Also do at least two Middle Pillar Exercises a day.

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