Hierarchy of the Self. Merging with Divinity

June 27, 2007 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,

Can you please explain the various aspects of the self and the merging that occurs:

  • the physical self, or perhaps parallel selves in the same physical dimension
  • The spirit self, or perhaps several spirit selves as per above and these you also call "soulmates"
  • the Higher Self, or Holy Guardian Angel
  • finally, the Soul and the Monad

Thanks R.

Hi R!

Yes it is not easy to understand. I went nuts when presented with this multidimensional view. It took quite awhile before I actually understood it.

The hierarchy of the self goes like this:

  1. The physical self (lowest on the chain)
  2. The nonphysical self (really just the same thing as the physical self but without a physical body)
  3. The Holy Guardian Angel (the self fully evolved that has gone through all incarnations and human experiences)
  4. The Soul (the mother aspect of your core being.)
  5. The Monad (the father aspect of your core being).

When you cross the Abyss (ZAX) you quickly start to merge with the Holy Guardian Angel (ZIP). The HGA exists outside time and space and in your terms a future self. It has completed the human journey and knows all the human lessons and is nearly one with the divine. It has not yet taken the next step which is the merging with the Soul. It cannot do this until the merging with you has taken place. The HGA is like an anchor point in the spirit realm. It is a place card of yourself dug in that maintains your existence in the physical plane by holding on to the Soul and to you. So you must merge with this place holder so that you can progress upward. Merging with your HGA gives you a sense of peach and serenity. It gives you glimpses into the existence of your other Soulmates (144 of them). It makes you feel the energy of the universe flowing through you. This merging can take about a year to accomplish. You may have many mergings in dreams or out of body travels where what seems like another person blends its energy into your energy which is quite pleasurable. There may be many smaller attempts at merging but usually there are three milestone mergings. The first one, one in the middle, and the final one at the end, where you and your HGA are finally one being. Before this point you experience a bit of duality, as if you are two people or slowly losing yourself to this other larger self. Your ego is dissolving with every step of the merging. The final merge with the HGA is an unbelievable experience that goes beyond words and pleasure. You can tell that this grand finally merging has taken place because afterward there are no more merging like this. They just stop.

The next merging is with the Soul. This can begin several months to several years after the HGA merging. When you are sufficiently evolved this merging takes place. It is not the same as the HGA merging. It is much more subtle. Slowly the mind of God starts to awaken within you. You start to feel yourself as part of the universe and it seems like you can stretch your mind to the edge of the solar system. The HGA merging is very personal and intimate. The merging with your Soul is more far-reaching. You may get a feeling of being surrounded by very tall beings, over 20 feet tall. These are other Souls (not soulmates) within your Monad. You are beginning to glimpse the reality of the Soul with its other 12 counterparts. The completion of the Soul merger may happen with a bang or not. One day you may just realize that this merging is accomplished. At this point you have access in dreams and meditation to any memory or time in the other 12 soulmates on your Soul Tree branch. You now can feel yourself as crossing past and future lives and that these existences are all just extensions of yourself. Soul merging causes what is called as "translation" to occur. This is an old occult term to mean the annihilation of all your karma through time and space.

The final merging is with the Monad. This can begin several months to several years or even in the next lifetime after Soul merging. If it does happen in the next lifetime, you will have to undergo Soul Merging again before Monad merging begins, to make sure any new karma is translated away. This happens very quickly the second time around. Usually Monad Merging follows the Soul merging in the same lifetime.

When the Monad merging begins you may start acquiring advanced psychic skills, like healing, out of body travel to anywhere in the universe, telepathy, telekinesis, control of the five magical elements, teleportation, bi-location. Not all these abilities may develop but some will. As you get closer to monadic merger you will feel lighter and energetic. Your energy will go up in discrete steps or jumps at certain times. Your merging here is not so gradual as in the Soul merging but in definite jumps in energy, power, and focus. With each step your mind expands past the solar system even further to other galaxies and civilizations. You may experience some of these in dreams, meditation, or out of body travel. You are beginning to intermingle on the level of the Monad, which stretches across universes, time and space. When Monadic merger is accomplished you rejoin with your Core Divinity. Your physical body is bathed in white light and ceases to exist in its old physical form. In the new form you can come and go as you please from any level of reality. You and the mind of God are one at this point. It is impossible for any action you do to be out of harmony. You are now an ascended master. Ascended masters are removed from the planet for 200 years or more to get acclimated to their new existence. Later they come back to the earth if they wish to help others grow and evolve or move on to other reality creating systems.

Ok that is the quick course in the merging with the Divine. I do hope this helps.

Light, Peace

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