Aethyr ZID, The Volcano!

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In ZID [pronounced “zeed”] you climb the mountain of spirit and then when you get to the top, toss yourself into the volcano that awaits.

Like all the other Aethyrs, this imagery is a metaphor, of course. In the TOL level Stonehenge Garden, you merge with you Holy Guardian Angel and Spirit. The merging there is a lower level merging than the merging with your Holy Guardian Angel here. Therefore, this merging is not first presented to you upon entering ZID. You have to work at achieving this higher level of spiritual merging.

To merge with spirit you have to climb the mountain to where the opening awaits for you. If you do not climb the mountain, then you cannot achieve the merging. It is a pilgrimage of sorts, and your adventure may differ from this adventure portrayed here.

The quest here is to break through the challenge before you to reach the prize of merging with spirit. Only with dedication and perseverance do you reach this opportunity and new level of reality.

Merging with your Holy Guardian angel is a leap of faith as well. You do not know what it will be like once you are merged, and you may want to linger at the top of the raging volcano until you are sure. One thing is for sure, once you make the drop into the volcano, your human self will never be the same. The fires will change your human form into something else.

Notes and useful information

About this Picture: A raging volcano sits at the top of a mountain. In the back a temple can be seen, suggesting that this is a holy place. The monolith next to the volcano marks this holy spot. The fog around the opening of the volcano hints that the true natuer of who you are and what you will become is hidden from you.

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