Q&A 18: Freeing stuck souls on the nonphysical plane; implants; female reproductive system & DNA alterations; Merlin and the school of Merlin; Breaking up and the pain it causes each person; mercury, stone, fire, the "flying things", ascension & human alchemy; reality creating or coincidence?; sensing your spirit guide; removing intruding negative thoughts and energies from your being; stopping a bad reality creation from manifesting; dealing with fear so it does not manifest; the group reality and your personal reality
Some Questions and Answers

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I have been practicing OBE's and astral voyages for a few years now. I didn't really consciously decide to do it. I have sort of been trained to do it ever since I was young by people on the other side who I can't really remember ever seeing!

Gradually I realized that there were two main purposes for me having these skills. One was because it made me grow spiritually. The other because I was capable of helping beings that were 'stuck' between planes, earth bound spirits and that.

Sometimes when I have helped these discarnate beings realize the situation they are in and explained to them how they can 'get on with their journey' they are still a bit cautious and some want me to hold their hand as they go through the light conduct.

I was worried about going through somebody else's light tunnel so I told a couple of beings that I couldn't and they thought it was because I was tricking them so it mucked it all up. However, once I actually tried to go through with a young man and it had the result of making me wake up sharp in my bed feeling extremely weird. (fast hart beat, disorientated, strange feelings in my head).

My question to you is: Is it safe for me to go through the conduct with them?


Nice to hear that other people are doing this kind of work as well. This kind of work is so helpful to the planet, and gifted souls like you are very hard to find indeed. Thank you for your efforts to help others.

I also do this kind of thing from time to time. Usually I do not go into the light with the person. I either introduce them to my angelic help and they take them into the light, or I will bring them right up to the light and gently guide them into it, where they then disappear.

I have gone into the light and what happens is I am thrust back into my body very quickly, disorientation follows and a pain in my solar plexus (you could also have this pain in your head if you leave your body from the pineal gland).

This pain is the result of your nonphysical self slamming back into the body very quickly. This kind of thing can happen on other out of body encounters too, not just with the tunnel light. I do not think it is dangerous, but it certainly smarts on the way back, so I tend to stay away from encounters that bring me back to the body so quickly.

See if you can get your angelic guidance to help take them into the light. The hard part is reaching these souls, which is why your skills are invaluable here. These lost soul's light are so dim that not even the angelic helpers can see them. Because you are focused on the physical plane your sensitivity to the dim light of a lost soul makes it much easier for you to find them. Once you have contact with them your energy transfers into them and they light up to the point that they can be found by the angelic helpers. So at the very least, if you do not get the soul into the light, your angelic helpers can keep trying.

Whatever you decide to do keep in mind that you are always protected by your angelic guidance. It is a special perk for the type of things that you do nonphysically. I think the real danger of going into the light is the 'not wanting to return'. There have been many occasions on out of body journeys that I wound up in very divine places, and just did not want to come back. However, I did manage to return, and I still do keep doing the work.

Do you have any information on etheric (and maybe physical) implants in people? My guides are giving me a technique for the implant nullification and I would like information or any suggested links on this topic. Thanks in advance for your help. :)


Implants are etheric devices that are put inside the body by the (for lack of a better term) aliens. They use these devices as monitors on people. In some cases they are placed there to keep track of a healing they may have done to that person at some time.

Implants do not pose any problem until a person advances spiritually to a certain point. Then these devices can start to malfunction and take away the precious energy needed to help with your evolutionary process and your ultimate ascension. When this point is reached usually your spirit guides will assist you in removing these devices (or turning them off). No doubt this is what is happening to you right now.

I have removed implants on some people that had become defective and these are very elusive energy devices. They often cloak themselves and you only find out they are there when the they become defective and the cloak fails.

Of course there is no physical proof of these devices, as they exist on the etheric plane, and to physical science things don't exist unless you can touch and feel and examine it.

I don't talk too much about implants on my workshops or in my writings because of the 'fear' such devices can invoke. And of course sometimes that fear can create a condition that does not already exist. So take the information about implants very lightly. At the proper time these devices will surface and then be removed by a trained healer, or by you in conjunction with your spirit guides.

Aliens do not only use these implants. The OLAP healers ( also use these devices as a kind of clean up after a very intense healing. These devices however are short-term. They turn themselves off after a certain period of time and then just disappear from the etheric template. Of course these other implants are not much of a concern as the first type, which tend to stay active throughout the person's life. I mention the second kind of implant as you may come across one of these devices from time to time, if you do healing work with the OLAP, or if your spirit guides call the OLAP in to assist in some kind of healing.

Well I hope this helps. My knowledge with these devices is limited to my own personal experience, and I have not really seen these things mentioned in any websites or books.


As we evolve and our DNA changes will the female reproductive cycle be the same as the males in that they will be able to procreate throughout their lives as the males do instead of shutting down in midlife as most do now? I never understood why of all the species on earth, the human female reproductive system is the only one that does not continue till death.


The main reason the female reproductive cycle shuts down at mid age is because the life span has been shortened. If you look back into myths and even in the bible people lived a very long time (hundreds of years). At some point a flaw was introduced into the human DNA and the life span was shortened to what it is now. I think as science unlocks the secrets of DNA they will find where it was altered and put it right. Then the life span of the human beings will go up and females will be able to have children well into the 100's.


What can you tell me about Merlin and Hermes and their connection?


Merlin and Hermes are connected in that the knowledge of Merlin comes from the ancient Hermetic teachings. Merlin was as much a person as it was a magical school. After the original Merlin died a school of Merlin continued on for some time. The students in that school were called Merlin's and it was customary to address a person from this school as Merlin. This of course also helps explain the power of the Merlin myth and why it has lasted for so long and was not buried in obscurity.


Why does breaking up with someone hurt so much?


There is much emotional dependency going on in a failing relationship. There are real energy threads that connect your heart chakra to your loved one's heart chakra and the reverse. When you just break up cold, people give it the term "broken heart." In a sense your heart is broken when a relationship ends abruptly. The energy threads that went from you to your loved one and back are now severed and each of you no longer has the energy of the other to support you. You are addicted to each other's energy, and for a time each of you goes through a withdrawal period. Eventually you learn to tap your own energy reserves in place of the others and you feel hole again; your heart is no longer broken.

In a gradual breakup, these energy strands disconnect a little at a time so the shock is not so great to either person.

I'm not saying one way is better than another. Each relationship is different and the best way to dissolve a failing relationship has to be looked at on an individual relationship basis. For some relationships the only way to break free of these energy ties is in a quick clean break up, so a broken heart in this case can't be avoided.

As you can see any time you commit yourself to a relationship with another person you are committing much more than just emotional support. Each of you becomes interconnected and this can be a good or bad thing depending on the relationship and the evolutionary position of each person.


I found the 7 chapters of Hermes, and I have been reading them. There are words that I feel I know what they mean but others confuse me, like the elements, mercury, stone, fire, the "flying things".


Hermes and the ancient alchemists break the universe down into five magical elements: earth, air, fire, water, spirit. These elements are transmutable. Earth changes into water, water changes into air, air changes into fire, and fire changes into spirit. You can relate this to, ice melting into water (solid to liquid), water changing to steam (liquid to a gas), gas becoming combustible, like burning propane (gas to fire), and finally the change of fire to plasma. Plasma is theorized but has not yet been discovered. It is thought that the sun transmutes fire to plasma in a nuclear reaction (fire to spirit).

Of course the physical elements and the magical elements are not the same thing, but the reactions are similar. The magical elements that the ancients refer to are the changing of the human self to the divine: the ultimate alchemy. It refers to the steps involved in changing into a being of pure light, not of the earth, but part of the solar system, like the element of plasma. It is not of this earth but it is a part of the solar system.

Man became earth element when he manifested on the earth plane long ago. Before this he was just a wispy spirit, not manifested fully on the earth. To man, before he conquered the element of earth, the earth was a dream.

2000 years ago John the Baptist and other cultures practiced a baptism by water. A person was placed into a pool of water and then said to be reborn. This is symbolization for the individual's change from earth to water. What it says is that man has gone from a physical being to an emotional being (manifesting part of his spirit on the astral plane, while maintaining existence on the earth plane).

The next step is to transmute the self to air. This happens when you realize that you create your world with your thoughts and actions (you become a mental being): that thought and manifestation are connected. Many people are coming to this realization today. Much of my website and my Reallity Creator I book deals with this aspect.

The next step is the lightening of the spirit or soul. This is the action of the burning away of personal karma (Baptism by fire), there by lightening the energy of your being enough so that you can unite with God (the Universe and all that exists).

Once all your karma is released, the final step is the change of fire to plasma, or in human terms, the ascension of the human self into the divine. You become one with all that exists and as such a body of light replaces your physical body. You are now not limited to the Earth and can leave as you wish traveling anywhere you want in the Solar System and beyond. Just like plasma is not bound to the earth.

The term Mercury refers to this transmutation process (from earth to spirit). Hermes was associated with mercury because he transmuted his students into divine beings. Originally, Mercury is god of trade and profit, merchants and travelers. At some point Hermes was associated with this energy aspect because he transmuted his students into the 'prosperity of peace' (the Caduceus), a natural byproduct of the evolutionary process.

I'm not sure what you mean by flying things. To fly means to rise above physical limitations. Thus Hermes was called the winged god with wings on his feet and head. It symbolizes the ability to rise above the earth and its limitations, and eventual ascension.

Stone is another reference to the element earth. Used by the American Indian mostly. Mountain is also a reference to the earth however a mountain contains the upward energy of transmuting the self to the divine, as the mountain touches the element of air as it rises up off the ground.


How can we be sure that when we try to carry out conscious creation via visualizations, belief etc that when the even happens that it was not just a coincidence that it came about.


The easiest way to be sure that conscious creation works is to just use it repeatedly. That way when you see all these things starting to manifest, your idea that it is all coincidence goes away. Once or twice is coincidence but over and over, that is creating your reality.

How can I know if my spirit guide is really there? Or am I imagining him?


With sprit guides it takes a bit of patience. With continued communication, over time they make their presence increasingly physical. So, yes at first it may seem like imagination, but that will change as your connection to your spirit guidance gets stronger. You can request that your spirit guide give you some physical sign that he/she is around. For myself I get a tingling sensation in my body when they are near. Other people report feeling their presence, and others just sense them around, some people hear them.


Lately (for some unknown reason) I have been thinking way to negatively and feeling insecure.
The thing is. I know when I'm thinking negatively and feeling insecure that it is wasted thought and I should just tell me self other wise. But I seem to keep thinking that way, and just get really angry at my self for being so stupid about stupid things. Do you have any advice on this one?


Negative feelings and thoughts can intrude on you like a hot wind. The key to keeping them from sticking to you like glue is to get rid of them right away. The longer these negative feelings or thoughts hang around you, the more deeper they penetrate into your aura, and the harder it is to remove them. So this is rule one. As soon as you sense a negative thought or feeling coming on banish it. You can do this quickly by saying to yourself:

"My mighty I Am inner presence I demand and ask that these thoughts be shattered and consumed and that only the most positive of thoughts remain."

You may have to say this several times over the next half hour or so, till all the energy leaves.

Now once you are already caught in period of depression you can still use the phrase above, but it may be more difficult as you have to pull out the roots of the negative energy from your energy field. But do keep this up. Also you can try to only focus on the things that make you happy. Positive happy thoughts will cause this energy to leave you more quickly. It feeds off your negativity and when that is in low supply this energy will start to withdraw.

What I am talking about here is a negative energy wave. These things move around and look for places to tap off energy. They are not alive or conscious in a human sense, but they do like to replicate themselves and they do this by latching on to unsuspecting people and invoke your dark fears. Then you go on to create these fears and they feed off the energy you emit.

So fight the urge to create negativity as much as you can, and focus on only the most positive things in your life, and this will help greatly to uproot any of these waves that may have latched on to you. Laughter is a great way to do it quickly. Go see a funny movie or something like that. Do the things you like in life.


One weird thing I have been noticing for a while now (last 6 months or so) is a dramatic shift in life, like everything will be going along really good then the next minute something really bad happens.

Yesterday something not good happened to me. The day before I was telling a friend of mine just how good life is and how it's just starting to get really good. Then that thing happened...

Also, exactly a week before this thing happened I thought something similar had happened but later on I found out I was wrong. Again I had this same feeling a few days before it actually happened.


It sounds like you were getting some premonitions. When you get that kind of stuff it is a warning that you are about to create such an event, and if you don't change the thought waves you are sending out, it will create. So when you get one of these premonitions, then right away make an energy ball and imagine that this event does not manifest. Or you can say something like this to yourself:

"Mighty "I AM" shatter and consume the energy from this thought and only allow peace and harmony."

Here is another little secret. Refrain from boasting to others about how good (or bad) your life is going. When you do this you actually send out a challenge to the universe to create a change in this condition, and quite often you can uncreate a good pattern and make a negative pattern even worse. When people ask me how my life is going, I simply say, "Life is good! And then leave it at that. In this way I don't challenge or brag about the condition of my life and keep the energy at status quo.


I have a question. You say if you worry and fear "too much" that this 'what you fear of' gets created, not like when wishing something too much which then can't be created. Well a while ago there was something real important happening and it was real important to me it goes as I want it to. But logic told me it can't go right, and so I was really afraid and really doubted it will end fine. So I all the time (for a few weeks) felt this enormous fear, but at the same time was all the time asking for help from my good nonphysical helpers. And, in the end all happened as I wanted to. So I was feeling this fear but at the same time asking for help and believing *SOMEHOW* it will work out right. So what happened there? I always thought it was an intervention from above, because that was so important for my life.


What you are doing to battle your fears is good. Your nonphysical helpers and God can assist in dissipating the fear energy you generate, so that you do not create the feared event.

Of course as you know you have to ask for your nonphysical helpers help first.

Eventually you will trust your own reality creating abilities more, and you will need less help from your nonphysical helpers. This is how you grow. They help you less as you can do more on your own. As long as you keep working toward improving your skill then all is good and the help is a good thing.

The following can help you to keep your thoughts positive and your fear at a minimum. When you feel fear taking a hold, try to throw off the fear as you would throw off a bad shirt. Also you can use the "I AM" phrase as a powerful energy helper. Say something like this when a fear starts to rise:

"Mighty I AM inner presence shatter and consume this fear immediately, and replace this fear with hope and courage!"


Reality Creation! After practicing it not knowing what it was at first, the reality surrounding me became very archaic and simplified, and I get the illusion of being god (the thinker and thought at the same time). And my reality becomes like a movie me being the director; at those times it is often too challenging to remain stable in my physical body. It may seem philosophical but Descartes remains, "I think therefore I am." I can't be sure if a "base" collective reality exists. Would like some feedback.


No doubt you are very sensitive to realities and this is what you start to sense as you expand your awareness to contain the idea that you are the creator of it.

There is a group reality of which your reality creating is a part. This does not negate the fact that you create your own world. In the center of your reality creating you have yourself. This part of your reality you can shape anyway you want. As you move outward in a spiraling circle, your created reality begins to mix with other people's created reality. This place where it mixes still is your own creation but it is your own creation in harmony or disharmony with everyone else's reality creating. Once you master reality creating on the level of the self, then you move your powers to these more outward areas of your reality creating, and try to remove the disharmonious reality creating there and replace it with more harmonious reality creating.

This is of course a bit of an advanced topic…