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Hermes' Blog: October 9, 2017

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RC Radio: Mass Reality Creating, additional comments

About image of the Day, Mass Reality Creating: Mass Reality Creating is about the gravity your thoughts contain. Thoughts have mass in e-space. Their mass creates a gravity like effect that makes like minded thoughts group together and start to have a larger impact on reality and the creation process.

I am not saying that one person’s personal reality can be breeched by a whole lot of people from the mass reality. The personal reality remains intact and is your area to create for yourself. However, the larger area around you, the group reality, remains as a place where you can learn and experiment with the group reality, at the same as you work toward your personal ralilty.

Group realities share consensus in that the more people that support the creation, the more likely it is to be created. It uses the same reality creating rules as your personal realities. So, if global fear is high enough on some matter, then that fear will be pulled into manifestation quickly.

The main goal of Light Workers all over the planet is to help lower the group fear that exists in the group reality.

Light, Peace

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