Mass and Personal Reality Creating within an Economic downturn

Hermes' Blog: March 11, 2009

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Mass and Personal Reality Creating within an Economic downturn:
Let's talk about the current world situation and how it interfaces with your reality creating. You create your reality in two ways: on a personal level and en mass. The personal reality always takes precedence over the mass reality but they can often ride together on the same wave. That riding together is great if the world situation is stable and growing but when the world situation is as it is now, within a contraction phase, it may be putting a crimp in your personal reality. Let me state again that while your personal and mass reality creating can be hooked together, they do not have to be! Your personal reality will always, always, always override the mass one. So keep this in mind the next time you turn on the news or read an article that tells you people and companies are scaling back, laying off, and doing with less. This is a created reality and it does not have to be yours. If you are strong enough not to buy into this mass hysterical economic downturn, your personal reality can remain unaffected. You will agree that even though the world economic situation looks a bit dire, there are always individuals that seem to be immune to these things. These few have either consciously or unconsciously figured out that their personal reality does not have to be shackled with the mass one. They create what they want and not what everyone else says they should. So remember this the next time you are confronted with a bleak mass world reality. You are the one in control and your personal reality can override the one everyone else is banking to be part of.

Well how may you shift your reality out of the mass one and into the personal one?

  • Well first, stop listening to every dark and bleak news broadcast or article on the situation. You need to detach yourself from this mass reality, if you want to take back your personal control. I am not saying live in la-la land. But let's start to be selective at what you feed your mind these days. Keep what you feed yourself mentally positive and upbeat. Watch some YouTube; there are some great funny uplifting videos there if you look for them. Read some good entertaining books. Or just think back in your mind to a time when things were better and you were doing well.
  • Stop talking about all the bad things you see in the world! Yes let's not keep circulating this mass hysterical crap round and round. Again, I am not saying to pretend that things are in la-la land, but you can certainly find more positive things to talk about. Everything spouting out of the mouth does not have to be focused on the negative. I realize it seems more enticing to talk about these things and be part of spreading the bad news, but realize that the spoken word is very powerful in effecting your personal reality. Let's face it, "the Creator" created the universe with a spoken word! That is powerful stuff there. Let's use it more wisely.
  • What else can you do? Well forget the numbers. If you are like most people you are looking at the money in and money out thing. That will get you into lots of trouble. Your reality can take what you got and make more of it go further, if you let it. If you over analyze the in and out of money it will just reinforce that you have less. Take my word for it, this works and forget the calculator here. Focus on what you want and need and you will see you get more out of the resources you already have. Please do not take this to mean borrowing more money on your credit card! That will not do at all. This is a shift in the belief that you can and will make things work without having to rely on loans or getting further into debt. The power of consciousness to make changes in your reality is awesome; all you have to do is believe and apply yourself in that direction to see things change. There are many many ways that the financial aspect of your life can go further on what you already have. You will see and be amazed!
  • Finally, let's get with creating some Energy Balls with my "Creation Technique." I reminded a reader in an email this week that this is the single best RC exercise there is for changing your reality. (See below for link to this article). The Creation technique works and works well. Use it everyday all day when you feel the need to create a more positive and more desirable personal reality.

I believe in the power of the personal reality and because of it I have accomplished many many things that others said was not possible. I have been witness to many miracles of which make me realize that everything is possible and nothing is out of the realm of possibility. So you can do this and you can rise above the current reality creating trend, if you so desire and apply yourself in that direction. I have given you a good start here with the above tips. Now let's put these to good use and get those personal realities going again in the direction you want them to go.

Light, Peace

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