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Hermes' Blog: April 27, 2010

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In the last blog I talked about the spiritual survival guide. These were the things I considered to be important surrounding the spiritualization of the human to a divine being. Today I want to talk about something related: your physical vehicle.

I got an email this week from a person who wanted to know why he was always tired, even though he got the right amount of sleep. To me this was an extremely spiritual question! However he did not think so and later apologized for his question (when I replied to him) and said perhaps he should have asked a doctor. However I think he missed the point of my answer to him, which is that your physical vehicle is your means to manifest your divine nature.

Many times the spiritual person forgets that their physical body is the means by which they process the spiritual energies. Sure they are often thinking about a higher purpose and perhaps how best to serve spirit and the planet, but often they forget that they are a physical creature. They have chosen a physical body and physical reality to help them in their personal goals. The spiritualization process is much more than you meeting spirit. It is really you reaching up and pulling spirit down into your body -- manifesting the spiritual around the physical creature you are. That descending of spirit on to matter is how the spiritual process is actually accomplish. Sure you reach upward, but that is only so spirit can descend downward on to you.

This intimate connection with the spiritual energies demands great things from the physical body. You are taking a larger than life energy and bringing it lovingly down upon your physical self. The body becomes like a battery storing this spiritual charge. If that battery is in poor condition than the spiritual charge will not be as strong. It may be demanding on the body and result in you being tired all the time, or feeling drained. You may be wondering how come you do all these spiritual exercises and techniques and still can't get though your day. Well the answer is the physical body needs to be strengthened.

I think the bit in the second Star Wars movie where Luke trains under Yoda is a great lesson about bringing the divine into the body. What does Yoda have Luke doing to gain the "Force": running around jumping and exercising. Why is he doing this? Well because Yoda knows that to contain the "Force" the physical body must be prepared. So like Luke had to prepare his physical body for the "Force", so too must you prepare your physical body to contain the spiritual charge you want it to take on.

I think the usual physical basics apply to bringing the physical body up to speed here: exercise and diet. You need some form of everyday exercise (even if its just walking) to help circulate the spiritual energies around you. You also need to chemically bring the body into balance. If that chemistry is not right you will not be able to store as great a charge. So here you need to think about what you are eating and drinking and what kind of regular nutrients you are putting into the body to keep it fit.

Your body is the means by which you express your spiritual self. So please take care of that body, via by vitamins and exercise and harmonizing your diet. The more harmony you can bring to the physical body, the greater spiritual charge you will be able to take on and process. In a perfect situation, you should have the energy and zest you need to get through the day without feeling tired and run down. If you are feeling tired and rundown, then you need to look at your physical body and what you are doing for it. This caring for the physical body is as much a spiritual thing as meditation and prayer or whatever else you are doing for your spiritualization. Please keep in mind that you are a divine being bringing your divine nature into your physical self and your physical body is an important part of that link.

Light, Peace

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