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Hermes' Blog: February 11, 2010

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I got several emails over the past few weeks from people that are new to the spiritual experience and the multitude of information that is there on it: aura, chakra, reality creating, tree of life, angels, ascension, etc. It can be quite exciting and daunting to be faced with so many directions and knowledge, especially when you are new to it. How do you start? How do you decide what to learn?. Here are my thoughts on it and a few suggestions that have helped me along the way.

  • The Fun Factor!
    Always start with something you like. Where your passion lies is where you will get the fastest expansion and find the most easy learning. It is here where you can quickly apply your reality creating energy and engage in the fun of it. Fun is an important part of being a spiritual person. If you do not have fun then you are not getting the benefit of this energy. So please find something that interests you and engage in that activity.
  • It's not a race!
    So many newbies to spiritualization want to get there yesterday. That enthusiasm is great and please use that to propel your spiritual journey forward, but realize it's not a race. You have all the time in the world to evolve yourself. Your spiritual evolution will take many years. That's just a basic fact. The human self changes slowly and it is over time and with experience that the lessons come. So stay away from any of these spiritual schemes that promise to bring you to the spiritual pinnacle in a very short time. At best they will not work, and at worst they will open you up to energy and lessons you are not yet ready for.
  • Make everyday a spiritual day!
    Ok, this is an important one. One of the things that separate a mundane from a spiritual seeker is how they have their mind organized. Mundanes organize their day around their physical activities and lives. Their focus is first on the physical stuff and everything else second. For example, a mundane will look at stuff from a financial standpoint or what will they get from this physically in the way of alliances, rewards, or satisfying physical needs. A mundane may look at the world as a place of hardship and pain and one that must be endured. That is not how an enlightened mind operates. An enlightened mind sees spirit in everything first. He or she looks at the activities of life in how it will help him or her to evolve and grow spiritually. An enlightened mind looks at things with opportunity in personal growth. They will look at the spiritual lessons. They see friendships as an opportunity to know themselves better by understanding others and by helping others to evolve and grow. An enlightened mind looks at things to bring clarity, focus, and wisdom to them. Finally an enlightened mind sees life as a big playground from which anything good is possible and change is something to be embraced and not feared.
  • You are never alone!
    One of the things a mundane lacks is the ability to connect to spirit and to ALL that Is. This puts a terrible gap between them and the energies they need. However a spiritual person is actively seeking out this connection to these greater energies. They acknowledge that they are on a path that will bring them in contact not only with other physical people but with energies that surpass them in knowledge and wisdom. So the enlightened soul's mind is open to learning and new things that are beyond the normal scope of a mundane. They are never alone and always can turn their mindseye inward for advice, comfort, and love. Dreams, out of body travel and meditation are just a few of the additional ways a spiritual seeker can gain knowledge, wisdom, and connect to others. These techniques are often at the core of the spiritualization process. Though not mandatory, they do give the spiritual seeker a place to go when the physical world seems to have shut them out.
  • Physical reality is NOT a place to escape from!
    Many spiritual people fall into the trap that physical reality is a place to escape. They think that by embracing spirit they will hasten their journey off the planet and transform themselves into an ascended being. They embrace spirit as a means to escape the hardships of physical reality and their lives. This outlook is NOT one of a true spiritual seeker, though it is often the reason many do embark on this path. Physical reality is the ultimate spiritualization tool! Yes you heard that right. Your physical life is designed to evolve you into a spiritual being, to take you to the door of ascension. The spiritual master knows how precious physical experience is and cherishes every day. They look at the goodness that physical reality has to offer and make that part of their daily life. Sure a spiritual master will use very neat and advanced spiritual skills in their day. They do so however to enhance the human experience and not to set them apart from it. This shift to "physical reality being the spiritual teacher" is so necessary so that your spiritual experiences will be fulfilling. I see so many s piritual people rushing to get off the planet, when they should be doing what they can to create their perfect spiritual body while here on the planet. So yea, look to spirit and the heavens for wisdom and knowledge but apply that wisdom and knowledge to your daily life and how you can make this life your ultimate physical expression of your soul.

Light, Peace

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