Energy Stretches: Stress Reduction and Energy Balance

With all that power-raising going on, from your proper power management, it's a good idea to take some of that power and move it around the physical and etheric energy systems. Exercise is one way that you can achieve this energy movement, but if you lack the time or ambition for exercise and wish to reap the benefits of moving that power around, then continue reading.

Exercise tones the body by the constant repetition of a joint or muscle. This action stimulates blood flow and removes built-up body toxins. However, the more important thing exercise accomplishes is the excitement of your body's power centers. These power centers, like your physical body parts, need cleaning and balancing, so energy can flow through them smoothly.

A full blown exercise program is not necessary to clean and balance these power centers. Various, relatively simple, body stretches will stimulate your body's power centers -- without all the hassle and sweat. Furthermore, as you stimulate each power center, by using a body stretch, the tissue, surrounding each energy center, will cause your body to release stress-reducing chemicals. These stress-reducing chemicals will enter into your blood stream and circulate for a couple of days, acting as a natural stress reliever. Also, the energy released by that power center will circulate through your entire physical body, giving you more fuel to use in the creation of your physical day.

Now, body stretches are a mild form of exercise. When you body-stretch, your physical muscles expand and contract, just as exercise does but much more mildly. As the muscle flexes, the power center in that area will emit more energy, because of the surrounding expansion and contraction. This energy emission cleans, refreshes, and rebalances that particular center. When the stretch is complete, the power center will be free from negativity and will be able to do its job better.

As we already said, a full blown exercise program is not necessary to accomplish this energy stimulation. However, energy stretches will not replace the toning and body building effects of an exercise program. If you wish to lose weight or buildup your body, you will have to continue to use your regular exercise routine. However, you can use the stretching routines as a warm up to your exercise program. The energy stretches will prepare your muscles for their workout and give them the energy they need to help with the body changes that you are desiring.

Either way, energy stretches are a great self-improvement tool that everyone can use to stay healthy. Unfitness begins on the nonphysical level. It is only later that your unfitness shows itself physically. You are a nonphysical creature first and a physical creature second. Physical illness is the result of energy blockages in your nonphysical body-substructure. It is only when an energy abnormality goes unchecked that physical side-effects begin to show themselves. You can avoid many illnesses by just keeping that nonphysical substructure working properly. Many times all that you need to do, to keep that substructure working properly, is to stimulate that substructure and move around the energy within it. Moving that energy around requires that you stimulate the proper center with the proper body stretch. To understand why, you will need to know a little more about your body and its power centers.

There are eight major power centers to stimulate: the crown, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sexual, the base, and the foot. Each energy center is responsible for certain physical, etheric, and metaphysical aspects of your being. Let's take a quick look at each center.

Your topmost energy center rests right above your head. This center is called the crown. Your crown center is responsible for your connection to your energy source. Metaphysically this center controls the direction in your life and what you must learn along the way. A blocked crown center will inhibit your ability to receive direction and energy from your higher-self and reduce your ability to make changes in your reality that are in harmony with your life's purpose.

The next center -- the brow center -- rests above your eyes and in the center of your forehead. This center is responsible for your mental faculties and brain functions. Metaphysically this center controls your inner vision and that sense of knowing things that are physically unknowable, like intuition or feelings on matters. If your brow center becomes blocked, your sense of knowing whether you are on the right track will diminish, and your mental functioning will slow.

Your next energy center is in the throat. This center actually protrudes two inches out of your neck on all sides. The throat center is responsible for your physical thyroid system and your voice. Metaphysically this center controls your ability to communicate your ideas to others and your ability to understand what others are saying. This center is your translator to the outside world. Needless to say, a blocked throat center will inhibit your ability to communicate with others.

The next center downward is your heart center. The heart center is responsible for your physical heart and your circulation. Metaphysically this center enables you to feel and react to your feelings and the feelings of others. This center also enables you to transfer your energy to others and enables you to empathize with them. If this center is inactive or clogged you will have difficulty manifesting your intentions onto the earth plane. This center is a very important and needs to be as open as possible.

Your solar plexus is the next power center and rests just under your rib cage and above your bellybutton. The solar plexus is responsible for your pancreas and nervous system. Metaphysically this center is the most sensitive and the easiest to control. You can use this center as a doorway to move your energy and self outward, nonphysically, if you like. A blocked up solar plexus will inhibit your ability to make changes in your reality, metaphysically. You may think that this center is unimportant, especially if you're a physically rooted personality. However, when you get into "Hermes Reality Creator II" covering Sleep-Time and the Dream Universe, you will find out that you do just as much creating metaphysically, as you do physically.

The sexual center is next and it controls your reproductive system. Metaphysically this center is responsible for your survival instincts and your more base qualities. This center needs to be virtually free from negativity. Due to the metaphysical nature inherent within this center, high levels of negativity here can heighten a person's more base instincts and have the individual operating at the level of the animal.

Just below the sexual center is the base center. The base center is responsible for your spinal column and kidneys. Metaphysically this center stores the dormant energy needed to transform your other centers to their full potential. This energy is referred to, in Western culture, as the Kundalini energy. When it comes time for you to evolve into an enhanced human being, as our books intend to help you with, this energy center will begin to awaken and send energy bursts upward through your other energy centers. It is important, when this awakening begins, to keep this center free from any blockages. Blockages in your base center could result in this stored energy not penetrating any higher than your sexual center. This could be most unfortunate, because a heightening of the lower human functions would result, without the higher spiritual influences to guide them.

Now, there is one other center that many books fail to mention, but nonetheless it is an important center. This center rests between the balls of your feet. This center is very important because it is this center that actually connects you with the Earth and its energy fields. Furthermore, from this center, all of your internal physical and metaphysical systems are accessible. If your foot center becomes blocked, you will be unable to connect with the Earth. This disconnection will result in you feeling dreamy and unfocused throughout your physical day; and it will be very difficult to manifest things in your life.

Now that you understand each energy-center, let's cover the various energy stretches and how they work. We have seven stretches that target the first seven power centers and one special stretch that targets your foot center. The whole stretching routine (excluding the foot stretch) should take no longer than fifteen minutes. The format for this routine is quick and easy, so that anyone -- no matter how busy they are -- can fit it into their day. The idea, when doing the particular stretch, is to relax and have fun. If a particular stretch seems painful, then take the stretch more slowly. The energy stretching and stimulation should feel great, not exhausting or demanding. Do each stretch one after the other, spending only one or two minutes on each stretch. The final stretch, the eighth one, you can do later, before you go to sleep, more on that one later.

The first stretch to begin the routine with is the neck. This stretch targets your throat center. Now, slowly, and in a circular fashion, rotate your head and neck. Keep all of your neck muscles relaxed while doing this stretch, and try to keep your neck as limp as possible. The idea is to roll your neck around your shoulders. Every 15 seconds or so, you should reverse the direction of the stretch.

The Bridge targets your sacral and base centers. Lie down on your back, with your hands at your sides. Now with your hands and feet push upward to form your body into the shape of a bridge. Try to keep your body shape as perpendicular as possible and hold this position for fifteen seconds. Then relax and allow your butt to drop to the floor. Stay in this position for fifteen seconds. Raise your butt and go back to the bridge position. Repeat this procedure for one to two minutes and then move on to the next stretch.

The Reverse Bridge is another stretch that targets the sacral and the base centers. However, this stretch flexes the muscles in the opposite direction and completes the energy balance of these power centers. This stretch follows the same rules as the last stretch: fifteen seconds in one position and then fifteen in the other. You start this stretch on your stomach. Then push upward with your hands and feet, until your body is again perpendicular to the floor. Hold this position for fifteen seconds. Now push inward with your arms. Your butt should rise upward away from the floor. Your body should form the shape of an upward "V." Hold this position for fifteen seconds; however while you hold this position maintain an upward pressure so that you can feel a pull in the calves of your legs. Now resume the perpendicular position. Repeat this procedure for the allotted time and then move on to the next stretch.

The Wheel is a stretch that targets your heart center. Make two fists and interlock those fists together. Place the point where your two fists join over the center of your body, near your actual physical heart. Then, tilt your fist-arm combination upward on one side and downward on the other, leaving your joined fists in the center of your body. Hold this position for a few seconds and then reverse the posture. Continue this up-down, rocking, turning movement for a minute or two.

The Key-Crunch is a stretch that targets the solar plexus. Lie down on the floor on your back. Cup your hands together and place them behind your neck. Now cross your legs at the ankles and pull them upward, so that they are at a right angle. To begin the stretch pull yourself upward -- using your stomach muscles -- so that your face comes as close to your legs as possible. Hold this position for five to ten seconds. Let yourself drop back down to the floor and rest for another five to ten seconds. Now repeat the stretch. If you do this stretch correctly, you will feel your solar plexus burning after five or six of these stretches.

The Energy Purge is not really a stretch, but what this routine does is to take the energy you have circulating thus far and purge it of any negativity. This purging is necessary because the next and final stretching routine targets your two highest energy centers. Stand upright, and hold your arms outward, forming a giant "T." Make sure that the palms of your hands face downward. Now imagine and try to feel two streams of energy, one stream from each palm of your hands, going out your palms and into the floor. Feel the negative energy as it goes out your palms and into the ground. As you do this stretch it is quite common for your ears to plug up slightly. That ear plugging is a sign that the negativity is leaving you. Try to hold this stretch for about two minutes. After you finish, drop your hands slowly and take some deep breaths. At this point you may feel drained. That feeling is normal, because you are lacking the negative energy you just released.

The final stretch routine we call "The Twenty One Breaths to Tranquillity." Appropriately named, this stretch feels great and is a great end to the stretching routine! It targets your brow and crown centers, and it replaces that discarded negative energy with positive energy. This stretch will circulate and balance all the energy you have flowing about you. Sit on the floor with your legs folded underneath you. Stretch your two arms upward as high as they will go, and join your two hands with your index fingers pointing upward. You should resemble a church steeple. Close your eyes and take seven deep breaths. As you take these breaths, imagine a stream of white-hot light coming down from above your finger tips. This stream should enter into the tips of your fingers and go down through the top of your head and into your body. Keep this imaginary energy confined inward. For now, store this energy in your spine.

Now lower your hands, but keep your fingers joined and facing upward. Place your joined hand-finger combination against your chest, near your heart center. Like before, take seven deep breaths. This time, however, circulate that stored energy, sitting in your spine, around you in an all encompassing bubble.

Lastly, bend over and place the top of your forehead against the ground, while keeping your hands joined and at your chest. This placing of your head against the ground will complete the energy circuit you have just opened. Take seven final breaths as this circuit connection becomes complete.

Well, that's it! You can now go on with your day; however, do not forget that there is one more stretch left: the foot stretch. This stretch is not really a stretch but more correctly a massage.

This stretch is for the end of the day, when you are ready to go to sleep and when you are sitting in bed. It is very simple and feels great. Pull you feet toward you and begin lightly to massage the underside of your feet. Start at the toes and work your way toward your ankle. Spend about two to five minutes massaging each foot.

The energy centers in your feet are very important. These centers connect you with the Earth and the Earth's energy. You could not inhabit the earth plane if this connection did not exist. Your power to make changes in the earth plane rests with the quality of this connection. Furthermore, resting in the bottom of your feet are many energy channels that connect directly to various areas of your physical and metaphysical bodies. By massaging the bottom of your feet, you will send gentle ripples of relaxing energy throughout your entire body. When the massage is complete, the energy center at your feet will be clear and balanced and the rest of your physical body will relax and be ready for sleep.

Now, you can, if you like, give certain areas on each foot extra attention. You might want to do this if you are having a particular problem with some area of your body. For example, let's say that you are having a hay-fever attack. You could give and extra massage to each of your toes. Your toes happen to connect to your sinus centers. The rubbing action will, indirectly, stimulate your sinuses and could help alleviate your condition, to some degree.

On the next page is a map of each foot and what each area connects too. Please take note that this view is from your own perspective. It is designed to make it easier for you to massage your own feet. If you were to massage someone else's feet, you would have to reverse the drawing. Also, if you have two of something, like eyes, massaging the area associated with your eye on your right foot will affect your right eye. Massaging your left foot in the area of the eye would affect your left eye. For the parts of your body, where you only have one body part, but both appear on each foot (for example the spine), the left and right foot areas correspond to the left and right side of that particular body part. Finally, you will know when you are massaging the correct area of your foot for a particular body part because you will feel a warm inner glow coming from that body part. This glow takes about thirty seconds to build to a point where you can feel it, so you may want to explore your foot slowly. Every foot is slightly different, and the exact location for a particular body-part will vary slightly from person to person and from foot to foot.

So, you see! This stretching routine not only gives you the energy and cleansing you need to continue with your day, but also prepares and relaxes you for your sleep. Also, the Footssage is a great way to stimulate areas of your body, which require extra attention, that you could not reach any other way.

Important Points from this Chapter:

  • It is important to stimulate and balance your body's energy systems.
  • Energy stretches are a great way to stimulate these centers.
  • Take the stretches slowly and easily, especially in the beginning.
  • If a particular stretch is too difficult, don't do it. Your body may loosen up later on and you may be able to incorporate that stretch then.
  • Don't forget your feet. It is an important connection point for your body's systems to the Earth and a great way for you to access internal areas of your body, you could not otherwise get to.

   In the next chapter, we cover another important aspect of you physical and metaphysical health: your breathing. Did you know that breathing is very important to good energy transfer and good energy balance?


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