Beliefs and their importance in creating your reality

Hermes' Blog: April 6, 2009

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Beliefs and their importance in creating your reality:
I want to talk about beliefs today. It is your beliefs that create the framework for your reality. These beliefs are the blueprint upon which you create everything you see. Many times you do not even know what those beliefs are and because of that your reality remains a mystery to you. Why am I unloved? Why am I poor? Why am I ill? If there is some aspect of your reality you do not like, then there is a belief or beliefs that are creating it that way. You can blame it on any external force you like but it comes down to a belief. Those external forces that you see operating in your life are just doing what you tell them to do based on your beliefs. So if you don't get along with a sibling, for example, then, on the inside, you have beliefs that reinforce this and so when the two of you are together you have conflict. If you were to change this belief than that conflict would go away.

Last month we talked about creating wealth in an economic downturn. Well it is a belief that the world economy is shifting downward, and that you are part of it, that causes you to ride with this belief wave. Mass beliefs often travel in a wave like fashion. The people carrying this belief will infect or influence the people around them who do not have this belief. Then this new belief is passed from person to person like a virus. Now of course if this is something positive you do not think too much about it. However when this wave is negative, then it comes to your attention that world has changed around you and not for the better. Well at the core what has changed is your belief in your created reality and so your external reality has conformed to that new belief. Change the belief and you change your reality. Wave beliefs are beliefs that are in fashion right now and change as the mass climate changes. You can be part of this wave or not. The choice is up to you, but never think that you are at the mercy of such a wave. You consciously take this belief in and own it. That is what makes it influence your life. It only has power because you gave it power.

Beliefs are often elusive. They ride underneath conscious thoughts or seem to but only because you take them for granted. Let's use a common example: a good person. This belief is what is called a core belief and it reaches outward to influence many things in your reality. What that shape takes depends on what you take the words "good person" to mean. Stop, think, and ask yourself what is a "good person"? What makes the qualities of a "good person"? If you create a list of what you think should go into this "good person box" you will find all the little things that make up this core belief. It could be things like, a good person helps others, a good person always smiles, a good person is always happy, a good person cares. Whatever that is that you attach to this "good person" belief is what makes this up. And if you examine your reality and look for "good people", you will find that many of them adhere to this criteria you have set.

The idea is to make yourself aware of some of these core beliefs so that you can understand more about yourself and how you create your world. If some aspect of your life seems unchangeable, then you need to go into the core beliefs that may be fueling that aspect of your life and change those that are causing the change-bottleneck. As homework I want you to look into the very basic areas of your life and see what kinds of beliefs that are operating there. Pick two of them. Pick one aspect of your life that is working well and one that is not. Write down everything you think or feel makes up these core beliefs or goes into them. The look at them side by side and see how a positive acting belief in your life contrasts to a negative acting belief in your life. You will be quite surprised by the results and it may help you to change some of those beliefs preventing the one that is not working in your life to something that does.

Light, Peace

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