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ZIP Welcome Center [pronounced “zeep” or more formerly “zee-pea”] is the first true spiritual environment you come across in the Aethyr training system. However, because it is the first departure of physical reality, the Welcome Center itself takes on a very physical like persona. It is to help you to orient to the new kinds of environments that you will find in the spiritual plane. You can even take a room here at the Welcome Center to help anchor your consciousness in this lofty energy plane.

As you step out of the portal from the Abyss, walk up to the desk and ask the clerk for a Zeep! It’s the energy beverage of choice for the spiritually minded. This drink is pure spiritual energy and you can only get it here in the spiritual plane. It cannot exist in any lower plane.

The Welcome Center Administrator is ZAMFRES (pronounced “za-em-far-es”], the first governor of this Aethyr. He can help you to get acclimated to the spiritual plane in general and tell you about ZIP.

Outside of the Welcome Center is your first power pyramid of the spiritual plane. You go to the ZIP power pyramid to get infused with the energy of spiritual serenity. You will also meet with teachers that will help you to channel this energy down into your lower forms and also embrace what it is to be spirit.

The quest here is to come to know who you are without ego or unbalanced emotional energy. This personality is your larger self that you will come to know as you travel upward in the spiritual plane. Are you a healer, warrior, prophet, creator or some of each of these? You will know your true purpose in this reality.

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About this Picture: The ZIP Welcome Desk waits for the successful traveler to cross the Abyss and emerge from the portal. Through the windows the first of the Power Pyramids of the Spiritual Plane can be seen. It beckons to the newcomer that they have stepped into a new world and something truly special.

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