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In order to access the 23rd Aethyr, TOR, and above you must leave your astral body on the astral plane in the same way that you left your physical body on the physical plane. The Ring-Pass-Not just below TOR will not allow the emotional body to pass and will only allow your lighter mental body to pass. So, to gain entry here and to the Aethyrs above TOR, you will have to detach your emotional self from your energy field and embrace your mental body. Any emotions being displayed in any Aethyr from TOR and above will immediately terminate the experience or send you back to an Aethyr below TOR. We are not saying that you are devoid of emotions, rather the emotions that you have are calm, cool, and controlled by the mental body.

As soon as you enter TOR you will see some kind of symbols of power and energy. TOR is full of symbols and objects because it occupies the mental plane and is the beginning of the Cosmic plane of Air. You may see symbols of Air such as eagles or other winged beings. These symbols will often be seen to change from one to the other. Another common symbol to see here in TOR is the Rose and the Cross (Rosy Cross), the symbol for femininity and masculinity. The mascot of this Aethyr is a black bull with hot steamy breath shooting from its mouth. The bull is Apis of ancient Egypt and it represents an upsurge of energy, which is the core function of this Aethyr.

You see! It is in TOR that the raw energy is generated to sustain the lower planes. Here, energy from spirit is compacted and converted into dense matter. Without the transformer like action of this Aethyr, the physical universe would cease to exist. For this reason TOR is a very charged place, and you will feel the electric in the atmosphere as you walk about.

The lesson in TOR is perfect stability while changing. Even though there are enormous energies being changed from one state to another, the atmosphere remains controlled and stable. You too must remain controlled and stable while you change from your human self to your divine spirit. It is here that you learn that it is possible for change to occur in a stable way, something you may have not been aware of before this initiation. Physical reality can often seem chaotic unstable, especially during change. However that unstability is a human concept and not a divine one. In divinity change is always accomplished in a stable and controlled manner, and you too must learn to change in this manner.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie