Aethyr RII-West, Starry Night Motel

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RC Radio: RII-West, Starry Night Motel, Confronting Limitation and Fear

About the Quest

Hermes Astral Shop

Go through HAS to get to RII-West. See Extended Introduction for more on getting there.

In RII-West you come face to face with your fears and human frailty. Your spirit is immortal, timeless, ancient, and indestructible. These things hardly describe the human experience. As compared to spirit, the human experience can seem limiting and small and even inconsequential. This odd energy dynamic creates a ripe environment for growing fears, feelings of impotency, lack, loneliness and short coming.

In RII-West you will meet these feelings but here you will learn that they are only feelings. They are not representative of the whole self, the self you are coming to know by reaching for spirit. The human self is just a shadow of the whole self. It is a glimpse of some part of the vast consciousness that you are made of.

RII-West can be a dark foreboding place due to the separation you will feel between your immortal soul and the physical body. If you are not familiar with the idea of spirit living without the body, it can raise all sorts of questions about the nature of consciousness, your body, and your immortal soul. You may wonder what purpose does the body hold, especially since it is far inferior to the super self you actually are. The lunar current is very strong here and adds to the psychic atmosphere.

Still, to move forward fear and limitation must be faced. In RII-West, your adventures will reflect these themes. These adventures will help you to realize that you are much more than what it seems and that much more is there for you at your command should you wish it.

The quest here is to walk down the highway and into the unknown and see what you meet. Do not worry, you are not alone here. Your spirit guide is with you. In fact, if you stop at the motel, you can pick your guide up and take it with you along the road. If your experiences become too much to handle, then just walk back to the light of the motel.

The motel is a representation of your spiritual anchor point in physical reality. It sticks out with its bright colorful lights and warm energy. It is a reminder that wherever you go spirit is there, lighting the way. However, the motel is the only welcoming place in RII-West. It is symbolic that compared to your spiritual self the realties around you are dark and lifeless, unless you carry the light with you from the motel into the night and the road.

Other Gifts and things to do, useful information

  • If you are looking to break up blocking forces or learn about what holds you back from manifesting something in your life see TEX-West.
  • RII is broken up into four regions and we will cover each one in a separate article.
  • Hermes unofficial rock and roll song for this location: Pocketful Of Sunshine, by Natasha Bedingfield.