Aethyr RII-South, The Skyway

a pathworking quest location

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RC Radio: RII-South, the Skyway, Letting go of the mortal self.

About the Quest

Hermes Astral Shop

Go through HAS to get to RII-South. See Extended Introduction for more on getting there.

RII-South is a gateway to the rest of the Aethyr Training System. Reaching here means that you have unlocked the gateway travel platform and acquired the keys to access to the next Aethyr Level “BAG”.

With the Aethyr Training System, you need a key to access the next higher level. That key is always contained in the level below the one you want access too, and it becomes available to you once you have mastered the lessons in that level. If you try to access a level you do not yet have a key for, one of two things will happen. Either, you will be blocked from entering that level by the Angelic Governors, or, if you are able to access that level, you will be unable to understand what you are experiencing there. Without the psychological key to unlock experiences on a particular level, you just will find no meaning in what you experience.

The Aethyrs are best done from the bottom to top. Even if you have completed this system in a previous life, it will benefit you greatly to visit each level again. There are many lessons in each Aethyr level. Suffice it to say, you will probably never run out of lessons in this rich training system.

The big lesson at the Skyway is that your spiritual journey requires letting go. You must change to evolve and grow and you do that by letting the things go in your life that no longer help you move forward. Some of those things may not be things you want to let go of. Friends are often things that shift and change with spiritual work, especially with Aethyr work, which is very demanding. Old habits have to be let go of, as well as addictions, bad behaviors, etc. Now you may say, well that does not sound so bad, but keep in mind that even a negative thing in your life can be a crutch you like to lean on. Think of an alcoholic that likes to drink and cannot stop even though he knows it is bad for him, and you get the idea of what I mean. Aethyr work from this point on will require significant change and letting go of things in your life that no longer work.

You will find a ticket machine here. This will give you access to the Skyway. The Skyway is symbolic in that you can only fit so much of your human things into the levels that come after this one. Like a traveler in a foreign country, you only pack the bare necessities, so, too, in the rest of the Aethyr system, you will only take with you the bare essentials.

If you come to this point you have earned it. Welcome to a brave new world in spiritual advancement.

Other Gifts and things to do, useful information

  • Ticket from vending machine to access the Skyway and the rest of the Aethyr Training System.
  • Keychain that contains your first key, giving access to BAG. Store all your Aethyr keys on it.
  • The Skyway, AKA your Travel Vehicle, is your first true gift that begins your freedom from the Earth and physical reality. It is the first of several travel bodies you will get along your spiritual path. The skyway body enables you to travel to 5th dimensional reality. It will get you through most of the Aethyrs, and it will allow you to travel outside the solar system and to other neighboring stars.