Aethyr POP, Temple of Isis

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RC Radio: Temple of Isis

POP [pronounced pay-oh-pay] takes you to the Temple of Isis for an energy and vibration upgrade to your being.

POP is about your energy and your vibration. Both have to increase in order for you to break free of time and space and the reincarnation energies. In POP you will meet with the guide Isis, and she will give you charged spiritual power to raise both your spiritual vibration and your overall energy level.

The human body is like a battery and it can only store so much charge and carry a certain voltage. That body has to be upgraded to take on higher spiritual currents. Isis will deliver this upgrade to your body on a cellular and quantum level. It may come in the form of feeling electrified or blissful. This current may send you back to your normal consciousness, as it often can overwhelm your concentration to keep focused on this Aethyr.

In this Aethyr, you begin to sense the mind of the Universe, of the Creator. This connection will grow stronger as you rise upward in the Aethyr system and your reconnection with the Creator increases. It is a compelling connection that you will yearn to increase. It is the pull of divinity guiding you back home. In physical reality, you are somewhat separated from spirit and the Creator. Here that reconnection begins.

When you enter the Temple of Isis, you will be greeted by Isis or one of her adapts. If you are ready for the energy infusion, she will begin. Sometimes you just get blasted with energy. Other times the ceremony may be more elaborate, and you may be directed to a healing table to lie down on, while the energy dose is administered to you. You body can only absorb the higher energy to a certain point, so you may have to redo the quest several times. Feel free to visit this place anytime you want an infusion of more spiritual energy or wish to avail yourself of the wisdom or Isis.

The quest here is to take on the new energy vibration and charge and to start the reconnection process to the Creator. You will have to repeat the quest here until your energy is high enough to move to the next Aethyr. POP is one of the more simpler Aethyr as it really does not require anything but accepting spirit, divinity, and the Creator into your Soul.

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