Aethyr OXO, OXO City

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OXO City [pronounced “oh-zo”] is a place of joy, hope, and happiness. The city is contained in a bubble or force field that keeps out any negative influence. However there is a trap here!

You can become so at peace and settled here that you would not want to ever leave. Why is this a trap? Well, because, while rest and rejuvenation is very good, being trapped in a place that only offers consciousness this energy, can be a prison for consciousness. With no need or inclination to move forward spiritually, you will stagnate. This will lull you into a very uncomfortable situation, where if something does go awry, you will be unable to handle it. This is the lesson of OXO.

In the previous Aethyr LEA, you became the Lifeguard that protected the citizens of OXO City when they swam in the water. The reason the water around OXO city is not protected from the storms is so that the inhabitants never forget that their protection within the city is an illusion of sorts. Outside the city walls, it can be quite hazardous. The Lifeguard protects them while also giving them a chance to grow beyond the stagnation that is offered in the city.

The reason LEA, the Lifeguard Station, comes before OXO City in the Aethyrs is so that you do not get trapped here like many of the OXO citizens are. OXO city is a great place to visit and take rest and have some very good fun, but it is not any place where consciousness can stay for very long. You are a reality creator and the stagnation here is just too stifling for you in the long term.

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About this Picture: A modern city protected from the storms around it, sits undisturbed. The solar sun showers it with energy keeping all negative energies away.

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