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The feeling throughout the 15th Aethyr, OXO, is intense joy and love of life for its own sake. The lesson here is that life is a dance to be enjoyed and experienced, not feared or dreaded. If you learned the lessons well in the Aethyrs below OXO, OXO will seem like a wonderful region. However, there are many who fear and misunderstand OXO as a terrible place of blaspheme and improper behavior. When you first enter here you will be caught up in the joyous atmosphere it will seem refreshing in an intoxicating sort of way. Whatever you actually see and experience, the happiness and gaiety of the Aethyr will flood your being as it does all who enter here. This joyous atmosphere however is a precursor to an important initiation.

This initiation is the Mystery of the Rose and Cross. The Rosy Cross is a symbol for the union of the masculine and feminine currents and the joyous balance that results when you allow those currents to merge within you. These currents rhythmically swirl through OXO, mixing, unmixing and then remixing. The feminine current is the strongest but enough of the masculine current is here to provide the energy union that exists here. A successful initiation in OXO will have you understanding that life is supposed to be fun (despite what you may have experienced or believed). It is that often carefree behavior that creates the Universe and propels the existence of vast beings and energies. The purpose of Life is to live. The purpose of Being is to be.

You can see that from the viewpoint of the serious and time-fixed ego, such a carefree attitude is an abomination to be avoided. Many who feel this way leave OXO in disgust, convinced that it is an evil place. These rigid and lifeless people usually wind up getting trapped in the next Aethyr, VTA, which can be said to be the opposite of OXO.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie