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Welcome to "Moonbase Alpha" in NIA [pronounced nee-ah]. This location is named after an old space opera television show. In this place, like in the television show, you encounter the unknown and the bizarre. The familiar earth like environments are gone here. It is very barren outside the base, and you need special protection to go out there (your nonphysical body). Here you learn that the human way is not the only way. What I mean is that the universe is a very big place and only a small portion of it will be earth like. Here you become aware that the alien and the unusual is the normal mode for the greater universe, and for your continued journey in the Aethyr training system.

The parameters of time and space here are very loose. Minutes can pass like days or days can pass like minutes. To get to one place to another, you do not actually have to walk anywhere. You can teleport to places from here easily. However before you get to that point, you may want to darn a spacesuit and explore outside the base to find interesting things. Afterward, you can mentally bookmark these places and return instantly if you like. And, if you are brave, you can even leave the spacesuit behind, as your nonphysical body requires no oxygen or air to breathe, though you may still find yourself breathing, even while standing on the surface outside the base.

The main purpose of Moonbase Alpha is to aquatint you with some advanced skills that you may not be aware you possess. Living in physical reality for so long often strips you of the things that your consciousness can do, because living in time and space has limitations that you had to adapt too. Here there is no such thing as a limitation. You are only limited by your own self here.

Visit this place to learn how to use your advanced nonphysical skills, to travel anywhere instantly, or to just have some fun in a place that is not like earth. The main guide here is Commander Tomn. He can help you to get acquainted with the new environment and show you what you can do.

You pass the test here and can move on when you can easily walk the surface and use some of your advanced nonphysical skills and are comfortable in your nonphysical body.

About this Picture: A moonbase sits on a rocky empty world. Inside the base you have the familiar earth-like conditions, outside the unknown and different. To go outside and explore requires special equipment or skills, which you must develop in order to leave the base. There are tracks in the surface indicating that you are not the first person to walk this new path, though it may be the first time for you.

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