Aethyr LIL, Master of the Ages

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In LIL [pronounced “leel” or el-ee-el”] you gain the title of “Master of the Ages!” In the previous Aethyr, ARN, you became a Shamada Priest and a being of light. Here you take the title that signals the end of a long human journey and the beginning of a new one. LIL is the gateway to faraway places and new experiences beyond what is considered human. In LIL you are more than you were and you are become an enteral being. Death and reincarnation no longer apply to you. Your consciousness transcends these limitations and you can move freely in time and space and through dimensions.

You can still retain your physical body while working at this level and it is expected. Your experiences will bounce back and forth between LIL and ARN until you transform the molecules in your physical body to pure light. Then even physical reality will no longer hold you.

You can get visions of a Utopian future and great technological improvements here. These visions may be from the Earth or they can also come from another planet. LIL is connected spiritually to all planets in this galaxy. You can travel great distances quickly in LIL. LIL is a 7th dimension reality. That means space is compressed in the 7th dimension. For example, if you walk 10 feet in a 7th dimension, you could walk the equivalent of light years in normal space.

Notes and useful information

  • Master Blueprint: In LIL and ARN you can tune into the master blueprint that is created by your Monad and used for all your 144 selves. Meditation on the master blueprint will speed along your ability to reach the title earned in LIL of “Master of the Ages!”
  • This level LIL and the previous level ARN are often worked at the same time. ARN and LIL are usually completed together.
  • Gift: The "Gift of Everything" is bestowed upon you in this level of reality. Note: I will do a separate article on the GOE in the future.

About this Picture: Two guards stand on the bridge to a portal that leads to the Goliath Galaxy. You are surrounded by pure energy and spirit. Through the portal lies your next adventure into a new experiences. The orbs of eternity sit atop of each guard.

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