Aethyr LEA, The Lifeguard Station

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LEA [pronounced “lee-ah or el-ee-ah”] is a place where you take up the role of guide and protector. You are a spiritual trailblazer. Let’s face it, very few people travel the Aethyrs for spiritual enlightenment. The journey is hard and long. But here you are, three-fourths of the way to top.

In this Aethyr, you have to become the Lifeguard at the station. You have to learn to watch the waves and look for trouble, so that you can steer others away from it, and save them if necessary.

In the distance is the protected city of OXO (city of bliss and joy), your next Aethyr destination. However you are not there yet. Here the inhabitants of the OXO City leave their protected environment to come to swim and have fun. They only know bliss and joy, even though lightening tries to rage the city. The citizens of OXO are not contaminated by dark energy and so they do not even know what it is. The water here contains dark as well as light energies. Swimming in these waters can often result in a perilous journey. You must be on guard to rescue anyone who is trapped beyond their own measure to escape.

LEA is about learning when to administer help and aid. Your job is to distinguish between who needs help because they have taken too much upon their shoulders, and who is capable of getting out of the jam themselves. You can’t rescue everyone. If you did that then those that absolutely needed your rescue would not get it. So here you must learn that in life, you may have the power to help everyone, but you need to restrict that help to those that absolutely need it.

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About this Picture: A lifeguard station sits on a beach opposite OXO City. Lightening flashes over the city. The station waits for you to climb into it and take up the role of the Lifeguard and become the Lifeguard on Duty!

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