Aethyr IKH, the Holy City

a pathworking quest location

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IKH [pronunced ee-kee-ha] sits on the edge of the Abyss. It is the last place of refuge before you take the plunge into ZAX to cross the Abyss and into the Spiritual Plane.

The crossing of the Abyss is a milestone in your spiritual journey. It is the ultimate test of your spiritual grade. Inside the Abyss sits the Archdemon KHRONOZON, waiting to expose your weaknesses. For this reason, it is a good idea to spend time at the Holy City, before undertaking your journey across the Abyss. While here you can interact with the residents of the Holy City, who are very well versed in all forms of protection from and combat with darkside energies.

The “Holy Knights of One” are the main inhabitants of this station. They are a higher grade of the “Knights of One” that are found in Valhalla in the Tree of Life. These higher level knights are serious individuals that use their energy to hold back the dark matter that emanates out of the Abyss. Without the protective shield that they maintain around the station, this dark energy would consume anyone who is not yet ready to face the dark onslaught.

Spend time here and get advice from the knights. They can point out any gross flaws you may have before leaving the station and departing for the Abyss. Being this close to the Abyss and its dark energies may bring up some feelings or thoughts that you need to work on. Take your time here and venture out when you feel you are ready.

Other Info / Gifts / Things to do / interesting stuff

  • Shield of NIAKOD, for protection crossing the Abyss
  • You can safely cross the Abyss and into the spiritual plane by using one of the Tree of Life Gateways, which bypass the Abyss and the confrontation with archdemon. The crossing here is for those people who are engaging in advanced spiritual training, which usually leads to becoming a Magical Dragon (DEO).
  • I always perceive the Holy City as a space station. Others have seen it as a temple or an ancient city on the edge of a great desert.

About this Picture: A space station made of light and protected by a hexagram shield sits at the edge of the Abyss. There is a subtle force, between the Abyss and the Holy City, which keeps the Holy City in a stable orbit around the Abyss.

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