White Light Exercise (WLE) supplement

Because the WLE is an invocation it is important to know what you are invoking. So let's spend a few moments learning about what is happening here in this exercise

Hebrew English Translation Equivalent Planetary Energy
YUD I Water Virgo
NUN N Fire Scorpio
RESH R Air Sol (the Sun)
YUD I Earth Virgo

Osiris: Egyptian figure of death and resurrection.
Isis: Egyptian figure of the sky goddesses, nature and the mother of all things.
Virgo: Planetary energy of love and compassion.
Typhon: Greek figure that represents the destroyer.
Apophis: Greek & Egyptian figure of the dark inner self.
Scorpio: Planetary energy of transfiguration.
Sol: Planetary energy of the Sun, the energy of the light of goodness.
IAO (ee-ah-oh): An ancient form of the energy of THE CREATOR (early Christian)
LVX The various arm movements in the exercise: the Latin word for light. Out stretched arms is neutral energy.

Step 1: You invoke the energy of earth, air, fire, and water to balance and support you through the exercise. Then with the key of Osiris slain, you invoke the energy of death. This in effect cuts you off from all external energies. It is a neutralizing of the forces in your body.

Step 2: Using the key of mourning Isis you invoke the energy of nature waiting to renew itself. In effect you ask THE CREATOR to oversee the forthcoming resurrection process.

Step 3: Using the key of Typhon and Apophis you invoke the energies of the destroyer and the dark inner self. This destroys and consumes any dark or lower energy you have in your body.

Step 4: Using the key of Osiris risen you invoke the energy of resurrection. This key begins the resurrection energy, as the self has been purified to accept the new higher energy vibrations.

Step 5: Using the key of the cross (which is the elements of earth, air, fire, and water in balance), you rebalance the remaining energy within you.

Step 6: Using the key of Osiris slain a second time, you invoke the energy of Isis, the mother aspect to begin rebuilding the Self that is left. Then you invoke the energy of transformation, transforming what is left to a higher component. Next you, once more, invoke the energy of resurrection.

Step 7: You invoke the key of ascension (this hand position is not a "V"; it is a reaching up for the divine light). You must reach for the light before it will come to you. You use the key of mother energy Isis again, then the energy of the destroyer of negative forms, then the energy of resurrection, and finally the energy of THE CREATOR.

Step 8: You lower your hands and bask in the direct and pure energy of THE CREATOR as it descends on you, without any energy blockages, as you have cleared them all out using the exercise.

Step 7 & 8 is where the actual energy transfers into the self. The idea of steps 1 to 6 is to empty the self of all impure energy, lower passions and emotions, so that the new higher energy vibrations can come though. What makes the WLE a great charging exercise is the fact that all your lower energy is removed and transformed so that a more pure energy can fit. It is like a glass half full of tainted water. You could add new water to the glass, but then how pure would that water be. It would be better to empty the glass of tainted water first, and then fill it up with new pure water before you drank it This idea is the basis behind the WLE. You tear the self down of all the non-pure aspects and then you refill it with the pure light of THE CREATOR.

To get the most out of the MPE and the WLE you should do each exercise once a day at different times during the day. That way you will have both the balancing aspects of the MPE and the charging aspects of the WLE. With more nonphysical energy flowing about, you will be able to do more nonphysical things, like increase your dream recall, have better meditations, and even start to open up your third eye so that you can see into the future and past. All these benefits and more are yours by building your nonphysical energy bank. And, when we come to out of body travel, you will find these exercises a great help in getting you off the ground.

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