Invisibility Cross Exercise (ICE)

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To shield your aura and make you appear invisible or to go unnoticed.


  • Use your hands in each position and say silently or aloud once the word "Yeh-hah-shu-ah."
  • Draw this figure in the four cardinal directions around you. Saying the word once for each direction.
  • You can make it small to be inconspicuous.
  • If you look directly at a person the shield could be broken.
  • Length of duration will vary from 3 minutes minimum, 15 minutes minimum max.
  • The more you use this cross the better you will get at its effectiveness.
  • Translation (Yeheshuah): Messiah

*source material for this exercise: "The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie" and "Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig."