Magical Energy Keys part 2 Hexigrams

Magick and Energywork

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For Magical operations (see real audio tutorial for more information on use)

Note: This page is designed to be used as a reference tool. It does not contain any information on the use of these magical keys. See the audio tutorial if you want an introduction to using magick.

  • prosperity &wealth
  • creating opportunity
  • good luck and fortune
  • aggression
  • strength and greatness
  • things of war or destruction
  • sex & power
  • anger
  • ideas or solving problems
  • communication
  • communicating with others
  • intellect and reason
  • internet, radio, television
  • things unseen or in the process of manifesting.
  • exposing deception or secrets
  • lunar consciousness
  • humanity
  • emotions and feelings
  • responsibility & discipline
  • limitations
  • working out inner problems
  • strife & friction
  • friendships and love
  • cooperation with others
  • beauty and creating beauty
  • enjoyment
  • the feminine current
  • the self and personal transformations
  • your identity or the identity of another
  • illuminating situations
  • things close to you
  • the masculine current
  • solar consciousness

*source material for this exercise: "The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie" and "Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig."