Magical Energy Keys part 1 Pentagrams

Magick and Energywork

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Magical Energy Keys part 1

Reality Creator Reference Book   

For Magical operations (see real audio tutorial for more information on use)

Note: This page is designed to be used as a reference tool. It does not contain any information on the use of these magical keys. See the audio tutorial if you want an introduction to using magick.

  • For any kind of manifestation (invoking).
  • For elimination of things already manifested (banishing).
  • For removal of negative energy (banishing), including low-level entities and demons.
  • For rasing of Earth energy (invoking).
  • For restoration or building up of existing structures (invoking).
  • To heal physical wounds (invoking)

  • For transformation of the self or some situation to its higher state of being (invoking).
  • For generating energy or gathering more energy (invoking).
  • For removal of fire energy (banishing).
  • For taking the fire (anger, violence, etc) out of some situation (banishing).

  • For the reduction or elimination of gossip or negative communications, arguments (banishing).
  • For removal of air energy (banishing).
  • For the removal of some air entities that tend to cause mischief in volatile social situations (banishing).
  • For creating mental activity or to generate ideas or resolutions to problems (invoking).
  • To heal mental wounds (invoking)

  • For raising of emotion or feelings on some matter (invoking).
  • To reduce a broken heart (banishing).
  • To help in matters of love (invoking or banishing depending on situation). Be careful here as you should never force the creation of love on someone.
  • For removal of water energy (banishing).
  • To create a pathway for energy to flow through (invoking).
  • To heal emotional wounds (invoking)

  • For invoking upper-level entities.
  • For invoking the energy of spirit.
  • For the transformation of human to divine.
  • For more subtle transformations.
  • USE NOTE: First you use the active than follow up with the passive. This is a two-part pentagram

  • For banishing upper-level entities.
  • For gentle removal of entities that need to move back to the higher plane they came from. Used after invoking an upper-level entity to return him.
  • For banishing the energy of spirit.
  • For closing any invoking active or passive spirit key.
  • USE NOTE: First you use the active than follow up with the passive. This is a two-part pentagram


*source material for this exercise: "The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie" and "Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig."