Banishing Ritual Hexagram (BRH)

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The BRH is used to remove distracting and non-eartly influences from your environment or magical circle. This becomes important when doing any magical operation, and even for keeping your house clear of distracting energies.

Use: Draw the figure below using your fingers in the air in front of you. Start where indicated by the arrows and draw the figure till you reach the finishing point. Each figure contains two triangles that you must draw. Make sure you start and finish in the perscribed places and that the figures overlap each other as shown below. To enhance the process imagine the triangles as blue as they hang in the air where you drew them.

Extended Use: Use right after doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentigram (LBRP) for a more complete clearing.

Pronunciation Note: I have included sound files to show you how these words of power are pronounced. I do not claim that this is the absolute correct way to say these words. It is how I have said them myself over the years and have got good results. In practice it is not as important how the word is actually said. It does not have to be an exact representation. The formula will still work.

Go to the East Scribe the Figure Below
Go to the South Scribe the Figure Below

Go to the West Scribe the Figure Below
Go to the North Scribe the Figure Below

*source material for this exercise: "The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie" and "Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig."