Geburah (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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GOD FORCE ElLOHEEM-GIBOR (God of battles, judging and evening evil, and at whose steps are lightening and flame)

Geburah is the sphere of might and strength. The energy here transmits courage and the ability to tear down old and outworn patterns to make room for new ones. It is the sphere where you learn to fight for what you want when there is opposition in your path.

Geburah is also the place to go to tap into the natural powers of the universe and to learn how they work and interact. It also teaches you responsibility and respect for the use of these great energies and powers. A magician or a wiccan often tap into the power of Geburah before they cast a spell or do magic.

It is important to develop a sense of high order or authority when dealing with the power of Geburah. This energy can easily be misused for destruction and cruelty and of course karmic repercussions would follow. Towards this end the beings and archangels here will help you to develop these higher qualities so that you can use the power of Geburah wisely and safely.

Kamael is the archangel here and he is a good being to seek out if you are in need of someone to protect you because you do not have the strength to protect yourself. He can also help you to remove those that block your path or your efforts to evolve and grow. The rule of thumb here is that Kamael will help you if your cause is just and in harmony, but don't ask him for assistance if your intentions are selfish or short sighted.

Because the energy in Geburah is so physical like it is also a good place to go for athletes or for competition. The energy here can help you greatly in the sculpting of your physical body and perfecting of physical skills requiring muscle, strength, focus, and agility.