God, the Fall, Human Relationships

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You cling to human relationships like a dog clings to a bone. However, do you ever think about why? Why is it easier to put more trust in a fellow human being than in that divine force that sparked all life? Well let's take a few minutes and explore why you feel closer to your human companions than you do to God and what purpose it serves in the divine plan that is unfolding?

In the beginning there was God (Source) and you; and between both of you was a communication that was stronger than any molecular bond you have on your planet. There also were others like yourself that shared that same unbreakable energy connection to God. At that time God had replicated himself and spread himself across vast distances, and each of these selves was exploring the Universe in its own unique way.

Back in that pre-time time the you/God energy connection was of a design that was exclusive. It went from the individual to God. Also, the way you experienced your other selves was through this energy connection. You reached upward to that part of you that was God, and then went through God to reach another self. Imagine energy going up from you, to God, and down into another individual. Realize that at this time all of you were all God-Selves - individualization did not occur till after the "Fall." We are only using the term individual to make it easier to understand what was going on.

In comes what is termed as the "Human Fall." At this point in the cosmic time clock, a group of these individualized God-Selves decided to explore the most dense region of the Universe (physical reality) and in the process they also created the disconnection from God, which you are now aware of and trying to reverse. Well, many learning's and realizations are coming out of this disconnection and reconnection from you to God, as well as the exploration of the most dense part of the Universe, but the learning we want to examine today involves human relationships and human interaction. So let's focus on this angle.

Now, keep in mind that connection you had to each other when you were God-Selves. This connection to each other was facilitated by your link with God. In the "Fall," when that link from you to God was fading, you not only felt cut off from God but from each other. Necessity breeds invention, as they say. So, when you started to feel increasingly isolated (because of your diminishing God-connection), you desperately sought a way to reconnect with your other selves. This action caused you to seek intimacy and companionship through each other, rather than through your own self.

Many will argue that this turning away from God and toward each other was counterproductive in human evolution; and if you look at it from a past and current perspective it may seem so. However to understand the great learning and advancement of consciousness, let's move the story along to its natural conclusion.

In the endgame you are once again God-selves and have once more built up that inner connection between you and God. However the difference in this full-circle version of yourself is how you perceive your other selves in relation to God. The pre-fall connection had you reaching upward through God and then downward into another God-Self. Now in the post-fall format, you have learned to experience God in each other - through each other. The energy goes from you, to another, and then up to God. Do you see the difference in the pre-fall energy link and the post-fall energy link? The new energy link makes it possible for you to experience another person's perspective of God. This kind of experience was not possible before the "Fall," as there were no direct energy links between each of the God Selves. No self would dare to break their primary God link, because to separate yourself from God (even a fraction) was considered very dangerous.

So by experiencing physical reality in a community like fashion, you have gained a new link to each other - a more intimate link, perhaps. This additional connection has you experiencing one another in two ways: through God and through each other. And by experiencing God from both perspectives, a new sense of love for each other is added. This kind of love is represented in the Christ connection.

The Christ connection is energy linking your heart chakra to all other people's heart chakra, built by the desire to reunite with God and to experience the Universe in a way that had not been tried before. So, when you wonder why your connection to each other seems stronger than your connection to God. Know that it is because the focus for many years was to forge a new energy connection: the Christ connection. Now that this connection is in place, you can once again reach upward to God through your inner selves (which is what is happening now on the planet).

This reconnection to God with the Christ connection in place has the effect you call ascension. Once reconnected with that God-force, that initial Christ connection, which you built up, expands and connects the individual with all of humanity in a powerful energy of mutual understanding, love, trust and the knowing that God is present in each and everyone that you meet. You call this ascension. However ascension is really that Christ connection from heart chakra to heart chakra becoming active with God's pure light. God's energy descends on the individual. It goes into the heart chakra where the circuit to all humanity becomes complete and you are joined to God by your own personal connection and through every other individual's personal connection to God.

Advanced students of the occult usually fall into the trap of cutting off their human side as they reconnect with the divine. Some teachings even say that you should discard the human in favor of the divine, but this is not really the case. You must reconnect with God while maintaining your humanness. It is the human part of you that activates the Christ energy and makes you special and differentiates you from all those souls that have not experienced physical reality and its disconnection to Source. The reconnection to God is merely a going back over a path you let go of, long ago, to forge this new Christ connection. It is not necessary to cut yourself off from others and become a hermit to reactivate your god link and activate your Christ connection. All you need is the desire, patience, and love and the energy will flow into you a bit more each day and your Christ connection will grow and expand.

So as you reconnect yourself with God, remember that your human desire to be with one another and experience another is also a divine act. It can be quite powerful, and often it can get out of balance. However, as you forge ahead toward endgame, you will get better at handling these powerful and uncontrolled feelings to interact with one another, in the various ways you do that as humans. It is how you are coming to know each other and to develop that Christ energy of Universal love and Universal well being.