Direct & Reflective Energy: The energy of Source and of Self

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The energy you deal with on a day-to-day basis comes in two basic forms; direct and reflective. Both types of energies are used by consciousness and neither one is better than the other; they merely are the ways consciousness learns to handle energy and create its realities. To properly balance your evolution both types of energies should be used and developed. Some students of the occult will say "I only do it this way!" and in fact they are cutting themselves off from the balance that can only be reached when both energies are used and developed. Their are various methods for using both, but before we can get into that, we will need to make sure you understand just what direct and reflective energy are and the differences between them.

With direct energy you are dealing with energy coming straight from Source. It is the Co-Creator energy coming down from areas of the Universe that are outside of your present point in evolution. It is energy to be tapped into and directed with your will. This energy comes from power sources larger than your own. With direct energy it is the your own consciousness that must command this massive energy. How well you do that commanding depends on how well you can tune into Source (your inner god if you will).

Many earthly deities and saints used direct energy to manifest their miracles. The clear connection they possess to Source allowed them to command this energy with their thoughts and their will into physical reality. The "I am" energy of the Saint Germain Discourses are a call to this Source, which is why they are so powerful and often bring instant results. Instant results are possible with direct energy because it exists outside of physical time and space (it does not pass through you but is directed by you). Therefore it often can do things in an out-of-time context.

By using direct energy you learn how to tune into larger energy structures than you are presently using. It also helps you to strengthen your connection to divine sources that are more in tune with the harmony of ALL-THAT-IS. Finally, using direct energy allows you to continue upward with your evolution, by giving you a goal - a reference point to aim for.

Now, on the other hand, with reflective energy you are dealing with the energy of Self. This energy is your own energy that you possess and use. It is called reflective energy because it comes from Source (God) to your own individuality for your own personal use. It reflects the Father principle. As an example, the sun would be a direct energy source and the moon would be a reflective source. The light of the moon seems to come from the moon, but in fact comes from the sun and is reflected by the moon.

With reflective energy you are dealing with the energy of your own personal will. This is the energy you use mostly in your daily reality creating, though it does not have to be. Reflective energy is the energy that you have learned to use or are learning to use. How well you apply that energy, naturally, is a product of how well you can focus your thoughts and energy in general. Many (but not all) lay-on-hand healers use reflective energy. They focus their will power and allow their own energy to pass into a patient and bring about change. Reflective energy passes through time and space (because you are a part of time and space), so depending on how much the director of the reflective energy (you) is tied to physical time, will effect how long it takes for reflective energy to effect a change.

Reflective energy teaches you how to focus and use the power that is already a part of your make up. It is the energy of your own being. By using reflective energy you learn more about yourself and your own unique contribution to the Universe. Using reflective energy also enables you to take on larger energies from Source, as it breaks down blockages and builds up the many energy conduits that make up your energy system. The more energy your system can process, the greater reflective energy you will possess for your own use.

Now, their are various methods for using both, and we're sure many of you are using some of these already. Let's explore them.

Some ways of taping into direct energy are prayer, meditation, calling the "I am" presence, some forms of magic, and any other method where you are invoking a higher power or energy into your life. With direct energy you become a gate that controls the energy, but you yourself do not supply that energy. Your own will controls the flow of where that energy goes - once you connect and activate your gate that is. Of course, here, the challenge is to have a very clear connection to Source, which is why often meditation or prayer helps. The narrowing focus of these techniques clears away lots of mental clutter and allows you the most clean connection possible.

Some ways of taping into reflective energy are directing energy with your hands, working with crystals, working with other magical artifacts such as wands and staffs, acupuncture or acupressure, massage therapy, magic and spell casting, and your daily reality creating. When you can channel reflective energy by just using your thoughts (no external devices), you are reaching the level of an energy master. Hopefully at that point your connection to direct energy will be equally as strong and the balance and harmony that you life will have is truly a blessing to behold.

As we said earlier, the use of both energies is necessary for this harmony, and for your continued evolution. You see! You are not an island. You are one of many pieces of divinity that must learn to exist with other pieces of divinity. This learning process is accomplished by first tuning into an energy source that possesses a higher level of harmony than the one you presently possess (direct energy). Calling in this force and allowing it to do work for you imparts this greater harmony into your present structure. Then the second part of this process is to make that energy, which you possess (reflective energy), work for you under your own will, as you learn how to apply it in harmony.

Applying reflective energy properly is a key ingredient in your learning of using energy. Believe it or not, it is impossible to use direct energy improperly. Direct energy possesses a harmony greater than your own. If you try to apply direct energy improperly, it just won't work. However, as you catch on as to how to direct this new energy properly, you take on this new energy; it becomes reflective energy for your own use. Once it becomes reflective energy, you can fully use this new level of energy and are responsible for its proper use.

As you can see, both energies are needed for your proper development and growth. So, don't throw away that prayer and take up those crystals, or throw away those crystals and take up that prayer, you need both. With both you can more easily transform into what you are destined to become: divine!