Reality Shifting in the Nonphysical

Often I talk about these various reality planes and how you can come and go on them, yet you may think that these planes are located in different places. You may also think that when you shift from one plane to another, you may find yourself in different places. However, after a few nonphysical adventures, where you shift yourself from plane to plane, you realize that something strange is going on and these planes are not apparent. You may even question whether you actually shifted to another plane. Let's explain these shiftings, so that you can understand a very basic concept about dimensions and dimensional shifts.

The best way to understand the nonphysical dimensions, and the Earth Plane as well, is to look at these planes as existing all in the same place. Now, if these dimensions all exist in the same space, then what separates them? Well, they are separated by the frequency that they vibrate at. The Earth Plane vibrates at the lowest frequency and the Spirit Plane vibrates at the highest. Also each plane is progressively larger, with the most dense plane (Earth) occupying the smallest space and the least dense (Spirit) occupying the largest space.

Shifting, or moving, from plane to plane has nothing to do with movement through distance. A shift from one plane to another is a matter of changing the structure of your consciousness' energy pattern to match that of the desired plane you wish to inhabit. So, as a physical creature, you vibrate at a physical frequency and your consciousness is aware of that reality plane. When you leave your body, as you do in an out of body travel, your vibration shifts upward a notch or two. If it goes up one notch, you will find yourself on the Etheric Plane. If it shifts up two notches you will find yourself on the Astral Plane. Let's illustrate this more clearly.

You leave your body and find yourself in your room. Your physical body rests comfortably in your bed. You are on the Etheric Plane, and things seem heavy and dense, just like the physical plane, but there is a sense of freedom here that the physical plane lacks. Objects seem stable and permanent. The walls are solid.

Now, you shift your consciousness up one notch and enter into the Astral Plane. Things start to appear and feel different. The room still is the same, but things seem less dense. You find that objects are very light and that it is possible to put your hand through the wall if you try hard enough. You look over at the bed and you notice that your body is not there. You can't see it any longer. You look at your dresser and all of a sudden it changes into your old dresser you had several years ago. Then it changes back. Time is merging here and is not as defined as in the Etheric Plane.

You shift up another notch and enter into the Mental Plane. Now things really seem different. The room has completely reversed itself. Your bed is on the other side of the room and the door to the room is not even looking like a door. Your dresser does not even look like a dresser; it, instead, has turned into box with old clothes in it. When you walk through the wall (which is very easy to walk through, in fact it takes little effort), you find out that you are in a completely different place then where you should be, you are not in your house but, instead, are standing in the middle of a ball field.

You decide to continue with your experiment, and you walk back into your room. Now you shift up another notch, to reach the Spirit Plane. The room disappears completely, and you find yourself standing on the edge of a mighty turbulent river. Across the river lies a golden city and fields of green. There is a guide with you. He tells you that you are not yet in the Plane of Spirit. It lies across the river. Instead, you are in the most upper region of the Mental Plane. You must first learn how to calm the river so that you can safely cross over and into the Spirit Plane. You understand, and you decide to end your out of body adventure for today and return to the physical body.

As you can see, in our little mock adventure, your shift through the reality planes was accomplished without going anywhere. All these planes existed one on top of the other. What did change was your energy and your awareness of that reality plane.

Now you may ask, "So, what else is different about these planes and why can't you get into the Plane of Spirit?" Well, there is much information already in other chapters on each of the reality planes, so we won't go into that here again. And as far as the Spirit Plane, there are certain safeguards in place to keep you out of their before you are ready. However, when you are ready. The river, or bridge, or void, or cliff (whatever way you perceive this zone) will be quiet and you will just have to walk across into a very new and very different kind of reality. This reality too, by the way, exists in the same space as all the other ones. The crossing just symbolizes a security gate that must be passed before you can shift your body's vibration up to the next level.

Now, I bid you a fond adieu, and wish you very happy travels on the nonphysical planes.

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