Reincarnation, the next level

There have been many misconceptions attached to the idea of Reincarnation. We wish to explore this concept and, hopefully, get rid of some incorrect assumptions. However, to fully understand Reincarnation, we also need to cover the idea of simultaneous time, which, at first glance, may be a somewhat startling approach to a seemingly linear topic!

Linear time is a device that enables each human being to explore reincarnation and karma in a progressive fashion for inner illumination, reflection, and to eventually transcend both reincarnation and karma. Except, reincarnation is a timeless device. It exists outside time and space as you understand it. However, inside the physical system, you perceive these reincarnatal lives as a series of lives lived one right after the other. This way of looking at reincarnation limits you, as you are finding out, as you slowly break down the physical barriers of time and space, as you evolve ever forward in the great cosmic wheel of eternity.

Now, as the old paradigm fails a new one must emerge, so that you can continue to benefit from the idea of reincarnation and take advantage of its complete nature. That nature is that reincarnated lives occur simultaneously and separately. This concept, however, often confounds the human mind, which often views things in a linear fashion and must do that viewing in a linear dimension. But, with a bit of nifty manipulation, and a dip into simultaneous time, we will get you to understand how you live all of your lives - past, present, and future - now, in this lifetime, and how all those lives are quite independent from the one you presently occupy. Furthermore, we will show you how two people can have the same memories of the same past life, but remain separate individuals.

Our journey begins with the nonphysical dimension, a dimension from which all things spring including that of the physical reality that you have come to know and love.

You see! In this greater nonphysical dimension, Time is simultaneous. Everything, for the most part, happens concurrently. What enables this simultaneous quality is energy, in the nonphysical, being unbound to any one moment. Energy can shift just as easily from tomorrow to yesterday, just as easily as you walk from one room to another. Energy, also, is free with regards to any one probability, in the nonphysical, and can shift from one probable version of some event to another.

Now, if time is an inconstant, nonphysically, then the logical conclusion is that everything is occurring at the same instant, over and over, with all the probable versions of all events happening and existing someplace. So, the Universe gets born, grows, and dies every moment of every moment and goes through that process of birth, growth, and death in an infinite number of ways. This rhythm is the never ending cycle of evolution.

The problem occurs when we try to merge the idea of simultaneous time with Reincarnation and do that merging in a dimension that exists in a moment-to-moment framework (such as the physical one that you occupy). How can you live lives simultaneously when they (meaning your reincarnatal selves) are nonexistent (from a linear perspective)? Well, the first thing you must realize is that Reincarnation is born from that greater nonphysical dimension of which the physical realm is just a small part. Then you have to stop looking at reincarnation from this serial perspective and, instead, try to see this concept from a timeless, nonphysical perspective, as it truly is.

To begin this understanding realize that you and any one of your past or future selves exist independently of each other, in parallel. Furthermore, just because a self exists in the past or future does not deny that reincarnatal self a life of its own. That self existing in the past is free of any predetermined actions and is able to make decisions independent of whatever you may or may not remember from that incarnation.

What we are trying to do here is to get you to change the way you view your reincarnatal selves, especially past selves. Often it is your idea of past selves that harbor many of your reincarnation misconceptions. Do not think of a past self as the person you were a hundred years ago, but think of a past self as the person that you are a hundred years ago.

If the last sentence is a bit confusing, don't worry. We're going to elaborate on it. Your reincarnatal selves are experiencing their lives right now as you walk and breathe. Those selves are not dead, (in the case of past selves) or not yet born (in the case of future selves) nor are they out of reach. All of your reincarnatal lives are lived AT THE SAME TIME simultaneously, and not in a linear fashion. If you had a time machine, couldn't you go back in time and visit that past self? Wouldn't that self be alive and breathing, and not some dead, long-buried creature?

Well, you have a time machine, and that machine is your consciousness. Whether you realize it or not, your consciousness exists outside the physical domain. Oh, yes! There are portions of your consciousness that focus solely on your physical moment. However, your consciousness is like a vast machine that can do many amazing things. Part of your consciousness stretches across time and space like a blanket, touching every aspect of the Universe. Suffice it to say that a portion of this machine touches each of your past and future selves and acts like a cord that links all your selves.

With the idea that you live reincarnatal lives in parallel, simultaneously, you can easily understand how one moment in one life (past or future) can echo into another, especially if that moment is relevant to both selves. Also, moments can parallel each self in certain lives. For example, you could marry together, cry together, laugh together, and even die together. All of your lives past and future form a symphony of a sort - a symphony that transcends time and space, with each life adding to the entire piece. Quite often the murderer has a reincarnatal life as a saint, and the saint has a reincarnatal life as the murderer. Here is the true meaning behind Christ's words when he said that all - even the most holy - have sinned. Christ knew the connection between past self, present self, and future self and knew that even the most devote human would spend lifetimes exploring the other side of the coin. This partaking of all human experiences is an essential part in humanity's exploration of ALL THAT IS.

Your reincarnatal lives are not lives in which you did this or that, but lives in which you are doing this or that. Take this idea one step further and keep in mind that connecting cord from you to your reincarnatal lives. If your reincarnatal selves are dynamic and living in the Ever Present Moment, as you are living your life now, you can pull resources and learning from one self to another. You can also help that self (in the case of a past self) to alter its future to a better one, using your own foreknowledge of how you lived that life - one self helping the other to evolve and grow. Furthermore, what you do in your reality will mirror back at you, right? (The Reality Mirror Principle) So, by helping your past selves, you enable your future selves to help you. Soon, you will interconnect all your selves through time in space in such a way that will accelerate your evolution and the evolution of all your reincarnatal selves.

For example, sometimes a reincarnatal self is under extreme duress, due to something going on in that life. This duress can send waves outward that will affect future and past selves. (Remember! Time is simultaneous, so you can feel these happenings even across time and space.) You could be experiencing some of that anguish, as some kind of physical discomfort. The connecting cord between all your selves is pulling part of your consciousness into that past or future moment.

If you suspect that this pulling may be occurring, you have to first realize that, while there is a connection to each of your selves, you are all separate. One self does not always affect the other self. A sense of perspective is important. You must not blame every discomfort that you have on a reincarnatal self. So, first you should eliminate all the other possibilities and ask yourself. How did I create this situation? Then when you eliminate all the other possibilities, you can safely entertain that the cause of the discomfort is possibly from another self. If this duress from other selves is the case, it is usually a cry for help. The central core of your entity is pulling on all the selves to help the self in duress. It is at this moment that you could and should render help and assistance.

You render assistance by sending love, strength, and security through time and space and into the self that is under duress. Use the Heart Chakra for the transmission of the energy. This action will instantly do two things. First, it will send off a much needed burst of energy to a self in need. Second, it will terminate the episode, so that your consciousness is free of the pull to that moment. Of course, failing to send off energy to the self in duress will not bring an end to your existence. You will, however, spend the next several minutes or even hours undergoing a portion of that duress. The self in trouble will get the support it needs, one way or another! Naturally, the more loving thing to do is to send that self the help it needs, releasing yourself from further obligation. On the positive side, there is an exchange here. By sending off assistance to a self in trouble, other reincarnatal selves will come to your aid when you are in trouble. The reality-mirror guarantees that what you do for one will be done for you in return.

Also, on the timeline of selves, certain selves are closer to each other. This nearness, however, has nothing to do with years. Two consecutive lifetimes may be only a few years apart; but psychically and psychologically, those two selves can be like two individuals that are continents apart. The factor that links reincarnatal selves is how one life complements and/or supports the other. Certain reincarnatal selves are like alternate beats on a song. These beats help define each other. Without both, neither one would have a place in the whole song. It is these linked selves that often intrude on each other and pull from each other in times of need.

Now an interesting occurrence with past lives is the remembrance of these past lives (or at least the discovery of them) and then checking back historically to find that no such person existed. Does this absence of verification imply that the past self does not really exist? The answer here is a flat NO! Why? Well, because of probabilities. Remember our little discussion of simultaneous time? We mentioned that all probable versions of events and lives exist at every moment. Many remembered past selves come from probable past existences. The past self that you remember, does not necessarily have to come from the probability stream of your present lifetime. Surprise! You not only reincarnate across time but across probabilities as well!

This setup also explains how two separate individuals can have memories of the same past life. These two people are cross-connecting in the same probability stream, now, at this moment, in this lifetime, but come from different past probable selves. Identical past lives, shared by two individuals, do not necessarily mean that these two people are the same or from the same stock. Two people can share the same past life but have many very different other past lives. They are not the same individual! They just share a similar past life. What constitutes the uniqueness of an individual - and remember this fact, because it is important - is the blueprint of all the selves over time, not the living of one or two of the same past lives...

Let's end by tying up those few loose ends of the reincarnation puzzle. You may be a bit confused about what happens after death, upon reentering the nonphysical. Do you become joined by all of your reincarnatal selves? Will you be free from incarnating again? Do your reincarnatal selves still exist? Let's clear up these points and some others too.

When you leave this life and enter into the nonphysical, the person you are at death is the person that you are when you enter the nonphysical. There will be no magical transformation of your self into a super-self. Your past and future selves will still exist, and the energy link will still exist between you and them, as it did when you were physical. You could, however, meet up and have a conversation with a self that lived in the 10th Century. Both of you would be separate individual selves, with each self possessing an independent mind and soul. However, the difference between both of you is that the 10th Century self would be yourself back in the 10th Century with you as a future self reference. And, the 20th Century self would be you with a past 10th Century reference. This framework has nothing to do with whether you lived this life or that life. This framework has to do with a psychological reference within a framework of probabilities! The 20th Century looks at itself from the perspective of the 20th Century, with certain past and future lives, which spring forth from that moment. The 10th Century self looks at itself self from a 10th Century perspective, with all its past and future selves, springing forth from that moment.

Also, each of these psychologically different selves is free to reincarnate again. You can, for example, decide to reincarnate and live your next logical physical lifetime. This life could be - say - one hundred years in the future, from the lifetime you just left. Then, you would begin to live the physical life that your future self did. Now, at this point, you can live that life in the way your future self did - BUT! - and this point is important; you are free to live that future life any way you please: different, or similar, or identical. Each self reincarnating is free to change what the previous self (future or past) did, when they experienced that life.

Furthermore, surprise two! You do NOT have to live your reincarnatal lives in sequential order! You can live in the 20th Century now and have your next physical life in the 10th Century, if you so desire. Non-sequential ordering of reincarnatal lives may not be the trend, but it nonetheless is a choice that exists. Of course many of you do not consider this kind of ordering of reincarnatal lives, while being physically based, because of that linear thinking and reality that you occupy. Also, did you know that many of you are from the future! Yes! Right now 10% of the incarnated souls on the planet are from Earth's future. These souls have reincarnated backward one or two lifetimes to help humanity at this time, which is now at a point where it can break free of the limitations of time and space, reincarnation and karma.

Important Points from this Chapter:

  • Physical reality is a small portion of the greater nonphysical reality from which it springs forth.
  • In the nonphysical time is simultaneous. This simultaneous quality dictates that all reincarnatal lives - past, present, future - occur at the same time.
  • Each reincarnatal self is a separate individual piece of consciousness, which can do what it wants and is on its own separate evolutionary path. Likewise, you do not have to live your life the way a future or even a past self has done so before you.
  • Help a past or future reincarnatal self by sending love, energy, and advice to them when they are in need. It is a good way to help yourself and to help all your reincarnatal selves to become free of the "Wheel of Reincarnation."
  • You reincarnate across probabilities. Two people can share similar past lives and still be different individuals with different past and future lives. Both of you just come from similar (but not the same) probable timelines.
  • Reincarnatal lives do not have to occur in a linear sequence. You can live this life now and have your next logical life one hundred years in the past. Linear living of reincarnatal lives is merely a trend.
  • Look at all your reincarnatal selves as a blueprint (but not a copy) of who you are and who you have been or will be. Reincarnatal selves are like very close relatives of yourself, twins across time and space - similar, different, and individual.

I hope this information clears things up about the complex topic of Reincarnation, which is not nearly as simple as when it was first presented to the planet. You are only now beginning to touch on some its complexities and secrets!

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