Out of Body Travel Tips; Getting to the Departure Gates

You want to out of body travel and have read all the books and have tried and tired with no or little success. What is the problem? Is out of body travel feasible for mere mortals? Yes it is, and let's examine what is keeping you in.

If anyone tells you out of body travel is easy, don't be so fooled. Out of body is easy but the process leading up to it is not. Before you can go through that departure gate, you have to prepare and retrain your body, mind, and spirit for a new and often alien way of operating. Learning how to out of body travel is as much about changing your basic operating system as it is about learning a new skill. Altering the basic operating system of your self is not so easy because you've been doing it the old way for a long time. However with some time, courage, strength, and patience the old way will fall away and the new way will take hold.

I've outlined below all the factors that go into making this change in your basic self, so that out of body travel is possible. All these factors are important. If you leave one or two out, then you diminish your chances of success by that factor. Also don't think that just because you have one out of body adventure you are out of the gate for good. That thinking will have you back in your body real fast. To make out of body travel more than a passing fancy that happens once or twice a year, you have to continue with these techniques until they are a part of your everyday routine. Then and only then will you have switched that operating system of yours from its Earth bound version to the new Universe unlimited version.

  1. Mind Set:
    Set your mind to achieve and to be successful at out of body travel. Thinking "I can't do this!" and then going through the steps is self defeating.
  2. Energy :
    Despite what you may have read or been told about out of body travel, it is all about energy. The reason your consciousness is Earth bound is because you lack the fine and powerful energy necessary to free yourself of this plane. To achieve consistent out of body travel you must do some form of energy raising routine everyday. This can be some form of chakra exercise (as in the MPE - Middle Pillar Exercise), meditation (with or without crystals), prayer, or some other form of energy raising technique.
  3. Get the right nonphysical help:
    You are learning how to do a nonphysical task. Ask for some nonphysical help to accomplish this goal. The best person to ask is your own spirit guide or spark of divinity. Send a few minutes a day at least talking to this person in your mind. Try to get them to help you in this new endeavor. Don't be concerned that you don't hear a response. Know that your message is being received. Remember somebody has to look after that physical body of yours while you are out of it. Your spirit guide is that person to watch over your physical body and your out of body consciousness. You wouldn't go to a foreign land without some kind of map or guide or protection would you? Well your spirit guide is all of that for the nonphysical world.

  4. Breathing:
    Breathing goes along with energy and along with changing the way your body does things internally. Ninety percent of the people on the planet breathe wrong. Out of body travel demands that all your body systems be in sync with each other. Proper breathing will ensure this synchronizing. You do this with some form of rhythmic breathing technique. This kind of breathing is a synchronizing of your breathing with your heart beats. Your in breaths and out breaths begin on the start of a heart beat. In this way you entire body processes are a synchronized. Practice this breathing during the day so that you can make the process unconscious when the time comes to actually make a projection attempt. You don't have to rhythmic breathe all day long, just when you out of body travel. However eventually this breathing will become part of that new operating system and when it does, you will get some other benefits.
  5. Persistence and Consistency:
    To achieve out of body travel you must be consistent and persistent. Set up a schedule for your out of body attempts. Make sure you treat this like an appointment that you have to keep at all costs. Also don't make that appointment too often. I recommend no more than 2 or 3 sessions a week. Any more than that will burn off the energy you need to achieve out of body travel. And make sure you are undisturbed during this time period. It will do you no good to try to project if you will be interrupted.
  6. Learn the Stages first:
    It will do you no good to try to grab the brass ring if you are not first familiar with how the horse feels. What this means is to take the time to learn what you need to learn to proceed on to the next phase. Going from an awake physical state to an awake out of body state happens in stages. To get real good at out of body travel you have to learn and feel these body changes. So set a goal for yourself at each stage and don't move on to the next stage, till you've reached the prior one, more than once. Be patient with these stages and soon you will be stomping the universe. Be impatient with learning these stages and all you will stomp is your bed with frustration. Below are a break down of the stages:
    • Energizing up phase: Do a MPE to start the process going. And do another one of these when you are all done, whether you succeed or not.
    • Clearing out the crap: Spend a few minutes putting the crap out of your mind from the day. It will do you no good to focus on out of body travel if you are thinking about your girl friend or tomorrow's meeting.
    • Relaxation phase: Getting the body relaxed and past the point where you feel your body itching or wanting to move a limb.
    • Shift in Consciousness phase: There is a shift in consciousness that occurs once the body is relaxed. It has been described as a dropping down feeling or a feeling of indifference. When you get this feeling, and it will take you a few tries to identify it, you will know that your physical mind is now in the background and your eternal consciousness is in control. Don't discount this feeling and spend some time feeling it. It is a tremendous point for consciousness.
    • Vibration phase: At some point after the shift in consciousness you may feel your body start to tingle or vibrate or even hear some kind of buzzing. These sensations are a signal that your physical body is going to sleep and your consciousness is freeing itself from the body. These vibrations have to be strong and maintained through the next phase, so practice this stage till you can make these vibrations last several minutes, or what seems like several minutes.
    • Moving the nonphysical body: You will discover that leaving the body is a very physical like endeavor. It feels physical. Sometimes you are not even sure if you are really out of the body. However at the start, you will inevitably move the physical body and break the vibrations. At this point you will have to begin again. But each time do reach this point you will learn to distinguish between physically moving an arm and nonphysically. The best advice here is that it takes 1/3 the amount of energy to move your nonphysical body than it does to move the physical one. So if you find that you are using more force than this, stop or you will break the vibrations. Go back and make the vibrations stronger. Then try to get out again.
    • You are out: Now you are out of the body. The first thing to do is get  away from the body real fast, or it will suck you back in. Go into the next room and then explore from there. Don't worry about getting back, because it takes will power and energy  to out of body travel. When either runs out, you will be back in your body faster than you came out.
    • Close up the Chakra: You have now returned to the body. Do another MPE to close up the chakra and pull back any of your nonphysical energy you left out there.
  7. Finally, record the experience:
    Record what happened in some way. Writing it down is the most easy or you can use a tape recorder. This documenting sets into your unconscious mind that this event was important in a physical way. It will then be more apt to let you travel again the next time. If you can't record the experience right way and must wait till morning, then run the entire adventure over and over in your mind and burn it in there. This will help cement the event in your conscious mind so that you can remember it in the morning.

These seven steps may seem like quite a bit, but we did say out of body travel is not easy to achieve at the start. You are trying to change how your body does things, and it has been doing them the other way for a long time. The steps outlined here will bring about that change in the way your operating system that enables out of body travel. Follow it and you stand the best chance of success that there is. Now good luck and happy travels.

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