Creative Friction in your Reality Creating

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Physical reality can, indeed be trying at times. This feeling of difficulty stems from the fact that, while you are within physical reality, you are directly experiencing the results of your creations. Your inner you knows what those creations were intended to be, and, this inner knowing and outwardly observing, sets up a friction. This friction, naturally, is intended to inspire you to do better; because without this friction you would not develop further any of your creations.

To manifest an idea, desire, or need within physical reality takes the careful manipulation of several reality-creative elements. This seemingly ungiving quality hones and tunes your creative skills. Without this narrowing of the manifestation factors, you would not learn. So, once more, we return to the friction that results when your manifestations fall short of their intended mark. The child struggles to learn how to draw. It is not that the child can not imagine or create. Rather, the child is unable to properly direct his or her physical motor skills to draw out the artwork. You too have the same problem. You can imagine and create great and wondrous things; however, you are unable to properly direct the reality-creating forces. And, like the child who becomes frustrated because the inner vision does not match the outer, so too do you experience frustration when your reality does not properly reflect your inner picture.

The idea is to take this frustration and channel it back into those very creations that you want to perfect. This action will properly circulate the creative energy and help to produce a better product next time. On the other hand, channeling this frustration into other things (like other people), does not help you to improve that particular part of your reality. This friction is meant to help you to perfect that reality creation. So, if you wish to get the most out of your reality creating, you may want to consider fighting the urge to go off on a tangent or a yelling spree, and keeping your focus on the thing you are trying to perfect.

So, when you become frustrated, because your inner idea of what you want does not measure up to what materializes, then take that energy and apply it in a way that can bring you closer to that inner vision. What that something is does not matter as much as the act of taking a step toward what you want. The taking of the step is what is important. It will release the locked up energy that can lead you closer to your inner picture. For example, let's say that you want to materialize a new home. However, each time you go out an look for a place to live, your idea of where you want to live falls short of what you imagined. Now, in those times, when your mind drifts toward your situation and inner friction or unrest generates, instead of feeling sorry for yourself (which just makes things worse) take some action that can lead you closer to your vision. Perhaps, you could pick up the paper and scan the ads for an apartment and even make a phone call. This action, at this time, will probably not have any immediate effect, but it will set up a kind of attraction that will pull events toward you, bringing you another step closer to what you desire. Taking enough of these steps, will, perhaps, move you close enough to your vision, so that no friction generates and you reap the benefits of reaching your goal. Seeing a carefully planned event manifest as you desire is very self gratifying and, almost, feels as good as the creation itself.