The Sub-Energy Matrix of Physical Reality

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I've talked about from time to time about the personal factors responsible for you to maintain your focus within a physical environment. While these factors are necessary, they are not the only mechanisms responsible for your physical existence. Your physical body and consciousness could not exist or focus within time and space, if that space did not first exist. So, let's take a deeper look into how a physical environment springs into being, and perhaps come to know more about the Universe of which you are a part.

To begin with, a physical environment does not actually exist! Instead, it's existence is a pseudo-structure coming out of a nonphysical environment. Let's use an example to make this point perfectly clear. Physical reality is like an ice cube floating on top of a lake. The lake represent the nonphysical environment, and the ice cube represents the physical environment. Both the lake and the ice cube contain similar base parts (water); however those parts are assembled differently (one solid and the other liquid), giving each different properties. Also, one item supersedes the other. If the ice cube were to dissolve, it would become part of the lake. However, if the lake were to dry up, the ice cube would no longer exist. So it is with a physical and a nonphysical environment. The life-force, energy, and sustaining factors, for physical reality, come from a nonphysical source and are dependent on that source for its existence. This interrelationship makes physical reality's building-blocks subject to the rules and laws of a nonphysical environment, much like how you are subject to the laws and rules of your community.

Now, it is important to understanding this nonphysical -> physical interrelationship; because if you cling to only known physical properties, you limit what you can know and discover. Much of the physical universe's how's and why's stem from the freedom that only a nonphysical environment can provide. Physical reality is merely a reflection of the behind the scenes goings-on. Until you look at physical reality, in this larger context, you will continually hit walls and obstacles that hinder your understanding. This hindrance, however, is only superficial. All you need do is to open up and allow your inner, creative 'you' free, and you will be able to learn a great deal more about the world you inhabit. So, let's take a dive into that large nonphysical sea of information and learn a bit more about the structure of a physical environment. Let's start by looking at the most basic component of physical reality -- energy -- and how it forms the very fabric of physical existence.

In its natural, nonphysical state, energy is unbounded. It can appear and disappear at random. It can be in many places at once. It can also travel forward and backward through time. It can change its shape and its composition. It is free of any and all limitations.

Now, keeping this freedom in mind, the basic premise behind the construction of a physical reality is the creating of an environment where things seem more or less stable -- as compared to its nonphysical counterpart, that is. This stability is not an easy task, especially when the native state of energy is one of freedom and change. To accomplish this stability and to give a kind of permanence to physical structures, energy had to slow down. So, a framework (or area) was set aside out of an area of nonphysical space. In this area, it was agreed that energy would restrict its movements to a certain speed. In this case, the speed of light.

Now, it is no easy task to get normally faster-than-light particles to slow down. Believe it or not, on a sub-particle level, these individual energy-units had to learn how to go slow and adapt to the limitations of a more restrictive medium. They accomplish this slowing down, by doing so, for only brief moments. However, because there are so many of these energy-units, the cohesive quality of physical reality seems stable. In actuality, that stability is maintained by the momentary slowing down of particles, from one to another, in a strobe like fashion.

You see, these energy-units, which slow down to form the sub atomic particles that you are familiar with, get their main source of energy from their interaction in a nonphysical environment. Within the constraints of time and space, they can not acquire the energy needed to sustain themselves. So, these energy-units jump from one environment to the other in an effort to maintain their own existences while fulfilling their need to participate in a physical environment.

Science has glimpsed this jumping action by finding two identical particles existing simultaneously in two different places.

Now, when these energy-units slow down and appear within physical reality, they give off a great deal of their energy -- in fact, up to seventy percent of their energy. This energy discharge is a direct result of the energy-unit forcing itself to slow down -- much like you burning off a great deal of your energy when focusing in any one area for a brief but intense period of time. This energy is very solid and compact, due to the intensity of the energy burst. Physical reality's pseudo-solid quality comes directly from this energy. On a sub-particle level, there is no actual substance being produced from these energy bursts. However, these energy bursts seem solid because they behave like tiny force fields. It is only when these individual force fields group together, as they do, do they form the matter structures of which you are familiar with. Wood looks like wood and possesses the properties that it does because massive groups of similar energy-units slow down, in a cooperative venture, to form that physical structure.

It should be apparent that these energy-units get their power from a nonphysical environment because the act of manifesting within a physical environment is an energy-costive endeavor. In other words, energy must be expended to maintain an existence within time and space. Modern science is often bewildered as to the source of power for the these tiny particles that they have found. Science does not understand that a physical environment gets its power and life-force from another dimension -- a greater dimension. This influx of power from another dimension does not diminish the fact that much of a physical environment is self sufficient, from a physical perspective. However, when you begin to observe the physical universe from a micro and a macro level, the self sufficiency of the universe seems to fall away and you begin wonder where the ultimate power source of the universe sits. Unfortunately, that power source is not something that can be seen or grasped from a physical level. Rather, it is nonphysical in its makeup and exists out of the parameters of a physical environment. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but without the influx of energy from a nonphysical environment and from ALL-THAT-IS (the source of all power and energy), the physical universe would indeed run down.

So, as you can see, physical reality is like a fine cloth with fine treads weaving in and out of it. These fine treads form the framework from which you can imprint your style and individuality on to the environment, adding color and depth to the cloth. Your consciousness adds the luster and beauty to physical reality while other forms of consciousness -- like the energy-unit -- add the fine substructure. Both types of consciousness, as well as many others, are necessary for physical reality to exist. Many of these forms of consciousness are aware of their purpose and many are not, while others -- like yours -- is only now beginning to awaken to the cooperative universe and their part in it. And naturally, the greater your awareness of that purpose within physical reality, the greater control that you can have over that reality.

However, for now, I've woven enough into the fabric of this article. So, until the next time we get out our knitting needles, have a nice day!