Your connection to the Divine, well-being, and Reality Creating

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Now, progress reports are not only for the mundane. There is much to gain by taking this simple concept and applying it to your reality creating and your connection to the divine. As you know, all of your earthly concepts are steppingstones to greater, larger concepts. The progress report is one such item. Let's begin by examining what a progress report is.

Basically a progress report is a statement of circumstance: where you may be, where you may be going, what you may need, or what you possess. This formal statement conveys to others and yourself the present situation regarding a particular matter. It does not matter what aspect the progress report embodies, be it something tangible, like the ongoing construction of a new building; or, perhaps, something less tangible, like a weather forecast for the next few weeks. However, what does matter is that from a progress report, your present becomes clarified internally and externally. The act of formulating a progress report forces you to examine where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. That kind-of outlook is what serial reality-creating is all about. The looking into your past, to determine why you are at your present, and what you can do to get to the future (the obtainment of your goal).

The other thing that a progress report accomplishes is to let others know (the people you are preparing the report for) where you are in the particular endeavor and what you may need. This side of progress reporting keeps you in touch and connected with your superiors. It is very easy, especially when you are working in the field and are a distance away from home-base, to forget that there is a whole support group waiting to assist and help you. For example, a telephone-call several times a day, informs your home-base of your present circumstances and reminds you that you are not alone. Otherwise your home-base has no idea what is going on and you tend to go unnoticed. It stands to reason that if the home-base does not know what is going on, then they cannot help you.

A progress report does not need to be extensively prepared, though it can. A progress report can be written, spoken, or even mental in form. Do not get into the mundane trap of thinking that a progress report must be extensive, long, complete, and in the form of the written word. A progress report could be as complex as a 500 page computer-generated report, or as basic as a quick phone call. A really simple progress report, and a progress report that is no less important than the 500 page document type, is merely a few mental notes rummaging around in your head and put into some kind of order. Any time you formulate your present circumstances by looking at your past circumstances and then projecting those circumstances into the future, you are making a progress report.

Now, if you take both sides of a progress report (the mental ordering and the sending of the report to others) and apply that report toward your reality creating, your power to create your reality will improve greatly. For instance, periodically (two or three times a day) looking at your day for what you have accomplished, what you want to accomplish, and where you are at present, will refocus your consciousness so that you can better achieve those goals. Also, if this mental progress report was directed properly, intently, and with love toward a greater source (like the divine), that source would be better aware of your present circumstances. It is very likely that that source can help you to stay on track, possibly even opening up reality doorways that were not open before.

What we are getting out is the preparation of some semi-formal, mental report directed toward your higher-self, your angelic guardians, and your Entity. This mental progress report would take only a minute or two out of your physical day, but would place more reality creating power at your disposal. The technique should be easy to implement, and you should structure it in any way you see fit. What you do need to concern yourself with is that this mental reporting be more than the casual thinking process you normally engage in. In other words, this mental report should be and feel special. Pretend, if you wish, that you are sending this mental report to a superior; for in essence, your higher-self and your entity are your superiors. Try to send a progress report off three times a day: once in the morning, defining what you wish to accomplish; again in the afternoon, apprising yourself and the divine of your current progress; and finally at night, before you go to bed, concluding your day.

Whether you believe this or not! Your every move is not monitored continually. If we don't hear from you we tend to think that you wish to be left alone and that everything is going along fine. Furthermore, when we do look in on you, it is difficult for us to tell where you are, so to speak. It is not that we are unable to see what is happening in your reality. Rather, because of time's simultaneous nature, it is difficult, for us -- on a fly -- to determining your present physical circumstances. So, a progress report, sent regularly will help us to keep a better lock on what you are doing and what you may need.

Also, don't forget to use this technique at other times in your day when you feel tired, anxious, frightened, or just need some kind of assistance. As we said, in many instances, your Guardians or your Entity may be able to open up a doorway that did not exist before, as long as they are aware of it, and you have asked for help.

Well, that concludes this report -- and, as we get back to our work, we'll let you get back to yours. Until the next time or until the next progress report ... Oh! And, by the way, we'll have that report in triplicate!