Karma: Why does it exist? And how can you control it?

Theorem #5: "Karma will always square-up your reality-creating."

The idea of Karma can, at times, seem in opposition to the idea that you create your own reality. How can past actions creep into your present and inflict unwanted changes (in the case of negative karma) or desired changes (in the case of positive karma) into your reality? To begin to answer this question look at Theorem #5, above.

Karma is a force produced by your own consciousness as your past-actions reach from that past (and future for that matter, however we will not be discussing future karma in this chapter) to influence the choices that you make in the present. Karma acts as a policeman to insure that you learn the lessons of existence and don't forget -- too easily -- the path walked. Karma evens out your evolution so that life-extremes are brought back to the middle ground.

Now, karma accomplishes the first (the karmic policeman) by mirroring past actions into your reality-mirror. For example, if you acted with kindness to people, in the past, people will be kind to you in the present. Karma accomplishes the latter (the karmic equalizer) by ensuring that all life-extremes are countered with their polar opposite. For example, a period of wickedness could generate karma that forces the individual, in time, to live the path of a religious fanatic. LIkewise, the self-oppressive life-style of the religious fanatic can, at times, lead to karma pressuring the individual to live a wicked path.

If you haven't guessed by now, karma comes in two flavors: positive and negative. In the case of negative karma, you become the victim of your own past misdeeds coming back at you. In the case of positive karma, you become the recipient of many years of goodness. Positive karma is, generally, not focused upon because who really concerns themselves with good or desired influences reaching up from the past and affecting them? For the most part, these positive karmic- waves go unnoticed because they cause you no discomfort. However, when a karmic force is negative, it tends to be quite undesirable and quite noticeable.

Of course, the best way to control negative karma is not to generate it at all. You do that by living your life in accordance with the Solar Creative Forces and Universal Laws. However, when you reach the point where you are now (learning how to control your actions and your reality-creating and keeping those actions within permitted boundaries) your past haphazard karmic-waves can inhibit you from experiencing the reality that you are learning to create.

Ancient magicians knew about past karma coming forward and hindering the apprentice from learning the intricacies of thought-control and reality-creating. They devised practices to purge themselves of past negative karma. These practices heightened the magician's senses and power- level so that he could go backward in time and remove some of that karmic burden. This process, which we'll call a Worming, leads to past negative karmic-actions being wormed-out of existence. Afterwards, the negatively-predisposed, karmic-wave, which was acting upon the individual, unravels, and soon is replaced by the new karmic-wave, reaching from the new past. The laws of Simultaneous Time and Probabilities demand that if the first (the old negative karmic-wave from the past reaching forward) is so, then the latter (the new karmic-wave, from the past, replacing the old one in the present) must also be so.

Let's briefly recap Simultaneous Time and Probabilities a bit here, being they are important to understanding karma and its influence on you.

Simultaneous Time is the idea that past, present, and future all exist independently and simultaneously. It's moments of time all existing someplace within the Universe, like how the various rooms in your house exist separately, yet connect to each other. And, like those rooms in your house, which you walk so easily through, so too do you walk just as easily from your present- room to your future-room. If your future did not tangibly exist someplace, there would be no place for you to step into. Just like stepping from one room of the house to another, you can not step into a room that does not exist, right?. So, if these future rooms did not exist someplace, you would be unable to walk into them. Naturally, your past-rooms -- the places where you have walked before -- still exist someplace in the Universe too. Past-rooms, like future-rooms, do not cease to exist, just because you stepped out of them.

Probabilities, on the other hand, deal with moments, choices, and actions. Once a moment is created (or should we say choosen), it exists someplace forever. However, even though that moment exists forever, you are not tied to that moment. Your path is neither static nor solid. It changes with every action that you make or don't make. This constantly shifting future and past is the law of Probabilities. Probabilities and Simultaneous Time go hand-in-hand. Many probable future and past rooms exist that you have stepped from and can step into. These probable future/past rooms all exist side-by-side and wait for you to pick and choose the one you want to enter. Each step sideways launches you into a different path with other new and old future and past rooms that you must contend with. Some of these rooms you will like while others you will not.

Now, regarding karma, because time is simultaneous, your actions from the past can and do affect your reality in the present. For example, being selfish in the past will have people reacting selfishly to you in the present. The energy from your own past selfishness will reach forward to your present and alter your reality creating, flooding your reality-bubble with that past action. You will attract people and circumstances that will mirror your past selfishness in the present. Except here, in the present, that selfishness will be phase-shifted and you, in the now, will be the recipient of the selfishness, as others were the recipient of your selfishness, in the past.

Karma does not negate the idea that you create your own reality, either, because, as you can see, you create your own karma too. A past karmic-wave is not thrust upon you by some external force. You yourself create that karmic-wave in the past. It is just that that past karmic-wave wave is reaching up from that past, to effect your present, seeming to be an external force, altering your reality. In actuality, it is a past action on your part overlaping into your present and effecting that present. It is you effecting your reality-creating but doing that creating from the past.

You see! When you create your world, you do so on many time planes and on many probabilities at once, simultaneously. This kind of reality creating causes interaction between what you did and what you are doing now. This interplay is very prevalent in other nonphysical universes, like the Dream Universe and the Astral Plane; however, in physical reality, the effect is minimized because of the serial nature of the plane. Still, some of that blurring-together of the past, present, and future, from these nonphysical realities, carries over into physical reality because you exist in all these places simultaneously. You can't escape the effect of realities, of which you are a part of, merely because you are not consciously focused there at present. So, your past reality creating reaches into your present in the form of karmic-waves that alter, to some extent, your physical circumstances -- even if you are not, presently, creating that past-aspect into your life.

Now, despite how it may seem, karma is changeable. You can and do change your karma during the natural course of your life, but this change is on a hit-&-miss basis. When such karmic changes occur, you remain relatively unaware of them because your memory of the past alters too. The shifting of probabilities is responsible for this change in karma because, as you change from one probability to another, so does the karmic-wave that is influencing you. The new probability, which you are becoming a part of, may not have that same karmic-wave attached to it. Thus, your new present will not have the old karmic-wave effecting it.

The Worming Technique is specifically designed to help you with this shift into more desirable probabilities with more desirable karmic-waves. However, before beginning the Worming process, you need to be aware of just what it is that you are going backward in time to change. Your reality-mirror is just the gadget to help you here. It will indicate the karma that is acting upon you by your perceived reality being slanted toward the direction of the karmic-wave. Look into your reality-mirror for those things that are very prevalent that you do not like -- especially if those things are behaviors of which you are guilty of using at one time or another. For example, you may have been selfish with possessions in the past, keeping them to yourself, even when you did not need them any longer. Now, in your present, your reality-mirror may be filled with people who all seem to be possession-selfish. Furthermore, people may be directly selfish back to you, despite your present good nature toward them. These signs show clearly that a karmic-wave is acting upon you. In this case, you can use the Worming Technique to deworm your reality of that karmic-wave.

Be warned though! The Worming Technique will be ineffective on counteracting negative karma that you have NOT learned the lessons from. Using our above example of selfishness of possessions, if in the present you are still guilty of practicing selfishness of possessions, the Worming Technique will not help you. This technique is designed to remove karmic-waves that have already served their purpose. If you are still activity practicing that negative karmic behavior, you are wasting your time with this technique. It would be better to use that energy to change your present habits to more positive ones and use the Worming on karmic-waves that you have already learned the lesson from.

Now, with the above warning in mind, the Worming Technique can be a great help in releasing you from those past, negative karmic actions that you have learned the lessons from. This technique is similar to those ancient magician-practices but has the time-saving advantage of being stripped of ceremony, leaving only the meat of the technique behind. This refinement of technique is as it should be because you are in the age of knowledge and understanding. At this time, it is important that you understand what you are doing, so that you can consciously use these processes, without the need for all the pomp and circumstance shrouding the actual process.

The Worming Technique like the Symbiosis Technique, given in Chapter 1, uses the "Changing the past from the present Exercise" as its basis. In fact the two techniques, the Worming and the Symbiosis, are very similar. You can see here how the techniques given thus-far all build on one another. So, if your are not very familiar with the previous techniques, it may be a good idea to go back and refamiliarize yourself with them.

Now, we begin the Worming just like the Symbiosis Technique. Go back in time, within your energy-bubble, to the point just before the incident that created the negative karma. (Note: this going-back assumes you have examined your reality-mirror and found the cause of the present karma you want to remove.) Relive the episode in your minds-eye, as it happened in the past, but this time do the amended action. (The amended action is the course of action that you should of taken that, to the best of your knowledge, would of NOT led to that negative karmic-wave.) Now, with the action amended, loosen your mind and allow it to wander. What should occur is your consciousness worming itself in and out of events generated by the original negative-karmic action. You should see yourself in the midst of that karmic-wave, experiencing events that are all interrelated to that one ill-fated act. What is happening here is the untieing of the thread that binds that old karmic-wave together. Allow this process to continue until your mind sits quiet, and it seems all these karmically-connected events are finished replaying. Now, go back and relive the original karmic episode again, reaffirming the amended karmic action. Now, bring yourself forward in time to the present and disperse your energy-bubble. The technique is complete.

If done correctly, your life will begin to change as that negative karmic-wave disperses from your aura. This process will begin immediately but could take anywhere from two weeks to a year to complete. It depends on how long and how severe the original karmic-wave is. Also, for those really hard-lined karmic-waves -- the ones you spent years creating -- you may have to do this technique several times, over the next few months, to assure that you are continuing the dispersal process and that you have untied all the subsequent events connected to that undesirable karmic-wave. You will know if you need to redo this technique because your reality-mirror may begin to show an increase instead of a decrease in the karmic activity related to this area. When you find this symptom reoccurring, it is time to do another Worming, to put you back on track and prevent a backslide, which could happen if you are not persistent.

Now, keep in mind that changing your karma is not always simple, especially if you've spent many years in the past creating it. However, with your consciousness directed at the proper place and time, in the past, you can make significant strides in reducing your negative-karmic burden. You see! If a present, negative, karmic-wave is due to some one-time event, from the past, where an incorrect action on your part was made, thereby launching you into an alternate set of unwanted probabilities, then, changing that one event, from the past, can, in an instant, put things right. Theoretically, your present can change instantly to the reflect the new past that you have created. Your new present will not have that negative karmic-wave attached to it, nor will you be inside those probability streams that predispose your reality-creating in that direction.

However, if the karma you are trying to undo is steeped in years of misbehavior, you will have to be more persistent with the Worming and do the technique over the next several months, to a year, to undo all the karmic knots that you have made. One Worming can make great strides in even the most negative of past-behaviors, but it will not cure years and years of disservice overnight. Generally, a left-alone karmic wave will take seven years to dissipate. With vigilant use of the Worming Technique, you can take that seven year karmic period and reduce it to a year.

Surprisingly, though, even a partial amendment of the past, using the worming Technique, can remove nearly all traces of an unwanted karmic-wave. Suffice it to say! The worst of infractions can be amended to just a slight reminder, of those past actions, creeping in from time to time. Naturally, this creeping-in is the karmic-policeman reminding you of those past actions, so that you can properly gauge your future actions, keeping those future actions in accordance with Universal Laws.

Now, coincidently, Universal Law happens to be our next chapter, where we're going to cover just what the Solar Creative Forces are and the Universal Laws of which they are a part of and responsible for.

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