Real Audio Reality Creating Series Transcript (part 6)

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Welcome to part 6 of our real-audio reality-creating series.

The metaphysical side of reality creating is what we are covering today. Yes! The metaphysical side of reality can be used to help create the physical world you desire and need. In fact all these so-called metaphysical practices are designed to do just this. Other people or teachers may make you think that by learning to do all these non-mundane tasks, you can shed your physical body and become some spiritual guru or evolve into some higher form of being. Now that may be true on some level but from a physical stand point, I say HOG WASH! You are a physical being to learn how to reality create on a physical level. If a tool -- even a metaphysical tool -- can not help you with that goal, than it is no use to you while you are here on this planet. Leaving your body may sound like an intriguing thing to do, but if that skill does not help you physically, you better be doing something else.

These metaphysical skills are NOT new. You've been doing them for centuries in between life times and in your dreaming time. The key and goal is to take these abilities, techniques, and skills and use them to help you to be a better person physically, to reality create more harmoniously, to evolve yourself physically and spiritually. I may have said this once before in this series: You are a physical being to bring your unique spirituality into the physical plane! Not to leave it. Physical reality is not a prison to escape from. It is a environment to learn how to control and bring that inner part of you that is God into it.

Now with all that said, there are a wealth of metaphysical tools to help you with your reality creating. Dreams come to mind for starters. Everybody dreams and everybody remembers a dream every now and then. Dreams are your first and foremost doorway into the nonphysical. Forget all those people that tell you dreams are merely electrical impulses in the brain. They do not know what they are talking about and have never taken the time to study their own dreams. If they had, they would see much evidence that something else is going on. Dreams are snapshots of yourself in a nonphysical environment, interacting with your friends and family. Dreams are figments of your core being as it mixes with dimensions and universes that you are dimly aware of. Dreams are a doorway to your inner universe -- your soul -- the core being of who you are and what you are about. Dreams help you in your reality creating by telling you about yourself and others in ways you wouldn't of known otherwise. Studying and watching your dreams will tell you much about your current reality and how to change that reality if you so choose. No matter what other metaphysical tools you plan on using, keep dreams as a supplement. If nothing else dreams will be serve as a check that your other experiences are valid.

Another important and often not taken advantage of reality creating tool is your spirit guide. Your spirit guide is your connection to the nonphysical. He/she is there to help you in your daily reality creating by taking care of those nonphysical things you are unaware of that can interfere with your reality creating. However no help can come unless you first recognize and then second open up a dialog with this unseen protector. You see! If you never talk mentally to your spirit guide he/she will never come to know the physical you. Oh! They are very aware of the nonphysical you. But the physical self and the nonphysical self are usually very different. So, if your spirit guide does not know what your physical self wants or needs, how can it help you with supporting your visions in the etheric plane. Remember how we talked about the etheric plane being the template through which what you want is impressed there first and then manifests physically? Well one of the many things your spirit guide can do for you is help you to keep that vision on the etheric long enough so that it can manifest. However, again, to do this, your spirit guide must be clear on what you want; you must be in constant mental contact with him/her. So, another very important nonphysical tool to use in your reality creating is your spirit guide.

Now the more advanced kinds of reality creating tools would be out of body travel and mental travel in meditation. With these kinds of tools you can alter the etheric template directly with your conscious presence so that your physical reality will change to mirror it. You can also touch divine powers that can help and teach you to understand how to create your world in harmony. Two such nonphysical training systems are the Tree of Life (or the Kabbalah) and the Nonphysical Aethyrs. Nonphysically, in dreams, out of body travel, or mental travel in mediation, you can go into these systems for formal training. Anyone can go there, you just have to be sincere and want to take the time to apply what you learn there.

Some tools are both physical and metaphysical in nature, for example the rose cross exercise. With the RC you draw a figure in the air with your finger and say mentally or verbally several names of power. This physical and mental actions releases a nonphysical force that then imposes itself on the physical plane to cause some change. In the case of the RC, that change is a bubble of protective energy surrounding whatever you want protected. These kinds of tools are usually very short in duration (lasting only a several days at best) but it is another way you can induce a change in your reality creating through nonphysical means. And, with these tools you don't have to be in any altered state of consciousness.

As with all tools, physical and metaphysical, your reasons have to be pure in their use if you are to get the most out of them. The Universe will help you if your reality creating is in harmony with everyone else's reality creating. If not, you won't get the speedy results or the benefits of your reality creating will be nonexistent, which is why it is important to understand the reality creating rules, which you should be understanding by this point, if you have followed along with this series and did the required reading.

Now to help you along with what we talked about today we have some reading material.

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The next installment and final installment of this series will deal with how to apply all these physical and nonphysical tools and live a normal physical life in the process. So until next time..

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